Saturday, September 15, 2007

Scrapbook items for the NON scrapbooker or the busy person

"I love scrapbooks/memory albums but I don't have time/don't know how to create one." "I've tried to scrapbook but I'm just not that creative." "I have a zillion photos and I'll never get caught up." "I have all the supplies but no clue what I'm doing." "I need a unique gift for my wife/husband/parents/daughter/son for their birthday/anniversary/graduation/wedding." These are the kind of statements I hear from many of my clients. They love the look of scrapbooking but have no idea how to create one. They lack time, knowledge, and desire to do it themselves. Many of my clients have tried scrapbooking, have many supplies, and have just decided it's 'not for them'. Hiring a scrapbook designer is not much different from hiring a professional organizer or interior decorator. Think of "All moments remembered" as your personal interior designer for your photos. " I have created and designed many albums for family/friends and clients and I take pleasure and pride in the products I design. I ensure that I understand your vision before I even start. Effectively communicating with my customers guarantees you love the end result. My mission is to give my clients a beautiful memory album in which to tell their own story, share their special moments, while providing a safe and archival environment to store their memories.

I have also started adding new design team members to my store. I would love for you to read Amanda's page and see the beautiful items she has designed and has for sale on

Not everyone scrapbooks but EVERYONE can enjoy having wonderful scrapbook items to display their photos in/on. Those of you who are addicted to scrapbooking like myself and Amanda be sure to visit the store often as I am always adding new items and lines. for scrapbook supplies and gifts.

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Sandra @ The Memory Workshop said...

A talented 'scrapbooker for hire' works fast; does quality, consistent work; and has a knack for capturing the essence of the client. A talented scrapbook designer is worth their weight in gold!!

I am always asked if I will scrap for others, but its just not my thing. So I'm always on the lookout for designers to whom I can refer my customers.

Cute projects! :)