Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Scrapbooking supplies many many brands

No those are not scrapbook supplies! I had to show them off though. I got them in an email today. They are made out of marzipan which is made of almond paste. You could eat them if you wanted to. I thought they were so darling and so worth sharing with all of you. This lady who made them sure is talented, I wonder if she scrapbooks too?

As you all must know by now I have ALL the Bo Bunny Press My Word books in stock ready to be shipped out. They are so darling and I can hardly wait to get mine made. I started a PARTY book for a new years eve party we will go to this year. But I only seem to get the paper cut out for one letter every night. I need more time! I can think of so many ways to use any of the word books. You can add small chipboard letters and make them have different meanings. I have seen the LOVE book with the letters making it MY LOVE and TRUE LOVE. I could go on and on. Plus I ordered a HUGE shipment from Bo Bunny and it will be in next week. I have tons of stickers, papers, cardstock, ribbons and chipboard coming in. I plan to put together pack of stuff so you can get collections of items. I will have word books with all the papers and embellishments ready to go in a kit! They would make wonderful Christmas kits for other scrapbook friends or for yourself.

DaisyD papers are gorgeous you need to see them at my store.
www.allmomentsremembered.com Do you have a princess in your life? OH my then you need the chipboard bare elements castle book!! I made a haunted house out of mine and I have seen them covered in fine sandpaper to make a beach album. Trip to the big city? I will have these wonderful city scape chipboard books coming in for bare elements soon.

I hope to update my 7gypsies tomorrow. I just got in again the Zanzibar Gaffer tape and the Zanzibar paper pad stack. I had to get more of the rectangle interchangeable certifiable stamp with the changeable extra stamps that come with it. I love this for making mini albums for others. You stamp the journaling stamp for them and then they know just where to add there story.

I am working on getting a few different kinds of scrapbook T-shirts and sweatshirts in. I might try to do a pre-order on them since I have to order large quantities and pick sizes. Let me know if you would be interested in these. They all have super cute scrapbook sayings on them.

I am so loving all the emails I have received from so many of you! WOW the talent that is out there. It really is going to be hard to chose. I think I might have to turn this into TWO contest. One for layouts and albums and one for scrapbook crafts type items. Send all your friends to my store site. The more successful I make it the more I can give away free products for the winners. I am thinking later I will have several categories in my contest so several will win each week. I will work up to that. Remember to tell everyone you know to enter the contest!!

Have a wonderful and safe Halloween tomorrow! I need to go finish working on my costume. The kids are going to love me in my DIVA Tiger outfit!!
don't eat to much candy,


Jan Scholl said...

these are not made from marzapan! its an urban legend. Here is the website from the lady that makes them


here is the link about how the urban legend got started.

Nicole P. said...

Well, whatever they are made of, those little babies are so cute!!

Kami said...

Cute babies! I'm excited to look at your website. I love to scrap, but haven't done much of it lately. Happy Halloween!!

Anonymous said...

Those are the cutest little things i have ever seen!! $200 bucks each though - ouch! I am off to visit your store now, have a super day!

All moments remembered said...

Jan thanks for the heads up! No matter what they are they are sure cute!! I thought WOW marzipan she is amazing!! LOL!! Have a super day girls!!

I saw some cute scrapbook items in my email this morning!! WOW the talent out there!! :)

KATE said...

I am not so good, so I don't think I'll be sending in any layouts. Sorry!
I love looking at other peoples stuff tho, your site has turned into a fabulous "idea" book!!
Love ya & thanks for all your sweet comments!
- Kate

Nancy said...

I'm glad they are not edible after all. I couldn't eat a baby, although I threaten Erik that he is cute enough to gobble up all of the time!

Thanks for the smiles.