Sunday, May 10, 2009

Coloring with Prisma Pencils

Using PrismaColor Pencils from Kelli Caslow on Vimeo.

If you have not used the Prisma pencils it is a must try. I always looked for stamps that required very little coloring as I never felt I could do a good job. After learning from Kelli. Buying the right products. Practicing and and falling in love with Prisma. I am not HOOKED and having so much fun coloring in stamped images. You can come into the store at 779 N Main for the pencils, blender stubs and gamasol or go to my etsy store and buy a set online. You wont believe how easy it is. You will be so thrilled with the results you get too. Have fun and happy coloring. Thanks Kelli for sharing your talent with us and making this fantastic Video. If you would like to see more of Kelli's amazing talent or video's you can visit her blog here.

Have an amazing week,

Stacey :)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Online Blog Auction.... When a friend needs us....

**** It has been figured out! PLEASE join us on June 13 and 14 for a wonderful auction of homemade/handmade items! ALL proceeds will go to our dear friend and her family. You must be registered on the All Moments Remembered message board to join in the fun.

I have been the proud owner of All Moments Remembered store for two years and the message board for over a year now. I have made some amazing friends here who are very dear to me. Right now we have a very sick hubby of one of our girls. He was diagnosed with lung cancer. Recently he was told if the treatment works he will have about a year maybe two years. This gal who's hubby this is is one of the sweetest kindest people you can ever wish to meet. She has always been there when I needed her. They also have a little girl. My heart is breaking for them. I am also just trying to keep the faith and pray all the time for them. I once saw somewhere on a blog an auction to raise money for a good cause. People donated items they made and such for the auction. I need help figuring out where this was so I can see how they did it again. I would like to hold such an auction to help raise money for our sweet girlfriend. When he starts treatment he will most likely be very sick. He was also the bread winner in the family. I would like to help make things a little easier for them during this time. So please help me find out how to hold this blog auction I have heard about before. If you could please say some prayers for this family too it would be appreciated.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A note from Roy....

Roy and Stacey when we first met.

A note from Roy....
Hi Fella's,
" It's a note from Scrapbook Roy"
Some one let it out that there are many fella's doing scrapbooks. So lets get it going by giving our self a title. If you can come up with a great name put it in the comment box here. Please keep it 15 letters or less. Stacey and I will choose a winning name soon when I get back from vacation. The winner will receive a small goodie of scrapbooking items.
In the meantime gather up the pictures of old girlfriends, friends, even the ones from school or you brought home from the war. Match book covered, all that stuff you have saved in a shoebox's out in the garage. You kept them because of the memories and they will bring back more when you get them out. It is time to get out the adhesive and get them in a scrapbook. Well that is all for now. We will move on to the scrapbooking part next time. But please be sure to go dig out all those memories.
Keep scrapping,

Well Roy is busy with speeches this week and then off to his sons for a nice visit. We all sure miss him around the store already. Roy adds such a sparkle when he is here.
Next week we will have nestibilities in stock!! A must have for any card maker. Be sure to check out the Etsy shops I have listed on my blog.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Is it Spring yet?

Is it spring where you live yet? Sure the calender tells us it is Spring but what about the weather. We woke up to rain and the local hills had snow today. Just a week ago we had pulled out the Capri's and were wearing our flip flops. Allergies had kicked into high speed. This rain has helped to mellow those out. So what is it like where you live? Are you ready for Spring?
Remember to get out your camera's and get the pictures Spring brings to us. I was driving yesterday and saw a new born calf out in a field. I thought I wish I had my camera with me. Note to self to start packing my camera with me.
Lots of new things coming into the All Moments Remembered Etsy shop soon. If you have been looking for Nestibilities we will have them in many shapes. I have to admit these are my new favorite tool. How I survived without them is beyond me. Be sure to check out my Etsy shop and the list I have here on my side bar. Many of the AMR girls are working hard to get things handmade for their shops so check back often.
I hope whatever your weather is doing this week you have a beautiful time in it!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Journey and exploring the incredible community of Etsy

I have had the most incredible two years with All Moments Remembered. I have loved the whole journey. Since opening my brick and mortar store I have had a hard time keeping up on a full line online store. My heart was wanting something different. With the brick and mortar store going well and being something I love to pieces I decided to try something new. I am doing a small Etsy shop. I will carry supplies and some handmade items. I have now closed my online store. There is no saying that I wont ever open it up again. At this time I want to give back to friends who have helped me along the way. I want to introduce to you all many other Etsy shops and promote them here. I have so many sweet friends on my message board and thought how can I help these girls in this tough time. Many of them have Etsy shops and those who don't I hope will feel a little push to get one. The talent on my mb is amazing and I think all these girls can sell their gorgeous items. I will be listing all the Etsy shops here on the blog and also on my MB. So be sure to check them all out.
If you own an Etsy store and want to join our group sign up for the
message board and we can add your Etsy shop to the list. Together a group of incredible ladies can do wonderful things.
If there is something you are really wanting and don't have a LSS email me. I will be thrilled to sell you anything you need that I have in my brick and mortar store.
Thank you to all of you who have supported the AMR store. I hope now you will still support me by shopping in my Etsy shop or store front in Prineville. I hope you will also help me support some other talented ladies I call dear friends and shop at their Etsy shops too!!

Right now I have several Justrite stamp sets in stock in the Etsy shop. I will be adding nestibilites next week.

Here are a couple wonderful Etsy shops to check out soon as they are filling them soon with wonderful items.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Kelliannie visits, teaches a class and meets Roy

Kelliannie from the All Moments Remembered Message board and our Card Challenge Queen visited me!! What a pleasure it was to meet this very sweet lady! Not only is she amazingly talented she is wonderful, funny, adorable, sweet and just a fantastic person to hang out with. I so enjoyed her visit.

Roy came by and hung out with all the girls on Sat. I am so glad two of my favorite people got to meet each other. Be watching as Roy has informed me he has his column written up for the blog this week. You don't want to miss his writings. I am sure we will all be entertained and enjoy each time he post here on the blog.

Have a beautiful week. All Moments Remembered is getting Just rite stamps in this week and then lots of nestibilities next week! These both are a must have!!!