Monday, September 3, 2007

Woman 8 months pregnant wins Olympics HIGH JUMP

This is my sweet Joy. Wearing a head band my daughter put on her. She also had a bracelet on you can not see. Oh and yes that is Barney she is laying her head on. I am so glad the whole Barney thing is over in this house. :)
Happy Labor Day!!

One day I get a phone call from a neighbor (yes the same neighbor who laughed at me and my chicken Lucy). She had called to let me know my Rottweiler, Joy, was out at our other neighbors chasing the horses. Before anyone says ewwww a Rottweiler I have to tell you I have never owned a sweeter dog ever. She had a heart of gold! I have many more stories that will include Joy. Back to the phone call, I was a bit shocked since Joy was not a dog who ever chased any animals. At this time I was also 8 months pregnant with my youngest son. I grabbed my shoes in a hurry and went running outside to get my dog that was going to be in real trouble with me. We lived on five acres and so did everyone around us. So I had a pretty good run/walk to get to this neighbors pasture. As I see “ Joy” chasing horses as my neighbor said, I started yelling to her. These poor horses were covered in sweat. Joy was having a hay day and not backing down to the now mad and kicking horses. Once I finally got the attention of Joy and kept yelling at her she decided to head towards me. As she was running full speed ahead at my 8-month pregnant belly and myself I noticed that Joy did not look really like Joy. For one she was much thicker in the body, neck and head! Her collar had changed colors. Her now snarling teeth that I could see looked much bigger then I ever remember seeing Joys look like. As a matter of fact I had not ever seen Joy’s teeth in such an ugly snarl. Those of you who have been pregnant know you get this kind of dizzy thinking. After a few seconds of thinking dizzy I realized this is NOT JOY and not any dog I had ever seen before. I went running back towards my house. When I finally looked back and saw that this huge massive pile of chopping teeth were getting closer to me and looked forward and knew my house was way to far away, I had to think of something. Before I knew it I was doing this fancy high hurdle over the neighbors 5-foot fence with the electric wire up above it. One sweet flip and I was over and on my feet again. Heck yes I continued to run. I never felt a shock or for that matter any part of the fence. I cleared it like a real pro. The dog was stopped at the fence and stood their biting the metal for what seemed like a lifetime. My neighbor witnessed this whole episode. To hear her tell of me jumping the fence I should have gotten a medal. After the sheriff department removed this dog from my property and I was able to go home I found my sweet loving Joy asleep in her doggie bed. It took days before my heart slowed down and my muscles quit hurting. I should have known when my neighbor called that NO way was my sweet Joy doing such a thing and checked to make sure she really was not in the house. You know us mom’s, always the first to say “ Not my sweet little angel” if only I had copped that attitude.

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M. Rose said...

awwww - Joy looks like Maxine (as you know she's the love of my life and a medium size boxer). Okay my hubby's my first love, but sometimes he questions who comes first.

Maxine lays her head on her bright pink teddy bear, just like Joy does on Barney.

Wow what a story - it's amazing that you didn't deliver a month early!! I would have - I love animals, but when I see a mean lookin one, I'm outta there.

He, the Joy semi-look-a-like, musta been upset cuz you were took away his fun!! Notice that I automatically assumed it was a he -
teehee. Men!!!!

Nancy said...

Oh my GOODNESS! Just reading the story about the Joy lookalike gives me shinsplints. You are so lucky you are healthy and FAST.


Katirocks said...

Sweet Rott!. I had a Rott too, when I was younger. Her name was Abby. I probably have a pic somewhere. I LOVED her tons & tons too.
Okay too stinking funny about you & the 50 yard dash & high jump!! Wow, I just broke into our house by climbing thru a too high window & everyone thought I was INSANE! You win!!
Loved the story!!
- Kate

Margaret said...

I knew a VERY sweet Rott as well - and yet their "rep" is to be so mean, just because of nasty dogs like the Joy-look-alike. Erg.

And IF ONLY someone had had a video camera to get you going over that fence... :)