Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Super new product from 7 gypsies

I can hardly wait for this shipment to get here. This just had its debut at the CHA show and did wonderful. 7gypsies has these fun textured rub-ons. Both sides are sticky. You rub the design you want where you want it and then peel the top layer off. You then use some fun packs, some are velvet, some glitter, some foil and in a few different colors. This then sticks to the rub-on and you end up with a colored textured design. I think they are going to make fall and winter pages incredible. The picture is the fleurish rub on pattern. There are 3 other patterns to choose from. I will have them all in my store by the end of the week. So be sure to check there and be the first to order.

Tomorrow night I have my first scrapbook class I am teaching. We are going to be doing paper bag albums with a summer theme. I thought it would be a good idea for a place to put the left over summer pics that have not been made into pages yet. We are all that caught up on pictures and scrapbooks, right? LOL!! Don't I wish. But these mini albums help take care of a group of photos real quick like.

On the more personal side...

I took my youngest son to the doctor today for a check up on his asthma. Glad to say he is doing well. While there I asked the doctor about all the toys that have been recalled and how concerned should I be? We have many toys on the list but who knows when they were bought. He said as long as my children do not put toys in their mouths we should be safe. He then said that we should throw them out when we out grow them instead of sending them to the local thrift store. This way some other child who may put toys in their mouth might end up with them. When we have company with very small children not to let them play with these toys either since they might end up in their mouths. So I explained to my two little ones that NO toys in the mouth for any reason and we can keep their toys. They are ages 7 and 5 so not likely to be putting toys in the mouth anyway. Here is a link to mattel with a video on what they are doing with toys to make them safer and also talking about recalled toys. We need to make sure we protect our children.
Be happy and healthy,

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