Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bo Bunny Word books, BUT what about custom word books?

Would you love to have your child's name done in a chipboard word book? How cute would that be to give as a gift? I know I want one with my children's names so I figured there had to be others out there too. Well I am working with a vendor now to do just that. So let me know is this something you would be interested in? If I find a big interest I will start carrying them right away and will be able to do special orders for names. I am also working with my new vendor on having some word books on hand with different words then the Bo Bunny books. Have ideas for words you would like to see?

Please post here just to let me know if there is an interest in personalized word books. Does not mean you are ordering one but just to give me an idea if I am heading into the right direction here. Thanks!!

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Jan Scholl said...

as long as they are resonably priced-but some names might be too long or too expensive. and the quality has to be as good as Bo Bunny too.

Anonymous said...

I would love to get some with my kids name but I agree, I wouldn't want them to be super expensive said...

YES YES, I would love to see personalized wordbooks. I am in need for one now for my niece, whose name is Dana. She is 14 and just received her black belt in Karate....I'm really proud of her. Please contact me if you can make a wordbook for her.
Diane Quinlan

Anonymous said...

ABSOLUTELY!! I would love to have my kids names, but could someone just teach us how to make them ourselves???