Saturday, September 22, 2007


Okay all the names went in a hat. My daddy is visiting so I had him draw a name. First thank you to all of you who posted comments on my blog. It sure makes it a lot more fun. I appreciate comments left there so I know others are reading what I type.

So the winner is Sandie R!! She now has $25 to shop with in my store for supplies. Sandie let me know what you would like in an email at I don't want to run it through the shopping cart on the store site!! CONGRATS!!!!!!


Cori said...

Congrats Sandie!!

Sandie Reese said...

Thanks Stacey! I'm so excited, I know I already told you, but I never win anything. I've been checking out the site and you have a new line up I can't WAIT to check out!! Whoo hoo!
Thanks so much for your generousity!
And thanks to Cori as well for the congrats!!

Anonymous said...

this may sound "odd" - but things made from "winnings", freebies, gifts, etc. - i.e. those that cost nothing - for some reason -just come out better!! Lucky you - what you make with whatever you aquire from this win will be awesome!! and much loved by those whom you give them to..
- Congratulations!!

Denise said...

Congrats Sandie! There is still one more chance for the rest of us, today. Good luck to all.