Saturday, October 27, 2007

Halloween is coming! What scares you? Bo Bunny news too!

With Halloween in a couple days I was wondering if you had things that scare you? Sometimes when I am scrapbooking I get scared I might not have all the supplies I need to finish a project. Ever happen to you? When it happened to me in the past that poor project was put aside to wait for more items to add to it. Well I can tell you I have lots of almost done/made projects still waiting. Hey there's another one, It scares me to think I need to get back to all those projects and get caught up. If running out of supplies scares you too, then make sure you shop at and check out all the pages of goodies. Need help deciding what all you will need? Email me and I can help you out. As of next week I will also be stocking adhesive in my store. Are you one of the lucky ones that has your Bo Bunny word books in the mail to you already? Did you think about papers? Stickers? OKAY calm down and don't get scared! Deep slow breaths! I just happen to have lots of wonderful Bo Bunny papers/cardstock and fun Bo Bunny cardstock stickers in stock right now ready to ship. I have several other lines of papers and stickers too. I can get you through these scares with a simple click of your mouse to

Now on to Bo Bunny Press news...

I have been packaging and printing shipping labels all day! These books are way to cute. Many of you were shipped to today. The rest will be shipped out Monday and a few later in the week if you are waiting for the custom books too. I have yet another order of these books coming in on Wednesday this next week. If you are wanting to make sure you get your books before they are back ordered you may order now. I have many still in stock right now even. Don't forget to see all the Bo Bunny papers and stickers I have in stock at

Sorry to all who have been waiting for my pumpkin bread recipe. I have not had one extra moment to type it up and get in on here. I will try to get that on in the next few days.

Have a wonderful weekend and a safe and fun Halloween! Remember I can help with any of those scrapbook fears you may have.

Keeping you safe from those scrapbook scares,


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KATE said...

I would love to put it on the recipe blogg too! I love new recipes!!
I have put a few new ones on there this week. Yum!
Love ya tons - Kate