Thursday, October 11, 2007

Win a Bo Bunny Bloom word book and or a free personalized book

Remember to sign up for my email list and at the end of the month I will draw a name to win a WONDERFUL Bo Bunny Word book in the word PARTY! I have many names in that hat now! Be sure to get yours in. Email me your email addy today at

For the drawing for the name word book I am taking the first 12 people's names who custom order a name book and putting their names in a hat. Who's ever I draw will get to choose another name for a book on me. I have a few names now lets add to it. :)

Do any of you have rules you like to follow when getting pictures for your keepsakes? I have a friend right now that every Monday she goes to our beautiful OLD brick courthouse that is covered in this vine. She has been capturing how each week the color changes in the vines. The last photo she shared had still lots of the dark green but many of the deep red leaves now showing on the side of the building. These will make for a fun layout. I will post some pictures of this soon. I need to ask her permission first. Someone else mentioned building a snowman and getting photos as it is in different melting stages. Another cool layout idea. In the town I use to live in there is a river going through the middle of it. Huge trees everywhere and this green open space made into a city park. Well every fall everyone with kids in town would go there and we would take turns helping each other rake leaves up into huge piles then we each got pictures of our kids in them. The leaves were of all colors and gorgeous. Put some thought into your next photo shoot. You know how us scrapbookers are, we go out with paper in our minds and get the pics to go with it!! :) Oh wait tell me you all do that too and it is not just me!! :)

The lady I have doing photo restoring for my site has been booking up lately. With the holidays coming if you are wanting a favorite photo restored or have a tree branch in a newer picture removed from Grandmas head get your photos to Mickey here on my site. and go to photo restoring. The cost is something I think might surprise you. She has been more then fair with everyone she had restored photos for from here. It is her life passion so she does it more for the love of it and wants to pay for her ink.


Nicole P. said...

Stacey dear, I was just at Scrapbook Obsession and saw your comment about CKMB. I am so sorry about that. I had no idea, but I am oblivious most of the time.
Take care

KATE said...

I just love all your ideas! Thanks so much Stacey!!