Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Custom Name Chipboard books START YOUR ORDERING NOW!

This is going to be huge! I am so excited about this and look forward to seeing the excitment is causes all of you!
Okay everyone I have choosen the vendor with the best quality for custom name chipboard books. These are made with a little bit thinner of chipboard then what the Bo Bunny ones are made of but still wonderful quality and still chipboard. These books are going to make wonderful gifts for everyone you know. Add papers, embellishements and photos and there you have it. A gift no one else will be giving that person.

I spell my name with an E-Y and when I was younger you could not find things out there with Stacey spelled with the E-Y. It is more popular now though. But I know many of us have children or friends with names that are not spelled like everyone else or are not common. Well we can surprise them with their name spelled perfect and then made into their own custom name book.

I want to keep these books at a very reasonable price. They will still be of quality and a book you will be proud to give or keep for yourself. Each book will be $10.00 up to 7 letters. So if you have four letters it is $10.00 or if you have 7 letters it is $10.00. I have four kids and one has a very long name and it would stink if I always had to pay way more for his name. :) So I am giving the people with more letters the price of the less letters. See life is fair sometimes.

WAIT there's more....
For the first 12 custom name book orders I receive I will put all 12 names in a hat to win one free name book! SOOOO lets get ordering and have some fun with these books. Who will win a free one and be able to mark yet another name off their holiday shopping list?

Also remember to send in your email for the contest below for the PARTY book. The Bo Bunny books should be here soon! I think I need to decorate a PARTY book just for all the fun my site has been having with the Bo Bunny books already. Plus the fun we will have with the custom name books!
You can place your order at

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Cara said...

Love this idea! In fact one of my first classes at My Creative Classroom is featuring a custom word book! Can't wait to see some of the great projects that will be created. Hugs, Cara