Friday, August 31, 2007


This is a picture of Lucy once most all of her feathers grew back. The area that is still bald took months to come in fully. Wasn't she darling?

Many years ago when we lived in Bend, Oregon on five acres I decided to start a farm. Well my idea of a farm being a city girl who grew up in San Diego. Let me skip past the no running water, bunny and goats part of the story. I will give you that one another day. Fast forward to Lucy the bald chicken. My sister more the country girl then I was ever going to be raised chickens. So one day while I visited her and her four kids she asked me to stay inside with the kids. When I asked what she was going to do she told me she had to shoot a chicken. ACKKKKK!!! Shoot it???? Like shoot it dead? She said yep, the other chickens will kill it if I don’t and I have to be humane about it. Well what happened was the other MEAN WICKED EVIL chickens started picking on this one. They plucked her feathers out one by one. I guess with Chickens once they get to blood they do not stop their pecking and would have killed this chicken. Okay so I see my sister did not want this chicken to die a slow horrible death. She asked me do you want to see if before I shoot it? Sure when was the last time I saw a bald chicken before it’s death? Well let me say this chicken looked just like what you buy at the grocery store to eat. Except it had black feathers on her feet and head. I instantly felt even more horrible for this sweet creature. My sister said she would grow her feathers back if she could keep her from the other chickens. Here is where it all happened…. Fast forward a bit more… I had two goats and one bunny in a fenced in area of my yard. I came home and tossed my newly named bald chicken, Lucy, into the fenced area. The other animals were not real sure of her but did okay with her. The next day I hear my husband say “ hey is that a chicken in the goat pen? It has no feathers but looks like a chicken”. Me who was told NOOOO more animals looked out the same window and said “ hmmmmm looks kinda like a chicken.” Then he knew that I had smuggled her in! Our pen was not all shaded and it was now the middle of summer. We live in the high desert so it can get pretty warm. When I went out to feed my animals I noticed Lucy was a bit red. So this is where I admit I am a nut!! I ran in the house and came out with sun block and rubbed Lucy all down with it. My neighbors on one side, of course I happened to lived right in the middle of REAL country people, saw me doing this to Lucy. The man yelled hey are you oiling that chicken up to cook? His wife yelled what are you doing with a bald chicken? I had to explain the story to them. If you listen closely you can still here them laughing. I remember hearing “ Oh Stacey shoot that chicken and eat her!!” What is it with country people wanting to eat everything on the land? I sun blocked Lucy the whole summer. She grew feathers in very slowly. The middle of her back took the longest to grow back. Lucy would come out of the pen every morning jump into my lap and let me rub her down with her sun block and just sit there like a cat and enjoy the company. She really was a sweet chicken, her and I became friends. She would sleep cuddled up to the goats. Sometimes I could look out and see her riding on one of their backs. You can’t even start to imagine how cute they were all together. Once Lucy grew most of her feathers in she started laying me one green egg a day, rain, snow, or desert heat she was faithful to me for that one egg and I always knew it was her way of saying THANK YOU!! So I hope my chicken story made you feel as warm and cuddly as it did me remembering the story and typing it out for you. I had thought of embellishing the story to make it super exciting but I like the real story of Lucy. Lucy lived a wonderful pampered life until she was so old she did not wake one morning. I know she is in Heaven living happily ever after now. Any time I see a green egg I always remember Lucy.
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I have to share this......

While looking for the bald chicken pictures to go with the story I will soon tell I found a newspaper page. I opened it up and it was from Dec. 27th 1987. A letter was written to a daughter about her marriage. It was from a dad to a dear friend of mine. For all these years I kept the newspaper. I have often wondered about her and what she ended up doing in life since we lost contact. So I put into google her dads name and found him!!!! I found pics of her as an adult and what I think are her children. WOW!! I still have chills and tears!! Like I always say over and over the internet is an amazing place!!! I wrote to her dad and can hardly wait to hear back!!! I sooo can not wait to catch up with her and her life. SO stay tuned and see what happens here.......
Oh and I did find a couple of bald chicken pics. I guess I never took one when she was all bald, didn't want to make Lucy, the chicken feel bad. But I have a couple of her with some feathers and a small bald spot that took the longest to grow back in. I will post this story soon. Trust me its a sweet story!! Lucy and the sunblock....

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fun stuff for the scrapbookers

Hi Everyone,
Back to scrapbooking and not so much the personal side!! I have set up a page for picture restoring on my website. please feel free to go take a look at the example of Mickey's work. Mickey is not only wonderful with photos but also a dear neighbor and friend. If you have any questions for her feel free to email her and ask away.

I have also set up a page for gift designers. I can't keep up any more! Trying to keep the website going, ordering, blogging, reading to keep up on everything, my family, dinner, laundry, you get the picture I had to ask someone to come help me keep my gift store going. Please feel free to look at this page and meet Amanda. She is wonderful and will have lots of fun and beautiful items in the web store soon. I will continue making items for the store too. That's my favorite part!

I am working on a Grandma's corner for the website. I have found that their are many grandparents out there who are scrapbooking their grandchildrens memory pages for them. Makes sense so most of the time us Mommy's are so busy just raising these beautiful little ones. I want to help the Grandma's with any special needs they may have and be able to supply all their needs. If you have any ideas for Grandma's corner please let me know.
For anyone just getting started in scrapbooking I thought I would add the following for you. If you have ANY questions email me at

For the beginners:

Supplies to Get You Started

You have the photos and you have seen gorgeous scrapbooks that friends or relatives have made. You even have a budding desire to be a scrapbooker, but when you enter the scrapbook aisle at the craft store or walk into a scrapbook store, you feel lost and don't know where to begin. There are so many products available in the scrapbooking industry that it is easy to feel lost or overwhelmed. Print this list and take it with you when you go shopping and you will be able to focus on those things that you really need to get started making beautiful scrapbooks!
Must Have's:
1) An Album - Select the size album you want to work in and find a color or pattern that works for the theme of your album. 2) Refill pages for your album. Refills are not standard sizes, so it is best to pick up a few packs when you purchase your album so that you get the same manufacturer and size. This way you will not have to hunt for the refills later. 3) A nice sharp pair of scissors. My favorites have very fine tips and are comfortable to hold in my hand. You want a pair of scissors that are dedicated exclusively to your scrapbooking. This way they are always with your supplies and always nice and sharp.4) Adhesive. There are many, many different styles of adhesive. To get started you want an acid-free adhesive that will work well on both cardstock and photos. A couple of my personal favorites are: 3L Click 'n' Stick Mounting Squares, Herma Dotto Removable, and Herma Vario Wheel Dispenser. 5) Cardstock and Printed Papers. Select paper to go with the colors you wish to accent in your photos. You may want to purchase paper at your local scrapbook store so that you can select individual sheets for each page. 6) Journal Pens. Look for acid-free, permanent, pens with fine tips for hand writing your journaling. If you wish to hand write titles for your pages you may wish to purchase pens that have a fine tip on one end and a wider tip on the opposite end.
Those are the essentials, but as with any craft, there is always more that you may want to add to your supplies. Here are the ones that I would add next.
Very High on the "Want" List:
1) A 12" Paper Trimmer. 2) Embellishments that coordinate with your pages, such as stickers, 3-D Stickers, buttons, and more. 3) An Idea Book. My personal favorites are all from Becky Higgins. Take a look at Becky Higgins' Creative Sketches for Scrapbooking.
Additional Items to Consider When Budget Allows:
1) A Die Cut Machine with an Alphabet Set of Dies.2) Full Set of Journaling Pens.3) Circle/Oval Cutter. 4) More, more, more. Once you get started it's hard to stop. You will find yourself wanting more paper, more embellishments, and eventually more albums!

My Daddy's THANK YOU to all... sent to me to post to all of you...

Wow! All these prayers and love from so many people. The things you have to do to get attention these days. Now that I know it works, I "don't" want to do that again. Thank you, thank you, for all your caring thoughts and prayers. It meant a lot to me and helped in my speedy recovery. It took a day or two to stabilize my heart beat, but now I'm A-OK. I know that Stacey will share her Daddy, so if you want to adopt a Daddy, just say the word and we can adopt each other...... Love to all.....Daddy Jim

Almost forgot this is a scrapbook blog..... stay on track Stacey

So question for you scrappers? If you were going to take a class for scrapbooking what would you want to make? I did yet another class tonight and they want me to do more layout nights. I thought making different chipboard books and altered stuff would be the big hit. I guess I am surprised they want to do more layouts. I love doing layouts so this is great for me. My class went super! I had some talented ladies here tonight! So what would you want to make in a class?

Thanks, Stacey

I think I am fianlly ready for bed!! Night all

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Picture of my now famous DADDY!!

This is a picture of him from his 65th Birthday party! He was 65 on August 4th of this year. Doesn't he look like a sweet teddy bear? I love you daddy!!
Just talked with my daddy and he might be getting out of the hospital today. His heart did very good last night and his blood pressure is looking better. He said he can't wait to get out so he can get on his computer and see my blog and see how famous he is now!! He is sooo funny!! I am still crossing fingers we get to see him next week!! :)

You are all so awesome!!!

Thank you everyone for your well wishes for my daddy!! I can't wait for him to see them. I plan to print them all and scrapbook with them. :)

Now here it is 12:34 am and I can't sleep once again. So I make myself crazy wondering do I call my daddy and wake him up just to hear all is okay? Or do I suck it up and sit back and wait until tomorrow so I don't wake him up? Here I sit!! I have never been one to have sleep problems! 10:00 rolls around and I am out cold until the alarm so rudely wakes me up. I feel a bit nervous not being able to sleep tonight but I think that it has just been a draining day filled with emotions. I hope the drain hits me soon and I can sleep.

Really wild to read all the post.... amazing how many different stories are out there. Denise, I love you and so sorry I made you cry today. You of all people know what a daddy's girl I am and how much I adore my daddy. I am so sorry for your lose and I am sending you huge hugs!!!
Mrose, is that the name you used here? Well I am sorry you never got to experience the life with an incredible daddy!! My heart really does go out to you. I can share my daddy with ya. Katie, is there any chance to make up with your dad? Or at least have some friendship there? I know it is not always possible. But if there is a glimmer of hope before you CAN'T mend things you might try. Of course I do not know your story at all!! I will share my daddy with you too!! To all of you who understand that connection thing, I am glad you have it too!! It's that special bond with family. Just know I appreciate all of you who took the time to come post today! Not really how I wanted to get all my hits up!! Geez dad I asked you to help me get more hits but you did not have to go this far!! Just give my website addy out to everyone you know!! Much easier!!

When I was talking to my daddy today I tried to make a joke. Ended up he laughed but I felt like a jerk!! He said to me, " I figured it would be cheaper to go to the hospital and see what was going on with me then what it would cost for my funeral. I said " DAD don't worry I just heard on ckmb board that Costco carrys caskets! We can go in on them since I am sure you must by more then you can ever use, we can store them here and we all will save money! He laughed and I cried! I am still wondering though do they sell caskets for one person or do you have to buy a large supply like most things they carry? I sure hope they never have them on display!! ICK!! I was never a fan of Anna Nicole, But I say I want to go out in a casket like hers!! All done up in pink princess stuff!!! Ohhhh ohhhh I want to wear a tiara too!! Of course that will be worn on my super grey wrinkle up head!! Long long time from now.

So I started this blog for the sake of my website and thought it would be about scrapbooking. It has turned more into my life story. It sure feels good to have a place to come write my feelings and thoughts. It feels like a huge hug when others post such sweet things!! I am glad I found blogging!!!

Thank you again for all the post!!
Hugs and love to all,

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Daddy's Girl

Last night I got out of bed after laying there and tossing and turning. For some odd reason I could not sleep. So I got up and went on a cleaning spree while the rest of the house slept. Now this is not normal for me to not sleep like a baby ( of course when I say that I think WOW none of my baby's slept real well, they always seemed to wake up every few hours) But normally I sleep super. At about 3:00am I made it back to bed and tossed and turned until I fell asleep. Never went into a good sound sleep either.

So this morning early the phone rings. You know that ringing early that makes you look at the clock and think hmmmm I hope everyone I love is okay and this is not a bad call. Well it was a bad call but not the worst call I could have gotten. My step-mom called to tell my my daddy was in the hospital. His heart rate went into the high 150's last night and he had lots of other symptoms. Heart attack??? They are doing test today to see what is going on with him. She said they messed with him all night and he did not get to rest and sleep until about 3:00 am. WOW 3:00 am!!! Don't know if you think like me but my hair stood straight up. No wonder I could not sleep! I have always felt a deep connection to my parents. I have always been Daddy's girl!! I still am at 42. My brain knew something was wrong with my daddy and did not let me rest until he could. He is alive and talking so I am feeling better then I did first thing this morning. He was to retire on Friday of this week. He is now retired as of today!!! You can post all your get well wishes here or retirement congrats here too! He is my biggest follower of my blog and will be sure to see it. Show him the power of the Internet!! :)

I don't have any scrapbook talk for the moment but will work on it. If you can spare a prayer that my daddy heals quick and is back on his feet soon I would SO appreciate it!! His plan is to move from CA to OR to be near us. I would love more then anything to have time with my daddy! To have my daddy know his grandchildren better! Please God allow us this.
I love you daddy,
Your girl Stacey

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Tagged to answer questions

I have been tagged, This is from the creative Keepsake message boards. They pass this around. I now have to fill out the questions and pick 5 more to do it next. Watch out I am lurking to find the next victims. :)

What were you doing 10 years ago? I was newly married to my incredible husband. We were taking on a huge landscape project on our 5 acres. We put in a beautiful waterfall and pond. I was the mother of two children. I also was madly in love with my sweet JOY the rotty dog.

What were you doing 1 year ago? Getting ready to move into my new wonderful house. Enjoying my new small town. Enjoying my family and of course lots of scrapbooking. sneaking my new hypo allergenic poodle dog into our home, sorry honey! He loves her now!!

Five snacks you enjoy: Tim's sour cream and onion potato chips, yogurt, cheese and crackers, nuts, berries of all sorts. Ohhh cool I thought of a few healthy sounding ones.... Ohh do I love chocolate, cookies and ice cream!!

Five songs you know all the lyrics to: Somewhere over the rainbow, zipp a dee doo dah, you are my sunshine, you are so beautiful, ABC's.

5 Things you would do if you were a millionaire: Live on the most gorgeous piece of land with horses and tons of animals. I would be sure my hubby had his HOBBY machine shop, I would help out family, I would have the BEST DARN camera out there for all my scrapbook pics!!

5 Bad Habits: Leaving clothes in the dryer to long so they wrinkle, drinking coffee near the computer and leave a ring with my cup, forget to lock my car doors, Shop till I drop, eat way more then I really need to.

5 Things You Like To Do: Scrapbook, hang out with my kids and hubby, sing to my kids, cook, read.

5 Things You Will Never Wear Again: BIKINI!!, Blue eyeshadow, very low rise jeans, work out leotard, shoes a size to small NO matter HOW cute they are.

5 Favorite Toys: My computer! (could not live any more without it), Cell phone, sizzix cutter, car door unlocker dealy, OHHH and my all time favorite the shiny credit card!!

Where will you be in 10 years: Still being a mom with two high schoolers. Living on a large piece of property, and have a BUILDING huge enough to hold all my scrapbook products for my BOOMING Online scrapbook store!! With a wonderful TEAM working for me!!! Seeing in all the best magazines!!

Friday, August 24, 2007 have you shared that with someone you love today?

About the time you think something is going to be easy you find out differently. Learning how to build a web page, store front and blog has been a lot more work then I ever figured. Gosh chatting online and emails were so easy, who knew? I often wonder what it would be like if I could turn it all over to a web designer? Adding a product can take a lifetime for someone still learning the system. I had to laugh at myself today many times. As I was adding products I smiled and thought see it's not that hard, it's so easy even a caveman can.... Then I hit the wrong button and lose all the work I did! My dogs chewy bone is now tied up in my hair! Once I added all the products I have already ordered on the store site I wonder to myself, hmmmmm will others like these products? Is this what the next scrapbooker looking at my site is in need of? I live in a small town with no scrapbook stores. Hard for me to know what is the new hottest items since when I do get to a store it all looks new and hot to me. Being on message boards has sure helped.

Basic grey products, I love them. I love the quality and color blends of their paper. Oh and matching buttons and fibers, Ohhhh! Being on a budget I wonder what is the best buy for my money to add to the site? What are others looking for? Of course if my husband would just be more laid back and let me at it with the credit card I could have the whole line. I would be sure something would sell and most visiting the site would find something they love. How easy that would make my life!! OH no I have to be on this budget thingy, ick! So now my brain has to kick in and make sure I order just the right items and the right amounts of each. Do you love Basic grey products? What are some of your favorite collections and items? Come on help me out here. :)

You know they say location location location is soooo important. Well heck I am on the internet isn't that a super location? What when someone turns their computer on I don't pop up on their main screen? One more thing to learn about!! Search engines? Ohhhh those people who also want some money from me to put my name out there. Many message boards you are not allowed to advertise. So how is a girl to get her name out there? If I use my small budget to advertise then I wont have things in the store to sell. But if I don't advertise I wont need items to sell in my store NO ONE will even know about. Back to wondering why my hubby wont just turn that credit card over to me. So here I am to ask everyone who reads my blog (hi mom and dad), or visits my store site, or knows me to please help me get my name out there. Email it to everyone you know! Tell your neighbors and friends. Have me get some business cards to you to give out. Walk up and down your most busy street in town with a sandwich board on with my website address in huge letters on it. Have you told everyone you know at work? There are so many ways to help me get All Moments Remembered's website address out there. So please help a deprived of the credit card wife get her business name out! This way maybe some day I can laugh all the way to the bank while hubby does the housework and watches the kids.

I am learning a lot with this new business and enjoying it very much. I have met some new friends through my blog, how cool is that? I hope you all (mom and dad) come back often to read my blog and add comments. Some day when I get on to check my blog maybe there will be hits from all over the world and I will finally know I have reached more then (mom and dad) with my blog! That will be a wonderful day.

Take care and please feel free to let me know what your favorite products are.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Some days you realize how lucky you really are

Today I spent the day with my life long best friend. We have been friends since 6th grade. We both have children, our girls are one year apart and are boys are also one year apart in age. We had wondered when they were all very young if they would get along? I mean just because her and I are the perfect match for friends did not mean automatically the kids would be too. How perfect is this? Our kids adore each other and play so well. We have not gotten them together as much as we should have since I moved to another town 40 miles away. But we have been working on it. I was thinking on my 40 minute drive home how lucky I really am to have Heidi still in my life and still as my best friend. I am the mushy one and she so isn't so when she reads this I can see her eyes roll. LOL!! She knows more about me then my parents or even my husband, because she has known me for so long. I hope all of you have a best friend you can share your life with. Heidi in case I haven't said it lately I love you and am so thankful for your friendship!! Life would not have been the same growing up without you!! Oh here I go with tears welling up!! I can hear her now saying "you geek!!" But I mean it!!!

Heidi had tried to talk me into scrapbooking years ago. She was into it when I lived only minutes away from her. I had no interest. Well maybe some interest but I knew ME, I would go over board and have to have ALL the stuff!! She is the one who can control herself and only get the few things she needs and do without all the extras. Me on the other hand can kinda sorta go over board. Well when I moved to our small town I found scrapbooking. WOW how did I go so long without scrapbooking? Heidi was right it is so much fun. I am a mother of four beautiful kids and I was not scrapbooking? Not so any more. I live and breath scrapbooking. As for going over board on supplies, well lets say I now opened my own scrapbook supply store. How cool is that to have all the supplies at my finger tips when ever I want them? This is pure heaven for me. I really think everyone should be a scrapbooker and preserve their memories. I hope with my store and the scrapbook classes I am teaching I can help others appreciate the art of scrapbooking and making sure their stories are saved for many generations to come.

So lets see do I have a favorite product today? Well I got some new clear stamps from Rusty Pickle today to try out. I love them!! I am hoping I will be able to sell them in my online store soon too. The clear are so much fun because you can see through the block you stick them to and know exactly where you are placing them. You can stick letters on your block in a curve and line them up perfectly. I am hoping to add many letter sets and scrolls to my newest scrapbook addiction. How about the rest of you have your tried the clear stamps? Do you love em or hate em? What brand have you used? Give me some input before I order a bunch up for my store.

Well today's blog was a little more personal then normal but today was really one of those days I realized how lucky and blessed I am in so many ways. One being having my best friend from childhood still in my life! I hope you all have a super rest of the week and have time to call or see your best friend!! Stamp a card with your clear stamps and send it off to that friend...


Monday, August 20, 2007

The Scrapbook Adhesive Gun Every Scrapbooker should have....

One of the newest scrapbook supplies to hit the supply craze is the discovery of the ATG. It is the best adhesive dispenser for a variety of reasons but one of the biggest is honestly the cost. When you scrapbook as much as most of us do, you go through a lot of adhesive. Many scrapbookers are swearing that this is the best period.

So, what exactly is an ATG? The ATG is an adhesive dispenser that was traditionally used in framing. I think the ATG stands for Adehesive Tape Gun? Or perhaps Automatic Tape Gun? However, much like many other tools and supplies, a scrapbooker discovered how great the ATG was, and boom - the big craze hit.
While there are plenty of places to get one, the best place that has been discovered so far to get the ATG, is Their prices are incredibly competitive and they give discounts for bulk purchases if you decide to buy the ATG refills. I just ordered one of the dispenser guns for my birthday after playing with one my friend got, so we shall see how long it takes, but one of the things I've heard about this company is how fast their shipping is. She told me hers took three days.
The one downfall of the ATG dispenser is that it's initial cost is about $35. There are two to choose from, though I would recommend purchasing the yellow one and then buying the $7.00 adapter because then it works with all of the refill sizes. The refills are $2.71. Just one of the refills is the equivalent to SIX refills from many popular scrapbooking gun brands. Can you imagine the savings? That's almost a $10 savings! There are two types of tapes available in refill form, however I recommend the Gold. It is acid-free. It smells strange at first, but trust me, its so worth it. They are available in various widths.
The ATG tape gun is a bit bulkier and larger than normal traditional scrapbook dispensers, but you will quickly adjust to the size difference, and will more than likely find the ease of use to be much quicker to get used to. I found this write up written by Nicole Humphrey. It said everything plus more that I wanted to say about this product. I know all the girls on ckmb are loving this product as am I.
We had a bit of rain today. It felt so good to have a break in the heat. I hope you all enjoyed your day as much as I enjoyed mine.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Book review

Scrapbook book review:

The Book Of Me

A guide to scrapping about yourself

by Angie Pedersen

Is someone missing from your scrapbooks? Do you find yourself constantly behind the camera and never in the picture? Do you have any proof that you were even actually on your last family vacation? The Book of Me by Angie Pedersen is a "how-to" book that encourages scrapbookers to seek out what makes them special and document it in their albums. Filled with great page ideas, the book breaks down the steps involved in making a scrapbook that celebrates the person who is creating the album.
Angie starts the book by listing several ways that scrapbookers can use the information that she presents. Everything from making one big book about your life to simply adding yourself to your family albums can be achieved with these simple, yet thought provoking ideas. Each chapter includes: Journaling Triggers, Photo Ideas, Memorabilia Ideas, and sample layouts. Beginning with her own childhood memories, Angie takes the reader through the stages of documenting her personal history. Each role that we play and each facet of who we are is covered in order to help the reader get the essence of who she is down on paper.
If scrapbooking about yourself has always seemed like an insurmountable challenge, then The Book of Me is a "must-have" in your scrapbook idea library.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. We are looking forward to Sunday. We are having family over and we look forward to enjoying our time with them.

Healthy and Happy,


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Paper bag mini album class...

Hi everyone, Look at me three days in a row keeping up on my new blog. I think all day about what I will blog and stop and think hmmmm how could I make this better so I have something to blog about. Cleaning house never seems to exciting and sure would not make for fun writing. Unless of course someone out there has found a self cleaning toilet I don't know about.... Those of you who know my hubby know all about how much he loves a clean house. Me I like it clean but wish someone else would do it! Some day SOON when my online store is super busy I am so going to hire a cleaning person!! So besides house keeping here is a little about my day...

Had my first class tonight. I have to say it was so much fun I almost told everyone I would pay them instead for the fun and laughs. Of course I didn't! No way to run a business. LOL!! We made paper bag albums and had a lot of fun doing it. I have made so many of these books for all occasions. I found a great site today with instructions so I did not have to type mine out. I think you all should see this site. She has some great instructions to make all kinds of fun scrapbook stuff. I have not seen that she sells anything on her site but that she has all these cool instructions with pictures. WOW how sweet of her to keep it up and do that for the rest of us. Please be sure to check out her site.

Then while I was taking a breather, very short breather, (in case hubby reads this), I looked online at other scrapbook places. I found yet another way neat site. These two sisters do scrapbook retreats!! How fun is that? I have never been to a retreat for scrapbooking but have always wanted to. I find them on-line but they are always in far away places that would cost me my first born to go to. WELL low and behold there are these two wonderful sisters who have put together retreats as a business. They live in Oregon and emailed me today that they are having one over my way in April of 2008!! I am sooo there! They sell ya with the whole story of NO KIDS, NO HUBBYS, NO COOKING, NO CLEANING (sold me with that one), and the whole idea of little sleep lots of scrapbooking!! OHHHH how much fun could this be? So any of my friends in central Oregon lets plan this and put it down for April. I will get all the information to you soon. Those of you who live anywhere else in Oregon go see their web site and see whats close to you.
Tell them Stacey at all moments sent you when you sign up or send them an email... :)

My hubby is working late tonight so I think I will go get some scrapbooking in. Since the house is clean and I have nothing else to do.... Oh wait maybe a load or two of laundry! I think he already turned his undies inside out once! LOL!!! Happy scrapping everyone! Post and let me know what project you are working on. Oh and anyone that knows about that self cleaning toilet be sure to email.

Take care,

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Super new product from 7 gypsies

I can hardly wait for this shipment to get here. This just had its debut at the CHA show and did wonderful. 7gypsies has these fun textured rub-ons. Both sides are sticky. You rub the design you want where you want it and then peel the top layer off. You then use some fun packs, some are velvet, some glitter, some foil and in a few different colors. This then sticks to the rub-on and you end up with a colored textured design. I think they are going to make fall and winter pages incredible. The picture is the fleurish rub on pattern. There are 3 other patterns to choose from. I will have them all in my store by the end of the week. So be sure to check there and be the first to order.

Tomorrow night I have my first scrapbook class I am teaching. We are going to be doing paper bag albums with a summer theme. I thought it would be a good idea for a place to put the left over summer pics that have not been made into pages yet. We are all that caught up on pictures and scrapbooks, right? LOL!! Don't I wish. But these mini albums help take care of a group of photos real quick like.

On the more personal side...

I took my youngest son to the doctor today for a check up on his asthma. Glad to say he is doing well. While there I asked the doctor about all the toys that have been recalled and how concerned should I be? We have many toys on the list but who knows when they were bought. He said as long as my children do not put toys in their mouths we should be safe. He then said that we should throw them out when we out grow them instead of sending them to the local thrift store. This way some other child who may put toys in their mouth might end up with them. When we have company with very small children not to let them play with these toys either since they might end up in their mouths. So I explained to my two little ones that NO toys in the mouth for any reason and we can keep their toys. They are ages 7 and 5 so not likely to be putting toys in the mouth anyway. Here is a link to mattel with a video on what they are doing with toys to make them safer and also talking about recalled toys. We need to make sure we protect our children.
Be happy and healthy,

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

First Blog ever for me....

I wonder as I type how many others have never written a blog? Am I alone in this? I do not have a myspace either. I do however have an on-line store finally. I had to learn how to create a website. For someone who knows how to post, email, and chat only on the computer it was a rather large project. One in which I have lost a lot of hair and sanity! I have learned so much and have to say the company I went with for hosting ( Poweb) has made most of it pretty easy. That which I could not figure out they have wonderful help on the phone. I think they now have me on the caller ID and fight over who has to answer my calls. LOL!! I do have to say I am proud of what I have on my site so far. After I type this I am going to try to figure out how to incorporate this into my site page. Maybe a warm bubble bath first will calm my nerves so I can figure it out without spitting on my computer screen. I am also trying to learn how to be seen by the search engines and the world. With a very small budget to get this business going I am relying mostly on free advertising for the moment. Some day I will have billboards and radio commercials, (this is part of my learning "the secret" and thinking positive to bring all the business I can handle to my new store). So for anyone reading this please help me get the site name out there!!!!

I would like to get others to join me in my blogs. We can post about many subjects but my all time favorite would be scrapbooking. We could keep each other up to date on whats hot out there. Give directions on how to make different projects and on and on. So please join in to any post you want and lets get this going. I have made so many on-line friends over the years and many I have even met in person. I look forward to getting to know others and sharing fun scrapbooking stuff.

So a little about me....
I am married to my soul mate. You know the dream you have as a little girl about what kind of man will be the perfect husband? You know the one where he is prince charming? Well my dream came true when I met my husband. I am also a mother of four great kids. I have two teens, reason #2 for pulling most of my hair out! I also have a 7 yr old son and a 5 yr old daughter. I love being a mom and wife. We live in a small town which NONE of my friends thought I would stay in let alone like it. I love it! Did I mention I love it? I do! Our summers are hot and our winters are cold with little snow. We own a miniature poodle named Dolly. We rescued her from the pound and have had and adored her for almost two years. She is good with the kids, can also jump better then any Jack Russel terrier I have ever seen. Her only problem is she hates other dogs and attacks them. She has no fear of being a small dog and going after a HUGE dog, this has caused us a few near deaths for her. I love to cook and make dinner nearly every night. I love dinner time because we all sit together and enjoy each others company with no TV or phone. Seems like a lot of families no longer do this. I highly recommend it at least try for it a few times a week. Scrapbooking is my hobby and now job. Well do you call it a job when all you have done is gotten a store online? Now I just need to make sales and then I can officially call it a J-O-B!! It will happen! So tell me a little about you and lets get this blog hopping!
Happy to be healthy,