Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Prima Flowers, new adhesives and Fancy Pants

How cute are these jars of Prima flowers? I just got them in today. I only ordered a few to see what kind of interest there is in them. I love them! If I find there is an interest I will order them in many more colors too. So on the few I have it will be first come first serve.
I have added a page to my store for Adhesives. I have two kinds in stock at the moment and am working on getting the ATG gun and tapes in. Let me know if there is a brand I need to be carrying. I have been using my ATG gun for a long while now so I forget what is all out there. Be sure to see this new page in the store.
I was just offered to be able to buy Fancy Pants line of scrapbook items. What is the pulse out there for Fancy Pants? What do you girls think? DO you like one collection over the other? Give me some input on this so I can decide if I am going to stock this line. I saw pics today and thought they had some really nice collections.
Keep sending in the pictures of your scrapbook items you want to enter into the contest for this week. I will be giving away a Bo Bunny word book and papers to go with it. I am telling you these Bo Bunny Press My Word albums are wicked cute and so much fun to play with.
I placed a huge order today for lots of different brands of products. I will get those in and in stock in the store by the first part of next week. Keep your eyes out for some fun new items. I have the naked chipboard ornaments coming in! I have seen these made up on a few other blogs and they are soooo stinking cute! I can hardly wait to make some up to give as gifts. Of course my tree with be decked in them too.
Have a super evening and all of you who are out trick or treating be safe and stay warm!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Scrapbooking supplies many many brands

No those are not scrapbook supplies! I had to show them off though. I got them in an email today. They are made out of marzipan which is made of almond paste. You could eat them if you wanted to. I thought they were so darling and so worth sharing with all of you. This lady who made them sure is talented, I wonder if she scrapbooks too?

As you all must know by now I have ALL the Bo Bunny Press My Word books in stock ready to be shipped out. They are so darling and I can hardly wait to get mine made. I started a PARTY book for a new years eve party we will go to this year. But I only seem to get the paper cut out for one letter every night. I need more time! I can think of so many ways to use any of the word books. You can add small chipboard letters and make them have different meanings. I have seen the LOVE book with the letters making it MY LOVE and TRUE LOVE. I could go on and on. Plus I ordered a HUGE shipment from Bo Bunny and it will be in next week. I have tons of stickers, papers, cardstock, ribbons and chipboard coming in. I plan to put together pack of stuff so you can get collections of items. I will have word books with all the papers and embellishments ready to go in a kit! They would make wonderful Christmas kits for other scrapbook friends or for yourself.

DaisyD papers are gorgeous you need to see them at my store. Do you have a princess in your life? OH my then you need the chipboard bare elements castle book!! I made a haunted house out of mine and I have seen them covered in fine sandpaper to make a beach album. Trip to the big city? I will have these wonderful city scape chipboard books coming in for bare elements soon.

I hope to update my 7gypsies tomorrow. I just got in again the Zanzibar Gaffer tape and the Zanzibar paper pad stack. I had to get more of the rectangle interchangeable certifiable stamp with the changeable extra stamps that come with it. I love this for making mini albums for others. You stamp the journaling stamp for them and then they know just where to add there story.

I am working on getting a few different kinds of scrapbook T-shirts and sweatshirts in. I might try to do a pre-order on them since I have to order large quantities and pick sizes. Let me know if you would be interested in these. They all have super cute scrapbook sayings on them.

I am so loving all the emails I have received from so many of you! WOW the talent that is out there. It really is going to be hard to chose. I think I might have to turn this into TWO contest. One for layouts and albums and one for scrapbook crafts type items. Send all your friends to my store site. The more successful I make it the more I can give away free products for the winners. I am thinking later I will have several categories in my contest so several will win each week. I will work up to that. Remember to tell everyone you know to enter the contest!!

Have a wonderful and safe Halloween tomorrow! I need to go finish working on my costume. The kids are going to love me in my DIVA Tiger outfit!!
don't eat to much candy,

Monday, October 29, 2007

Okay scrapbookers start your creativity! DAY OF GLORY info....

I am so excited! I have had so many email me with entries already. This is going to be a lot of fun.

#1 So FIRST off it must be YOUR WORK!!! Don't make me take your crown away for using someone elses work. :) Now seriously, send me projects you made and that are okay for me to post on my site.

#2 email your entries to

#3 you may enter one to three entries per week but do not duplicate each week.

#4 it can be any type of scrapbook project. Cards, crafts made with scrapbooking supplies, and layouts of course. All I ask is it has scrapbook supplies in it's construction.

#5 Due date for entries will be every Friday by 12:00 noon west coast time. The winner will be chosen by myself, my design team and photo restorer. I will post late on Sunday night and it will be up all day Monday!! DAY OF GLORY will always be shown off on a Monday. Winners will have free products mail with in that week of winning.

#6 winning products will be of my choice. I do ask you send me a picture of what you ended up making.

#7 I will notify you of winning and then need a short bio and what info you would like me to include on your DAY OF GLORY. The items you entered and won with will be displayed.

#8 You may not bribe any of my staff!! Well I am easily bribed by chocolate, bath items, pedicures and finished wicked cute scrapbook projects!!! Just kidding of course!! ; )

I really want this to be a lot of fun. Tell all your friends to come check out the blog and of course always leave me a message there so I know you have been visiting!! So now let the creativity flow and email me your gorgeous stuff!!


Anyone who enters the weekly contest is given a 15% discount at this time on your entire order from my fun store at when you are at check out let me know you entered and I will hand subtract the 15% for you after I verify you have entered that week.

BO Bunny Press word books are here and so it all the fun papers and stickers you need to complete a project. I will be adding more and more products to the store all this week. If there is something you really love and I don't have it let me know!!

All Vintage lovers be sure to check out my Melissa Frances page for her fantastic selection of vintage items. I am out of the family vintage stickers for the next couple of weeks. But as soon as they are in I will post about it.

Any Sizzix lovers out there? I can get just about ANY sizzix, sizzlit and machines you may want. Drop me a note and let me know what I can find for you.

Have a super week everyone! I am so happy to have you all sending in your pictures!!



I will post tonight ALL the details on my weekly contest!

Ran out of time!! I need this weeks entrys by Friday the 5th!! More info here tonight! Thanks!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Gorgeous Layouts and new "Day Of Glory" information

These gorgeous layouts were designed and created by Heather Prins. Her work is beautiful and always filled with heart. She also has a wonderful blog
site to read more about her and also see more layouts for ideas. She welcomes everyone to scraplift her work and have fun while doing it.
I am wanting to start something new on my blog. I have gained so many readers that I want to include all of you in on my blog. So I am going to start a blog day called " DAY OF GLORY". I want all of scrapbookers to email me pictures of your layouts, info on what products you used and a small bio. Once a week I will pick and feature one of the talented scrapbookers and their work. PLUS then I will mail you products to make another project you get to keep but I want pictures of to show off on the blog. So say you were chosen this week, I would then mail you say a Bo Bunny Word book, Bo Bunny papers, and Bo Bunny stickers to work with. All I would want is a pic of your finished project. You then keep what you made and enjoy however you would like to. SOOOOO let me know what you think!!!! Is there an interest in this? Leave a comment and I will get you all the info you need to get going on your DAY OF GLORY.
I have worked hard all weekend packaging Bo Bunny Word books and papers. I started a PARTY book last night and hope to get to work on it today again. I will be having the post office stop at my house for a huge pick up tomorrow and Books will be in the mail. Custom books are in the mail to me now so I will have those off this week also. If you have not thought about a custom NAME book you need to. These have been a hot item. They are just darling and will make such a nice Christmas gift decorated up or naked. I have have done first names, last names, and lots of grammies, soccer, Mommy, and PaPa's!
Please remember the charity I am working on from my site. Scrapbookers with Heart, making mini albums for kids with cancer. I have had many of you send me FANTASTIC mini albums and I have them in a box waiting for more. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your sweet donations! We still need more though so keep them coming.
I will be loading tons of new Bo Bunny papers, stickers, and ribbons to the website today. Be sure to take a look at them. I also have many other designers to choose from. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend.
Thanks for being a faithful reader here,
Stacey :)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Halloween is coming! What scares you? Bo Bunny news too!

With Halloween in a couple days I was wondering if you had things that scare you? Sometimes when I am scrapbooking I get scared I might not have all the supplies I need to finish a project. Ever happen to you? When it happened to me in the past that poor project was put aside to wait for more items to add to it. Well I can tell you I have lots of almost done/made projects still waiting. Hey there's another one, It scares me to think I need to get back to all those projects and get caught up. If running out of supplies scares you too, then make sure you shop at and check out all the pages of goodies. Need help deciding what all you will need? Email me and I can help you out. As of next week I will also be stocking adhesive in my store. Are you one of the lucky ones that has your Bo Bunny word books in the mail to you already? Did you think about papers? Stickers? OKAY calm down and don't get scared! Deep slow breaths! I just happen to have lots of wonderful Bo Bunny papers/cardstock and fun Bo Bunny cardstock stickers in stock right now ready to ship. I have several other lines of papers and stickers too. I can get you through these scares with a simple click of your mouse to

Now on to Bo Bunny Press news...

I have been packaging and printing shipping labels all day! These books are way to cute. Many of you were shipped to today. The rest will be shipped out Monday and a few later in the week if you are waiting for the custom books too. I have yet another order of these books coming in on Wednesday this next week. If you are wanting to make sure you get your books before they are back ordered you may order now. I have many still in stock right now even. Don't forget to see all the Bo Bunny papers and stickers I have in stock at

Sorry to all who have been waiting for my pumpkin bread recipe. I have not had one extra moment to type it up and get in on here. I will try to get that on in the next few days.

Have a wonderful weekend and a safe and fun Halloween! Remember I can help with any of those scrapbook fears you may have.

Keeping you safe from those scrapbook scares,


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bo Bunny My Word Albums/books ** TIPS ** & Halloween

TIP #1 - How to Bind My Word Chipboard Albums:

There are many ways to bind the My Word books together after you’ve covered them with your favorite Bo-Bunny Papers. Here are a few ideas:

Ribbon Binding

Scored Edge w/ Ribbon Binding

Binder Rings Binding

TIP #2 - How to Adhere paper to the My Word Albums:

Mod Podge glue is a favorite for the more advance paper crafter. Simply spread the adhesive using a foam brush to the back side of your paper and then adhere to the chipboard and trim. Be careful not to use too much or your paper will bubble.

Dry Adhesive like the Xyron’s Cheetahs are easy for any level of paper crafter to use. Simply run adhesive along chipboard or paper and adhere. Use another running adhesive like Tombow’s Mono Adhesive to secure down the edges.

TIP #3 - How to trim the paper to fit the album letters:

Trick 1 - Simply place your “letter” upside down on the “back” side of your paper, trace with a pencil and then trim along tracing line. This offers the most accurate way to match up paper to chipboard page.
Trick 2 - Adhere paper directly to chipboard and then trim around edge using an x-acto knife. Then sand along edge to create a clean meshed look between the paper and the chipboard.
These will be in stock by Sat Oct 27th, 2007. I have lots of Bo Bunny papers and stickers in stock also so you can create a book to look just like theirs or close to theirs. Or I have many other fun papers you can use to come up with your own ideas.
I have you looked Creative Imaginations in my store lately? I have the sweetest Chipboard Castle books.
I have been having fun lately making tons of tear bears with mulberry paper. I am adding the witch hat by Sizzix and creating my own Halloween card. So this weekend while working on cards I will also be baking pumpkins to make fresh pumpkin bread loafs to give out to friends and co-workers along with my tear bear cards.
I will post my pumpkin bread recipe tomorrow night along with a picture of my Happy Pumpkin Day card to inspire some of you. Are you making anything for Halloween to give to friends? Send me a photo of it so I can share with the readers.
Have a great rest of the week! I am looking forward to the weekend. I love to bake and create fun projects.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bo Bunny told me the albums are in the mail. YAHOO!!

This time of year is SO beautiful. I love the colors and the weather. Try to find something every single day to be thankful for.

I am crossing fingers the Bo Bunny word albums get here by Friday so I can ship them out on Sat. But at least we all know they are on their way. I hope you will all send me pictures of your finished work. To everyone who pre-ordered I will email you the day I ship your orders to you.

Have you seen I have tons of Bo Bunny papers and stickers? I have more coming in with the word album orders too.

I am looking for an adult Eeyore costume for me to wear to school. Anyone out there have one they want to sell? Email me and let me know.
As I am super busy with packaging up orders tonight I am going to keep this very short. Please read my post from yesterday and keep Julian in your thoughts.
Thankful for making kids smile all day long,
Stacey :)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Julian and Mimi need our prayers!

Here is an update I just read from Mimi and I hope she does not mind me sharing it with you. Please say a prayer for both of them! I feel a little numb right now after reading this news so I wont be writing much tonight.

I ask again to all of you who have a few extra moments here and there to please help make and donate mini albums to kids with cancer. You can get all the info you need on my site at

Mimi's update:

What a day! Julian was a trooper as usual.We got to clinic ,got counts, got some cream on his back in preparation for the spinal tap. Walked over to third floor and waited a few minutes for Dr Murray. He came in and told Julian he was giving him some sleepy meds, he giggled and said " I love them sleepy medecines " .I dont know if you have ever had or seen someone have a spinal tap done, but you basically have to be sitting up rolled in a ball,just like for an epidural. So with Julian NOT asleep,Dr M. proceeded.Julian barely cried, like a champ.!!! After he was done ,I carried Julian to a "recovery" room where he had to lay flat on his back for an hour.his BP and oxygen levels were being watched closely. After he had been sitting there for a few,he says"When are they going to give me my sleepy medecine,i want to go to sleep" !! My little druggy!! When Dr Murray finally walked in , and took me to a different room ,I knew I was about to hear the unthinkable. Seven months only after diagnosis, 6 months only after the beginning of treatment the cancer has reccured.Cancer cells were found in the spinal fluid , wich means that somewhere,in the brain or spine,the cancer has returned. I can't even describe the feeling, fear mixed with anguish , in my guts as I walked to that room. I was told that Julian does have options , stronger chemo, bone marrow transplant...But the docs all have to discuss the best treatment plan for Julian at this point.We will be meeting Dr Murray on thursday at 9.30am to discuss our options... I felt panic actually Panic with a big P, as I was walking back to Julian's bedsite. But as I made my way back to julian , this verse came back to me "He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will never be shaken" Psalm 62:2 (thank you Chris for ever mention this verse at sunday school) I didn't want Julian to see me broken and not understand what was going on and feel scared himself... Anyways...I will talk more later,tomorrow, when I can actually comprehend all this...Maybe... Mimi

Sunday, October 21, 2007

I have been Tagged! 7 random facts about me

I have been tagged by . So I thought about it last night and here are 7 facts about me.

#1. I am a mother to four incredible kids! A DD 18, DS 15, DS 7 and DD 5. ( dd = dear daughter and ds = dear son)

#2 I am married to the man of my dreams! He is the knight I dreamed of as a little girl. Now of course he can make me a little nuts here and there since he is sooooo type A personality. But let me say NO one takes better care of his children and wife. He loves us to pieces and we all know it all the way deep to our core.

#3 I love my new day job. I am a title one reading aide. I work with kids from grades K-5th.

I knew I would enjoy it but had no idea how much I would really love it. You leave work each day knowing you made a difference in someones life. The kids may not know it now but later in life the skills we are teaching them in reading are going to take them to wonderful places in life. Many of these kids just need someone who really is proud of their accomplishments and shows it. The smiles I get each day when I compliment one of these students is worth the world to me.

#4 I love to scrapbook. I love memories! I cherish all my old blk and wht photos. I wish so much that the photos could talk. History is something we all need to preserve for all the generations to come. My father in-law gave me boxes of his families blk and wht photos. Of course I said thank you but I don't think he really knows how dear those photos really are to me. Not only are they my husbands history but it is my children's history. I could spend hours looking at the photos wondering about them. I guess because of my love for photos is why I love scrapbooking.

#5 What did I want to be when I grew up? A police lady! As long as I can remember I wanted to work in criminal justice. I always wanted the world to be a better place. I always thought how can a person just want something but not do something about it? I have not accomplished this desire as of yet but I still have time. I can still feel it running in my blood. But when you are a mommy it kinda makes you pull back from things that can cause you harm.

#6 I am a huge animal lover. If you read back in my blog I have a story about a bald chicken I had to sun block for a whole summer. I have had goats which I think are some of the best pets ever. We had an adorable bunny. Many dogs, now only one named Dolly. As a teenage I loved birds and had many. Oh and back in my blog I have the cutest picture of one of my baby goats sleeping with his head on my bunny. You have to see that picture it will melt your heart.

#7 I hate doing laundry! I mean I hate doing laundry. It is one of those never ending jobs. I wash, I dry, I fold, I hang up, and then there's pile again waiting for me. I am so waiting for the dryer that folds and puts away laundry. I am always behind on it. It is one of the things about me that drives my husband nuts! We always have clean clothes to wear but we might have to pull them out of the dryer or clothes basket. So there I admitted my biggest fault. Oh and thank goodness for laundry room doors!

7 people I am tagging.....

Now remember to use your umbrellas this week! It will be raining Bo Bunny word books all week!! I have 100' of them coming in and lots of them already spoken for. Be sure to place your pre-order. I do not charge you for them until I package them for shipment. If you have seen my Bo Bunny page of my store you need to check it out.

I have tons of wonderful Bo Bunny papers and cardstock stickers. Custom chipboard name books are also available from Monday Morning Memories.

If you need scrapbook supplies be sure to stop and visit at

Thanks for visiting. I would love to here comments for all of you.

Stacey :)

These two so make me smile! I love this picture.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Prima Embelli boxes * SPECIAL PRICE *

Welcome to anyone who is new to All Moments Remembered, I hope you enjoy my blog and my store site!

I would have posted pictures here but the site is not letting me do it tonight. So go check them out at the link I posted below.
Prima has put together these wonderful boxes of fun items for scrapbooking. I have used them in all colors and can only say I love them. They normally are $16.99 but I want to run a FALLTASTIC sale on them. For the next week you can purchase them for $10.99 each. You will find there is so much you can do with these and will help bring layouts together with all the coordinating items.

The painted keepsake box is filled with an assortment of chipboard, letters, numbers, signs, button, ribbons and Prima flowers. Once the embellishments are used, you have a lovely finished box with a sliding lid to decorate and store some other treasures in.

The count down has started for the Bo Bunny books. I am expecting them next week. I have printed up all the orders I have for them and will start filling them right away. If you have not pre-ordered yours you might want to before they are sold out everywhere. Be sure to check out the Bo Bunny page on the store site. I have lots of fun papers and sticker. I will be adding a couple more of their paper lines this week too.

DCWV Halloween glitter card stock stack.... I have a few left and once they are gone they are gone. I love the designs they used on all the papers.

Need stickers to add to your layouts of albums? I have many in stock now. See my sticker page at

Don't forget my Monday Morning Memories custom chipboard name books. Also from this company I have chipboard word albums that say HERO, DADDY, DANCE, AUTUMN, FAITH.
If you have not seen the cute me&dad stickers from Bo Bunny on my site you need to! They would work perfect with the daddy book. Also the Bo Bunny Autumn paper is just want you need for the Autumn book. Don't miss out on the pumpkin stickers too. I can hardly wait to get some time to do up my pumpkin patch AUTUMN book.

The weather is getting cold and we are indoors more. Why not get caught up on your scrapbooking? Holidays are around the corner... make your gifts with your own personal touch this year.

Remember my " SCRAPBOOKERS WITH HEART" making mini albums for kids with cancer. You can now get all the information on the site at

And as always please remember to give out my store and blog address to everyone you know. Send me your email and sign up for my newsletter and I will add your name to win a Bo Bunny word book.

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend. I plan to work on a baby album tomorrow for my neighbor. I love having a theme to go with.


Friday, October 19, 2007


So many brands and fun items. If you have not taken a look lately at the store site you need to go check it out. I will be up late tonight even adding lots of new items. I still have Creative Imagination chipboard castle books. They are not just for the princess of the house! Photo's of a trip to the coast? Make a sandcastle album. Halloween photo's and want a new way to show them off? Haunted castle album. I have some wonderful fun Maya Road albums too. I think the train one is great for any little boy! New baby boy in your life? How cute would the train be for a baby boy book? K&Company is still one of my favorites for classics and just pure beautiful products. I love the rub on's pictured here. Want to put together some great pages quick? Buy a kit with the papers, stickers and embellishments all in one. I have Daisy D's and many other brands of kits. I love vintage! I have a great collection of vintage card stock stickers by Melissa Frances. If you love vintage you need to see her line.
Yes Bo Bunny is coming next week and is all the rage but be sure to check out the other brands I carry. I am adding a new shipment of 7 gypsies tonight be sure to get a peek at them.

I plan to add some adhesives to my line of products. I want to be your favorite scrapbook supply online store. Let me know if there is something you wished I carried and I can see what I can do.

Kids with cancer need some smiles! Be sure to see my page at
for ways you can help make a child and his/her family smile. Scrapbookers with heart is my new charity I am working on and I need all the help I can get.

Oh and don't miss out on the Die Cuts with a View Halloween Glitter stack. I have a few left before they are all gone. I love this stack of card stock. Also I still have some Halloween Sizzix dies available.

Please leave comments on the blog! I love to hear from everyone!
Have a super weekend!! We have strong winds here so I expect to wake up in Oz tomorrow! No problems though I am going to tell my little girl to wear her read glitter shoes to bed so she can click them 3 times and bring us home. :)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Layouts made with Bo Bunny papers and stickers

Just thought I would share some layout ideas with you. These are made using Bo Bunny papers and stickers. I will have all these papers in stock this next week. I should be shipping Bo Bunny word albums out next week. I can hardly wait to get my hands on them and start playing. Christmas will be good for everyone on my list this year. Oh and the kids teachers will really love me.

Are you into country themes? I have some incredible papers and stickers coming in next week from Tumblebeast. A gorgeous western theme! I also ordered some really fun Jungle/zoo papers and stickers. This store will soon be your one stop shopping place!

If you love vintage be sure to see my Melissa Frances section of the store. I have beautiful vintage stickers there.

Thank you to all who responded so far to my Scrapbookers with Heart, making mini albums for kids with cancer! I appreciate it! I thank you all sincerely!!
Be sure to look below for the link to read about this program and learn a little bit about Julian and the cancer he is fighting.


Scrapbookers with Heart! making mini albums for kids with cancer

Here is a link to read about Julian and his mom Mimi. Please email me if you are able to donate mini albums for kids with cancer.

Read about Julian......

Thank you for the bottom of my heart!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Just a few of my Bo Bunny cardstock stickers

How dang cute are these? Mix and match them with all my Bo Bunny papers and you can have the cutest darn layouts or word albums. I love Bo Bunny products in case you haven't noticed. Their quality is wonderful and their designs are always just want I want! I have a ton more sheets of stickers coming in this week from Bo Bunny so be sure to watch for them. They will be so perfect for your word albums. Talked to Bo Bunny today and they said the albums will ship out to me next week. So very soon I can ship off all the pre-ordered albums! I ordered a few more today since I keep selling out before I even get them in stock.

Have you checked out my custom name books? Up to 7 letters, any name or word you choose!

I will be stocking lots of new pattern papers. I will sell them by single sheets and also by packs of 25 at am even better deal. So if you need those special papers for your layouts or albums be sure to check out my store. I can help you find everything you need for an mini album, layout or full size album. I am excited to keep expanding my store and look forward to doing business with you all. If you have any special request be sure to email me at I will try to get anything you need in the store. Please remember to please share my store website with everyone you know.

Have a wonderful rest of the week!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


This is huge!! I heard whispers that Bo Bunny is starting to release the word books this week!! Yipeeeee!!! Those of you who pre-ordered will be first to get shipments sent off. Those of you who still pre-order will be next in line. I have lots coming in but I have also LOTS of orders for them, so get your orders in soon to make sure you receive your books. I have also ordered TONS of Bo Bunny papers and card stock stickers to go with the books. You can see what the designers have done with the books and get lots of ideas on my website. As soon as I am done here I plan to go post a ton of pics on a special BO BUNNY IDEA page. Look for it on the front page of my site at the top. Bo Bunny card stock stickers are perfect to go along with the word books! They add fun to them and match up with the Bo Bunny papers. I can't tell you how excited I am to have this product line and get it out to all of you. Do you have others who scrapbook on your Christmas list? Buy them the naked book along with some papers and stickers! A gift you will be sure NO one else will think to give. Maybe you have someone like Grandma who doesn't scrapbook. Decorate a book for her and once again you have a gift no one else will think of. Remember I also have from Monday Morning Memories word books that say Autumn, faith, dance, hero and daddy. For a lot of fun why not order a custom NAME word book? Your child's name? Last name? Nick name? Special word? See them on the site at Hurry and be sure you are one of the lucky ones who will get their hands on the Bo Bunny word books before they are sold out.
As always please remember to tell you friends about the site.
Happy Tuesday!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007


I know my fellow scrapbookers out there have big hearts! So I am asking all of you to please open your hearts and read Julian's story below. I met Mimi, Julian's mom, through the world of blogging. What a beautiful and amazing woman she is. Her courage, faith and dreams for Julian will warm your heart. So here is what I am asking of my fellow scrapbookers. We have done something like this before with the Sunshine books. I would like all of you to put together some mini photo albums. Paper bag books or just mini sized albums. Email me for ideas if you need them. Make them fun with pockets, tags and fun things in them for the kids. Have them ready for the parents and kids to just have to add photos. Make as many as you can. Ship them to me at All Moments Remembered and the first shipment I will send out will be in time for Christmas. I will send them to Cooks Center where they care for children with all kinds of cancer. Mimi thought this would be a wonderful gift to give the family's. Many of them are scrapbookers themselves but with a sick child they have no time for the extras such as scrapbooking. Below I have the information to get you to Julian's world pages. They are selling bracelets to help with medical bills. If you have a little extra go there and buy a bracelet or two. Send Julian and his family words of encouragement. Then get out your scrapbook supplies and make a mini album to send in. I will be collecting them the first week of Dec so I can get them in one big box and mailed in time for the holidays. Imagine sitting in the hospital with your child through the holidays. This will bring some smiles to some sweet faces. Please tell everyone you know about this! Lets show the world that Scrappers have heart!! Thank you and be sure to scroll down and read Julian's and Mimi's story.

Julians World

Mimi's story about one of her sons Julian...

The word “cancer” is a terrifying word, a death sentence. Imagine hearing it in a doctor’s office, from your doctor’s mouth, referring to a part of your own body. Pretty scary, right? Now, imagine hearing it in a hospital room, referring to your three-year-old son.The words “cancer” and “child” should never have to be associated.After hearing the words, “Your son has a cancerous brain tumor,” I had two options. Either I lost it or I fought it with all I had. At first, I lost it (what mother wouldn’t). I was crushed and I had to get away from my son’s hospital room. I had to be alone. I had to think. I went to the chapel on the second floor of Cook Children’s Hospital, which has become my favorite place to think and pray. I asked God for strength to carry on. When I left the chapel I heard the sound of a piano coming from the atrium of the hospital. I sat on the floor of a balcony and listened to this angel playing just for me, with tears rolling down my face.When I got up, I felt empty and lost. But, somehow, the music had left me with a glimpse of hope. My baby needed for me to hold on to that hope, desperately.A few months before, through my church and a friend’s personal tragedy, I found out about a website where people could keep a journal, reporting on personal health issues or those of their children. Through CarePages, friends and family can have access to daily updates and photos. They even have the opportunity to leave a message. I, then, created Julian’s care page, which we call “Julian’s World”. My family lives in France and Canada. This way, they are right here with us, sharing our journey. Little by little, people heard about Julian’s page and our support system has now grown to over 200 people.I knew people had a lot of questions about Julian’s prognosis, surgery and treatment but they were too afraid to ask. Strangely their strong but quiet demand for information built up my determination to provide them with everything I could. I was not sure then why I felt so strong about it, but now I do. It made them feel like they were part of our journey, feeling my emotions and knowing what “Juju” was going through. Julian touched so many souls and hearts, and even changed so many lives, that only with God’s blessing could this bond have been created. I just need to remember this when times are hard.Julian himself is a huge encouragement to me. If he sees me sad, he says “Don’t worry Mama, it will be ok.” And hope comes back even stronger.My mother in law thought of a creative way to thank everyone for their support. We had wristbands made that said, “Trust God to Beat Cancer” and “Julian’s World.” We gave them out to friends and family, so they could own a little piece of his world and share his story. At that point, someone mentioned that we could sell the wristbands to help with medical bills. A “Julian’s World Fund” network was spreading from here all the way to France, with the help of my family. It is a great feeling to see so many people joining together around my baby.Most days go by pretty well, full of laughter, kisses, and cuddles – never forgetting a little bit of Julian attitude. Some days, though not many, anxiety sets in, but it doesn’t stick around long.And to the ones who wonder how I do it, how I keep on going and stay strong, I would answer, my strength can only come from up above, and from the smile of an angel God sent me. His name is Julian.And remember, NEVER forget to kiss your children goodnight…
For more information on Julian and MiMi, you can visit Julian's "Juliansworld"
Julian, was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma (aggressive cancerous brain tumor) .The tumor , the size of a golfball was totally resected on march 9th 2007. He has gone thru 6 weeks of radiations in april/may and after a 4 week break started chemo.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

I am so excited! I have ordered tons of Bo Bunny papers

After getting emails from so many saying they are not sure they will know just want to do with the Bo Bunny word books once they receive them. After a little thought I decided I could fix that easy.

I ordered a ton of Bo Bunny papers and embellishments. I am going to put together full kits you can buy to go with what ever book you choose. I will also have some kits from different brands since there are so many I love out there. But you will get papers to cover your chipboard word book, wonderful themed stickers, buttons, ribbon and maybe even some rub ons. I will post pictures of these kits as soon as I get all the scrapbook supplies in. OH and I will add a page of wonderful TIPS to make these books perfect. All you will need is your adhesive and photos!! I will have you looking like a scrapbook pro when we are done. Wait until you see the papers I have picked out for the AUTUMN word book! So beautiful!! The some great Wimsey types and all kinds of others. Be sure to pre-order your word books. Besides the Bo Bunny ones remember I have the words FAITH, AUTUMN, DADDY, DANCE and HERO. You can also custom order any name up to 7 letters. Holidays are coming and you will make a hit with these as gifts.

Have you ordered your DCWV Halloween glitter stack of paper? When these came in I ordered up more right away. They are even cuter in person. I made sure I will have enough for me to have to pads of these papers. Be sure to get yours while they are still available. under DCWV.

Get your email addresses in to me!! If you sign up for my email list I will add your name to the hat to win a FREE BO BUNNY PARTY WORD BOOK!!

email you addy to me at
Share my website with all of your friends!! Thank you!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Win a Bo Bunny Bloom word book and or a free personalized book

Remember to sign up for my email list and at the end of the month I will draw a name to win a WONDERFUL Bo Bunny Word book in the word PARTY! I have many names in that hat now! Be sure to get yours in. Email me your email addy today at

For the drawing for the name word book I am taking the first 12 people's names who custom order a name book and putting their names in a hat. Who's ever I draw will get to choose another name for a book on me. I have a few names now lets add to it. :)

Do any of you have rules you like to follow when getting pictures for your keepsakes? I have a friend right now that every Monday she goes to our beautiful OLD brick courthouse that is covered in this vine. She has been capturing how each week the color changes in the vines. The last photo she shared had still lots of the dark green but many of the deep red leaves now showing on the side of the building. These will make for a fun layout. I will post some pictures of this soon. I need to ask her permission first. Someone else mentioned building a snowman and getting photos as it is in different melting stages. Another cool layout idea. In the town I use to live in there is a river going through the middle of it. Huge trees everywhere and this green open space made into a city park. Well every fall everyone with kids in town would go there and we would take turns helping each other rake leaves up into huge piles then we each got pictures of our kids in them. The leaves were of all colors and gorgeous. Put some thought into your next photo shoot. You know how us scrapbookers are, we go out with paper in our minds and get the pics to go with it!! :) Oh wait tell me you all do that too and it is not just me!! :)

The lady I have doing photo restoring for my site has been booking up lately. With the holidays coming if you are wanting a favorite photo restored or have a tree branch in a newer picture removed from Grandmas head get your photos to Mickey here on my site. and go to photo restoring. The cost is something I think might surprise you. She has been more then fair with everyone she had restored photos for from here. It is her life passion so she does it more for the love of it and wants to pay for her ink.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Custom Name Chipboard books START YOUR ORDERING NOW!

This is going to be huge! I am so excited about this and look forward to seeing the excitment is causes all of you!
Okay everyone I have choosen the vendor with the best quality for custom name chipboard books. These are made with a little bit thinner of chipboard then what the Bo Bunny ones are made of but still wonderful quality and still chipboard. These books are going to make wonderful gifts for everyone you know. Add papers, embellishements and photos and there you have it. A gift no one else will be giving that person.

I spell my name with an E-Y and when I was younger you could not find things out there with Stacey spelled with the E-Y. It is more popular now though. But I know many of us have children or friends with names that are not spelled like everyone else or are not common. Well we can surprise them with their name spelled perfect and then made into their own custom name book.

I want to keep these books at a very reasonable price. They will still be of quality and a book you will be proud to give or keep for yourself. Each book will be $10.00 up to 7 letters. So if you have four letters it is $10.00 or if you have 7 letters it is $10.00. I have four kids and one has a very long name and it would stink if I always had to pay way more for his name. :) So I am giving the people with more letters the price of the less letters. See life is fair sometimes.

WAIT there's more....
For the first 12 custom name book orders I receive I will put all 12 names in a hat to win one free name book! SOOOO lets get ordering and have some fun with these books. Who will win a free one and be able to mark yet another name off their holiday shopping list?

Also remember to send in your email for the contest below for the PARTY book. The Bo Bunny books should be here soon! I think I need to decorate a PARTY book just for all the fun my site has been having with the Bo Bunny books already. Plus the fun we will have with the custom name books!
You can place your order at

Bo Bunny Word books, BUT what about custom word books?

Would you love to have your child's name done in a chipboard word book? How cute would that be to give as a gift? I know I want one with my children's names so I figured there had to be others out there too. Well I am working with a vendor now to do just that. So let me know is this something you would be interested in? If I find a big interest I will start carrying them right away and will be able to do special orders for names. I am also working with my new vendor on having some word books on hand with different words then the Bo Bunny books. Have ideas for words you would like to see?

Please post here just to let me know if there is an interest in personalized word books. Does not mean you are ordering one but just to give me an idea if I am heading into the right direction here. Thanks!!

Be sure to see my online store of lots of scrapbook supplies.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Win a Bo Bunny Word album

Hello everyone,

I have not been keeping up here on the blog due to illness. First my daughter was sick, then my son and now me. WOW has this one really taken hold of me and turned my life upside down. I have not been this sick in many years. So I thought to celebrate my kids and myself getting all better we should celebrate with a contest. Lets have a party!! Well lets have a Bo Bunny Party Word book contest.

To win all you have to do is email me at and sign up for my email list. Yes I know many of you already did this. Well lets say I was using a company and some how lost all of the information when I did not resign up with them. I will also add a spot on the store front page to add your emails if you would like. I will not share your email with anyone. I just want it to send out a newsletter every so often. I might surprise you with a fun coupon. How about some fun free instructions for a great scrapbook project? So please if you have signed up before please do it again as I don't have any of the old email addys any more. I will pick a winner of this contest at the end of the month. You will win one free naked/unfinished Bo Bunny PARTY word book including shipping. At the end of the month I will put all the names of the new email addys I have in a hat and draw a name.

I checked today and these books will be in soon. I can hardly wait to get all the pre-orders sent off. These books are already one of my hottest items and I am sure will only get more popular in the next few months. If you know any one looking for them send them to the site. They are hard to find and not everyone pre-ordered them knowing they would be such a hot item. I have lots coming in soon but also have many pre-orders so order yours today. :)

Back to bed for me. Chicken broth, ginger ale and tons of sleep! Ahhhhhhh

Saturday, October 6, 2007

DCWV Halloween Glitter Stack papers

How cute are these papers? This is all new from Die Cuts With a View for the season. I have limited quantities of these so order them soon if you really want them. My Halloween layouts and crafts are going to SPARKLE with these. I am excited to get working on my projects. DCWV papers are wonderful quality too.

Bo Bunny books are hot hot hot and going to sell out quick. I am still taking pre-orders for them.

I appreciate all of you who have placed orders. My store has really taken off and I can't wait to add more fun products to my line. If there is anything you would love to see in the store let me know. I will be placing another order the first of the week. If only I had the time to get all of my items listed in the store now! I will be working on this weekend before I go back to work on Monday. I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. I have one child just recovering from a tummy bug and one just coming down with it. ICK!! Please say a pray or cross your fingers I am not next with it. I hate being sick. Lots of healthy vibes to all of you!!

Happy shopping,

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Bo Bunny Word books are going quick

Thank you to all who pre-ordered your Bo Bunny word books. I have ordered more since I pre-sold out my first shipment that should be in by the middle of the month. I am very excited to see what you all do with your books. I hope you will email me pictures of the finished projects.

Are their products you are looking for? I have so many new scrapbook supplies coming in but seems I get them sold before I even add them to the site. Let me know if there are any scrapbook supplies you are looking for and don't see on the site. I place orders every few days. Sizzix dies are going fast around here. I am thrilled that others still love their sizzix as I love mine. My kids get so much enjoyment out of making things with it too. I will be updating the site this weekend to add more inventory. Happy Friday to everyone tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

All We Need Is Love photo album ready for your pictures

All We need is love.... you will be singing this in your head for days after reading this. I have been singing the song over and over.
Here is another great gift idea!! $24.99 on the website at
I am hoping to get many other gift items listed here soon. Amanda has a super cute card stock purse I need to show you, adorable. I will work on that tomorrow night. This working a day job is really cutting into Nap time, Bon Bon time, and now my blog time! LOL!! Nah I love what I do during the day and love coming home to my store and seeing all the orders placed. I appreciate all the business. Keep giving out the website and the blog too! I will be placing a new order for lots of fun items by the end of this week. Keep an eye out.
The CHIPBOARD Bo Bunny word albums have been pre-ordered by many. I know these are going to fly out of here the minute I get them in so be sure to place an order if you are like me and HAVE TO HAVE ONE!!
Keep smiling,