Monday, September 17, 2007

WIN $25 in shopping sprees or free photo restoring.

So here is how the drawings will work.

First chance to win... Every day for the next week that you add a comment to my blog that pertains to what I wrote about I will add your name to a hat. On Saturday 22nd I will draw a name from that hat and the lucky person will win $25 dollars to go shopping on my site. This is for supplies only and not for pre-made or custom orders.

Second chance to win... a $25 shopping spree will be from those who sign up on my email list. When you sign up I will add your name to a hat and draw from that on Sunday the 23rd. You can find the sign up for my email on the front page of the store at I will not share your email with anyone and it will be used only for me to mail you a newsletter monthly. Anyone on my email list will also be entitled to discounts sent out in my newsletters. Those of you who already signed up on my email will get your names added to the hat too. The $25 is for supplies only and not for pre-made or custom orders.

Third chance is for a free photo restoring or fixing. Do you have an old photo with cracks or bad coloring you would like restored? Or a picture of your child with a tree growing out of their head? You know those quick pictures you take and then later notice the extra something you wished was not in the picture. Well one lucky winner will win a fixing or restoring of their choice. I will pick this winner next Monday the 24th. For this you need to send me two friends emails to my email at Now please only send me the friends who you know would love to hear from me. Maybe even ask them if it is okay first. Once I send out a newsletter they will always have the choice to be taken off my list. For every 2 friends you send me your name will go into the hat.

For tonight you can comment on this...

What is your favorite scrapbook product? I am really into the mini chipboard albums right now myself. Let me know what lines you like, or what exact product you think is great.


Denise said...

Hey Stacey,
I don't really have a favorite product yet. Still slowly seeing what's out there. I do love to see the things you've done. It gives me ideas. Can't wait to see all the new stuff you're getting!!!!
Love ya, D

Rachel said...

Hey girlie!
Haven't been here in awhile. I see you have been very busy! Some fantastic stuff you have posted. Love the LO's! And how cute is that castle!! Talent I tell you! Love the T-shirt also! Might need to get one of those. And I signed up for your email. Thinking I need to sign up for the blog arithm so I know when you post.


Latrice said...

Hi!! I'm new to your blog, but I totally love it . I'm going to link you to mine. Anyway, I'm totally hooked on Stampendous stamps and Me and My big ideas paper. I was at scrapfest in MN and met the girls from Stmapendous. These stamps are so versitle and I learned tons of new tricks. Me and my big ideas is coming out with paper that I got to buy before it's out. Santuary is the name. Bright bold colors that make great cards. Hope you get a chance to get some of this in. Hope to get to know you.

Nicole P. said...

Hi Stacey
I don't have a favorite product, not really. I would say that my favorite thing to mess with is just simply the paper. I have tons and tons... and more tons of paper.

Sandie Reese said...

My favorite product right now is the CTMH acrylic stamps and the stamp markers. I go thru stages where I like to work exclusively with just one certain product, and since I just got my new stamps in, this has been it. But I have a scrapping party this weekend and I am looking forward to playing with those textured rub ons from your site. If they turn out great I'll send you pics!