Sunday, September 30, 2007

Scrapbook Gifts, Too cute album

The name of this album is Too Cute. Isn't it the perfect name? This album is filled with fun. There are tons of pockets, tags, envelopes, embellishments, and lots of room for many pictures. This album is held together with 2 rings. If you need just a special gift for someone or would like to treat yourself this is perfect. I have this album listed on my website in the scrapbook gift section. The price is $24.99 and I can guarantee you could not put this together yourself for that price. Remember the holidays are around the corner. Start your shopping early and put this away for that special person who deserves a gift made with heart and soul.
I will start trying to feature gift items from the store here.
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I did some shopping on Saturday and ended up feeling icky Sat. night so laid around a lot today. I plan to get off of this computer now and go make some homemade cards. I have really gotten into stamping again and I always have loved making cards. What project are you working on this week coming? Do you need a workshop for some fun ideas? Let me know we can schedule one. What about a crop? Need to finish a project you have been working on? I have two free crops scheduled for Oct. 13th and 20th. These will start at 6:30 pm and end when we can not long take it. :) I will supply dessert, you bring your drink with a spill proof lid. I have room for 8 total so sign up today to save your spot. As the crops grow I will find another location to accommodate more scrappers.
Remember crops you bring all of your own supplies. I will have kits for sale at the crop if you need something new to work on. Or if you are just starting to scrapbook come get fun ideas and learn some of the correct techniques. My scrapbook supply store will be open during all crops and workshops for those who may need something extra or those who are just wanting some fun new scrapbook items.
Email me today to save your space
I will be adding some work shops as I see an interest for them.
Have a super week everyone!! Remember to preserve your memories!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Bo Bunny word albums

These are to die for! When I say cute that just does not do them justice. I have these on order right now and of course they are back ordered. They will be in soon though and I can't wait to get them in. I have pictures of them all dressed up and naked. Just think of all the fun things you can do with any of these. Need ideas for Christmas gifts? Look no further. I of course want one in every word. This just adds to my chipboard addiction. I am sure these are going to sell out quick. If you are thinking you might want one let me know. This way I can order a few more of which ever word is popular. I showed you mostly what they can look like all dressed up but they are sold naked. The price range is from $5.99 to $7.69 the longer the word the more it cost. :)
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. As always remember to tell your friends about my store and blog. Scrapbook supplies are ready to be packaged up and shipped out right away!! Have you made a new scrapbook item or layout? Email me a picture of your scrapbook layout or idea for me to post on my site at
Show everyone you know these wonderful word albums!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Scrapbook papers, Die Cuts With a View

I love quality scrapbook papers. I love fun colors and rich textures. I love the feel of good paper. One of the brands I really like is Die Cuts With A View other wise known as DCWV. Have you seen the Once Upon A Time set? OHHH this is a favorite of mine. All fairytale with glitter and golds. I can get this in several sizes. DCWV has many different themes of paper packs. I have two listed right now on the site but will be adding more. Take are look at the sets I have now in stock....
Remember to email me with questions if there is a product you would like to see but have not found it here. I am able to buy from almost all vendors now so can get something you need in no time. I will be adding more scrapbook supplies and gifts all the time so be sure to check back often.
Happy Friday tomorrow!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Lessons from Grandpa

OK trying to lighten things up a bit. This is not a new scrapbook item but something I will scrapbook about so I can have this for a life time.

My sweet five year old daughter was enjoying our visit with grandma and grandpa this past weekend. The two grandparents decided to go out walking in our new crisp autumn air. Katie my 5 yr old went along. They were gone for a while and seemed to have had a nice walk. The next morning Grandpa and Grandma were leaving to head back to their home a state away. The kids enjoyed having them here so much. I enjoyed watching my children interact with them and it warmed me on the inside to see the pleasure the kids brought to my parents. So back to the story, that night when putting the kids to bed Katie had a story for me. With the sweetest look on her face she said " I know how to scare off snakes mommy" Okay I thought, we have never talked about needing to worry about snakes but okay lets see where this goes. Katie then said " on her walk with grandpa he BOOFED (passed gas) and she looked and him and said why did you do that? Grandpa looked at Katie was his sparkly eyes and said matter of fact, it scares away the snakes. Katie then said to me with huge excitement in her voice " and mommy we did not see ONE snake the whole walk so it worked!!" Of course I was on the floor by now. My dad!! Big goof! I am waiting for her show and tell story at school to be all about how to scare off snakes. LOL! I am thinking now HOW COOL is that they she will have this memory for life. When she is a little old lady and accidentally boofs in front of her grand kids she can tell them the snake story. Of course I had to give my dad a hard time but I found the whole thing to be very special and something I will always hold dear. What funny moments in your life do you have like that? Trust me if you don't write them down you will forget them. Journaling in our scrapbooks is the heart of the layout. Be sure to journal and make it super special with using your own handwriting and not always the computer. Put your mind to work and remember one of those special moments! Pick some pictures that will go with it. I of course have none from that moment but I have cute ones of them together. I will use them and then journal the story on the layout. Make it a goal to get a special memory layout made in the next couple of weeks. I would love to see the pictures of them! I will work on mine and post it soon. If you need any scrapbook supplies to help you with the page be sure to visit my store at feel free to post here if you need help with ideas.
Enjoy the week and be sure to notice all the special moments that happen around you.
Your Friend,

Power of prayer works!

THANK YOU!!! Abby is doing better today and may even be able to leave the hospital soon. The blood transfusion really helped. I appreciate those who posted here and sent me emails saying they would keep her in prayer! I was really scared for this little one and her mommy! I feel much better now!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Little Abby needs prayers and well wishes

A friend of mines little girl (2 yr) needs your prayers if you pray or well wishes and get well vibes sent to her.

Here is a little of what I have heard from Jenn..... We've been in and out of the hospital. She has had 3 seizures. The first was due to fever, the 2nd two they aren't too sure. But long story short, its been since Thurs., the fever is not going down and her mental status is altered. She can't talk, her visual perception is off and the drs. are very concerned. Her blood counts are all extremely low and are not coming up. They are doing a cat scan or mri and an eeg to figure out why she's not responding to any of us. Not my voice, touch ect. I'm melting down girls. The hospitalist (dr) wants to rule out Kawasaki's and Luekemia. She said her mental state is what is most concerning.She will also be having a bone marrow. I'm so scared, I 'm so scared and I'm panicking. They've already ruled out mono and meningitis. I want my girl back.

Now today I heard they are talking a blood transfusion and family members have said it is not looking good at all.
So I ask everyone who reads this to please pray for Abby to get well and for her mommy to get through this. My heart is in a million pieces over this and all I know to do right now is ask for prayer and positive thoughts. Thank you for letting me share this with you here. I know it is not scrapbook related but I felt it was the most important thing I could do for them both.

Monday, September 24, 2007


Here is the club...

Photo ready, pre-made 12x12 scrapbook pages. All you have to do it add your photos. How much easier could it get? Monthly I will design and make a double page layout; theme will be new and fun each month. If you are one of the busy people out there that loves the look of scrapbooking but does not always have the time to scrapbook this club is for you. How it works is you sign up and pay for 3 months at a time. I then have time to pre-order supplies to make sure I can design and put together the best pages for you. I will always use quality supplies and be sure everything is acid and lignin free. First month starts Oct 1, 2007. Pages will go out the first week of each month.

2 page lay out ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 23.00 per month

4 page lay out (different design) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 41.00 per month

2 page 3 month commitment is $69

4 page 3 month commitment is $123

If you would like your pages shipped you need to add $10.50 to the package price. I will then ship every your pages to you the first week of every month you are signed up for. You are always welcome to pick up layouts at my home also. I can send you an email to let you know when they are ready. See my website for examples of my work. Page designs will be seasonal and my choice. I think whatever I make you will be very pleased with it. I have decided that you can choose from a couple themes when you sign up but for the 3 months you will keep in that theme.

Themes to choose from,

#1 Seasonal/holiday

#2 Baby Girl

#3 Baby boy

#4 family and friends

This would be a wonder baby gift to someone who just does not have the time with a new baby.

Have a great friend who just seems to never have enough time? Have albums started but haven't added pages in months or weeks? This is a great package. Please tell your friends about the club. Read more about this or order at the store site.....

New winners

Sorry I was unable to post yesterday. I had my daddy and step mom visiting and got busy. So here is Sundays $25 winner and Today's free picture fixing or restoring winner.

$25 KathyH

Picture CarolP

Thank you to everyone who joined in and played along. I appreciate it. I will update later with a new post as soon as I get caught up with shipping orders out.
Have a wonderful week everyone,

Saturday, September 22, 2007

What's not to love?

I could just hugs the dickens out of these three! My two youngest with daddy. All three had a cold and did not want to pose for a picture but I got it. Moments like these make me remember just how fortunate I really am and how really rich my life is. I need to scrapbook this page, for things I am thankful for.


Okay all the names went in a hat. My daddy is visiting so I had him draw a name. First thank you to all of you who posted comments on my blog. It sure makes it a lot more fun. I appreciate comments left there so I know others are reading what I type.

So the winner is Sandie R!! She now has $25 to shop with in my store for supplies. Sandie let me know what you would like in an email at I don't want to run it through the shopping cart on the store site!! CONGRATS!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Creative Imaginations 4 ever swatch book

I love love love these. Rub ons of all the letters you will need to make fun things such as a tag book, envelope album or any layout. You get 28 pages of great lettering. Check out the other books I have in the store at

So what are you working on this week? I just did a Halloween layout for a client and now working on a haunted castle. I will post pictures when I finish the castle. I think it is going to turn out really cute.

Those of you that are local remember I have an explosion box class tomorrow night and there is still some space available. The class is $15 and includes supplies. We start at 6:30 and get done about 8:30. We would love to have more of you join us. You can see an example of an explosion box at and the list for other classes. Next month I am going to start having crops and Sat. classes. Want to catch up on your scrapbooking and have fun while doing with other fun people? Well I have the place for you.
Email me at

Don't forget to look at below post for contest information!!
Take care and be healthy!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sizzix and Sizzlits dies

These are just a few of the Sizzix dies I have coming in to the store. These are all great sellers so if you want to be sure to get one pre-order now so I can be sure to have enough. These are all just darling and will be a lot of fun to work with. I am still a huge fan of my sizzix and side kick machines. Even my kids use it all the time to make fun things. Be sure to shop in the store and see all the designs I have now and check back soon for the new ones coming.
I would love to see some pictures of things you have created with your Sizzix die cutter.
Remember your memories are worth preserving!!


Monday, September 17, 2007

WIN $25 in shopping sprees or free photo restoring.

So here is how the drawings will work.

First chance to win... Every day for the next week that you add a comment to my blog that pertains to what I wrote about I will add your name to a hat. On Saturday 22nd I will draw a name from that hat and the lucky person will win $25 dollars to go shopping on my site. This is for supplies only and not for pre-made or custom orders.

Second chance to win... a $25 shopping spree will be from those who sign up on my email list. When you sign up I will add your name to a hat and draw from that on Sunday the 23rd. You can find the sign up for my email on the front page of the store at I will not share your email with anyone and it will be used only for me to mail you a newsletter monthly. Anyone on my email list will also be entitled to discounts sent out in my newsletters. Those of you who already signed up on my email will get your names added to the hat too. The $25 is for supplies only and not for pre-made or custom orders.

Third chance is for a free photo restoring or fixing. Do you have an old photo with cracks or bad coloring you would like restored? Or a picture of your child with a tree growing out of their head? You know those quick pictures you take and then later notice the extra something you wished was not in the picture. Well one lucky winner will win a fixing or restoring of their choice. I will pick this winner next Monday the 24th. For this you need to send me two friends emails to my email at Now please only send me the friends who you know would love to hear from me. Maybe even ask them if it is okay first. Once I send out a newsletter they will always have the choice to be taken off my list. For every 2 friends you send me your name will go into the hat.

For tonight you can comment on this...

What is your favorite scrapbook product? I am really into the mini chipboard albums right now myself. Let me know what lines you like, or what exact product you think is great.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Mulberry paper turns into PURE SWEETNESS!

I love making tear bears and tear animals. The possibilities are endless when you have quality mulberry paper on hand. Have you made any tear bears yet? Right now for a limited time I will send free directions and patterns with all orders of $20 or more! (if you request the instructions in the message box at check out.) I carry a wide variety of mulberry paper and have many colors not even show on the store site. If you need a color you don't see send me an email, I stock only thick handmade mulberry which gives you a nice fluffy bear/animal. You can find my mulberry paper at this link be sure to look at all the pages in the store for new items for your scrapbooking needs.
Have a wonderful week!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Scrapbook items for the NON scrapbooker or the busy person

"I love scrapbooks/memory albums but I don't have time/don't know how to create one." "I've tried to scrapbook but I'm just not that creative." "I have a zillion photos and I'll never get caught up." "I have all the supplies but no clue what I'm doing." "I need a unique gift for my wife/husband/parents/daughter/son for their birthday/anniversary/graduation/wedding." These are the kind of statements I hear from many of my clients. They love the look of scrapbooking but have no idea how to create one. They lack time, knowledge, and desire to do it themselves. Many of my clients have tried scrapbooking, have many supplies, and have just decided it's 'not for them'. Hiring a scrapbook designer is not much different from hiring a professional organizer or interior decorator. Think of "All moments remembered" as your personal interior designer for your photos. " I have created and designed many albums for family/friends and clients and I take pleasure and pride in the products I design. I ensure that I understand your vision before I even start. Effectively communicating with my customers guarantees you love the end result. My mission is to give my clients a beautiful memory album in which to tell their own story, share their special moments, while providing a safe and archival environment to store their memories.

I have also started adding new design team members to my store. I would love for you to read Amanda's page and see the beautiful items she has designed and has for sale on

Not everyone scrapbooks but EVERYONE can enjoy having wonderful scrapbook items to display their photos in/on. Those of you who are addicted to scrapbooking like myself and Amanda be sure to visit the store often as I am always adding new items and lines. for scrapbook supplies and gifts.

Friday, September 14, 2007


I personally love vintage scrapbook supplies. These beautiful card stock stickers are designed by
Melissa Frances. I have sold out every time I restock my store with them. I have a large order coming in by Sept. 25th. If you see a set you love you are more then welcome to pre-order so you are sure to get one. The Halloween design has been selling out like hotcakes. I also have baby girl, baby boy and wedding sets. They are all done in the gorgeous vintage theme. You can view all of the sets on just click on Melissa Frances.
Do you have a sizzix? If so you need to check back next week to see all the exciting new die cuts I have coming in. Most of them are brand new on the market and hard to find. I am going to set up a page for special ordering dies for the sizzix. This way you can pick and choose and get just the dies you want. I have used many of the die cutter brands and still love my trusty sizzix. My kids have so much fun using it too. So be sure to check back for all the fun dies coming in.
K&Company papers and chipboards will be added to the store this weekend. I love the beauty of K&Company scrapbook products. Their sets have papers that coordinate with their chipboard, stickers and rub ons. I love the doll house theme for little girls. The floral themes are just gorgeous and it will be hard to decide what photos are worthy of these papers. Are you any thing like me? I look at a photo and think NOPE not for that pretty paper, then I find just the right picture that I feel is worthy of the paper. I know silly!
Please be sure to check all the pages in the store as I have added more items. If you have any questions feel free to email me at
Remember we do custom pre-made pages and albums. I have many new pre-made mini albums to list this weekend. They make wonderful gifts.
Have a great weekend and be sure to have your camera ready to take pictures of those special moments in your life!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Another one of my crazy stories....

Many moons ago my husband and I decided to take on a house project. We bought the shell of a home and then decided to build the insides our self. We went ahead and put our house we were living in at the moment on the market and low and behold it sold in a matter of weeks. Here we were with two kids and no home. We went to full time working on our new house to see how ready we could get it. Well to make a long story short, we moved in before it was ready. We had NO running water. An outhouse was dropped off out front and we hauled buckets of water in. Thank goodness for family living near for our showers. So this gives you a little bit of an idea how we were living for a while which felt like years.

Well one day when dropping my two kids off at preschool I found out that the pet goat on the farm had babies. Momma Goat decided she only wanted to mother one goat and kicked the other two newborns to the side. Why does it always seem I come across these situations? These two babies needed to be bottle fed every 2 hours and kept warm. WELL why not bring them home and take this adventure on? Yes you guessed it I brought them home to the house with no water, no toilets, no carpeting, just about no nothing. OH and the landscape was still all sage brush. I remember being so proud of my new babies and running in with them in hand to show my husband. They were tiny like kittens but only on long legs with high heels. SO cute!! My hubby is a wonderful man. He is very understanding and loving. He was none of these qualities when he saw the two goat babies. I think he said something like " Are you nuts? We have NO running water and you want to take care of baby goats?" NO NO NO NO!!! A little later I ran to the feed store to get bottles and milk for the new babies living at our unfinished home. I had put up some chicken wire for a fence to keep them in one area while outside. But of course these two were newborns so I kept them mostly in a big box in the house. You wont believe this but while at the feed store to get their stuff I found a baby bunny. Just this tiny sweet honey colored bunny. I had to have her. So with bottles, milk for goats and food for bunny, this sweet bunny and I headed home. Not wanting to raise my sweet dear hubby's blood pressure again I tossed this sweet bunny in with the goats. Heck if you have two goat babies what's the big deal of adding one bunny baby? Seemed totally logical to me. The picture above is of Emmet the goat and hunny the bunny. The three of them ended up loving each other and living happily ever after together. They did eventually move out of the house into a large penned area outside. I have to say these were some of the best pets I had ever had. My dog Joy the rotty, use to play with the three of them too. Even with Lucy( the bald chicken) when I tossed her in with my miniature farm animals. I want you to know my husband survived and still to this day adores me. :) (right honey?) I hope you enjoy my short stories about my life. It seems like I keep a lot more readers when I don't just talk about my scrapbooking. So I will try to add some fun stories here and there on ME and my crazy times.

Be sure though to check the store daily for new products! I am having so much fun unpacking new items and ordering beautiful new things. The store is going to continue to expand and I hope I see many of you come back again and again for all your scrapbook needs. Remember to pass the website address on to everyone you know.
Thank you and Take care,