Thursday, September 6, 2007

My life laundry list of events...

Good morning!!

I have my dad visiting me. So thankful he is here and feeling good. Last week was hectic with his health.

Yesterday was my husbands first day back to school, he is a high school teacher. Early morning I got a phone call from him to come pick him up and get him to the ER. This is a man who cut his finger off with the back end of a dump truck. He found his finger in the dirt, wrapped up, got into the dump truck and drove himself to the hospital. Before he would let them do surgery he insisted they call me and tell me he would be late for dinner and what had happened. So you see this is a man with a high pain tolerance and just not wimpy in any way. So his phone call yesterday had me a little freaked. I picked him up and headed the 2 miles to the hospital. He said he had an incredible sharp pain in his side that buckled his knees. To make a long story short he ended up with his first kidney stone. He had gotten lodge on it's way down to the bladder and was causing him incredible pain. I of course told the doctor I thought he should deliver it without any pain meds just like I gave birth to one of ours because he requested it. You know no meds in delivery and the baby is more alert and blah blah blah!! For those of you who have had babies, an alert baby when you want to go to sleep for a week is the last thing you want. Of course my hubby ended up with some pain meds. WIMP!! LOL Just kidding but of course I had to give him a hard time. I even offered to pull the stir ups out on the hospital bed he was laying on. He was not finding me amusing at all. :) HUGE GRIN here on my face while I type!!! LOL!!! He is fine now and back at work today.

I have my application in at my children's school for library tech. Keep your fingers crossed for me. It is the perfect hours that I can still have my online store and and be sure to take good care of it. I think it will give me a great connection with many other people too so to get more business for my scrapbook supplies and gift store too. I am very excited about this opportunity. I of course have not interviewed in about 13 yrs so a little nervous about that. Hmmmm think I should open with the bald chicken story? :)

My youngest child, Katie, my sweet princess started kindergarten today. They grow up so fast. She was the one with the huge smile waving good bye to me and comforting the little girls who were crying. She loves to learn and is going to have such a good time. I am very happy for her but a bit sad for me. I will really miss her when she is at school. We are scrapbooking and craft buddies.

I just signed up with a new company that has the g studio stamps. I am looking into placing an order with them. They are in the UK so I need to look into shipping as it might not be cost effective for me. I will let you know soon.

Have a fantastic day and find something wonderful in the day to scrapbook about. :)
Take care,

PS I will post a picture of the kids on their first day later on. I got a really sweet one. :)


Heidi (BFF) said...

Katie started kindergarten : ( I remember when she was just born...wasn't that last year? Where does the time go...?

On a happier note, give your dad a hug from me! Have fun visiting : )

Katirocks said...

I'm so glad your dad is doing better! & your husband too! ha ha. I think he should have done it "natural" too!! hee hee
I'm so excited for the library tech job. That sounds perfect! Good Luck! - Kate

Denise said...

Wow! Kindergarten! I was just looking at a picture of me holding her @ just a couple months!!!Give your dad a big hug from me. Haven't seen him in forever also!!Hugs to Steve too, I know that had to have hurt BAD. Have a GREAT vist.
Hugs, D

Nancy said...

Oh, your poor husband. My husband had his first stone two years ago. Funny story now--not so funny then.

I thought of you yesterday. Sparky came to visit and wouldn't leave our porch. He barked at one point and woke Erik up, so I had to call his owners (he is on my speed dial now under "Sparky"). The lady tried to give him to me. She sounded a little...strange. But I'll tell you more about that later.

Have a great weekend. Erik starts his first day of school Tuesday!