Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I won an award!

I was so excited to see I had won an award on a very special to me blog site. I was truly honored by it. So I wanted to share with all of you my award.
Here is what Nancy the author of the blog had to say to go with this beautiful picture award. You can read this and many more heartfelt blogs at
Stacey at Confessions from a Scrapbook Junkie. Funny story here. I lived virtually next door to this woman but have never met her. She has now moved to the next town, and a mutual friend hooked us up in the Blogosphere. We are planning on lunch soon. I highly recommend her story about her bald chicken Lucy as well as the one about her hurdling a fence in a very delicate, advanced state of pregnancy. She has a very tender heart for humans and animals alike, even the rabid ones without plumage. If you scrapbook, she has some great tips as well.
I think I feel the need for a new outfit coming on! Need to look good now that I am an award winner. :)
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I look forward to doing business with you and promise you the best customer service ever.


Nancy said...

I'm sending people your way if they scrapbook! I have a few connections on line (wink wink).

Have fun with that new award. Isn't blogging FUN?

Rachel said...

Congratulations on your award!!!

erika/CKMB journeyfan said...

Congrats Stacey! You deserve it :)

M. Rose said...

And, so much deserved!! To Stacey's children I leave these comments on "How I met your Mother".

We moved to Prineville, Oregon from California, a year ago this past June. Unpacking for the next six months left socializing with neighbors, regardless of the potential of developing a friendship, at zero time.

I'd heard of Stacey and had expected a loaf of her great sweet bread as a "welcome" gift. Apparently, the word had hit the streets that I was a health nut and didn't "do sugar" (who was that big fat liar? I do (on occasion) - and missed out because of them - only to, at a much later date, taste her delicious peanut butter pie....yummmy (hopefully she'll post it for all of you)....

My passing "hi" going from one point to the other remained, and in my focus to settle in our new home, I didn't even notice the "scrapbooking" tee shirt she flaunted!! Where was my head?

But as fate would have it, we were intended to meet and bond! And so we did, not in a manner I would have chosen, had I a choice!!

Christmas Eve Day, Stacey heard a Fire Engine and Ambulance coming through the neighborhood, and as there were few people settled into our newly developed sub-division, assumed someone she knew was in trouble - and it was me!

I had slipped on ice and went flying through the air, with my leg landing on the curb, breaking both bones! Had I slipped in the other direction, it would have been my head - and I wouldn't be writing in this blog right now!!

My next recollection of Stacey was me in a "morphine" fog, with her by my side and my husband on the other!! I don't know how long she stayed, as I was fading in and out prior to surgery. She did remind me of a few drug induced comments I made (and understands I have enough info on her now, that she wouldn't dare reveal them - teehee.) Somewhere in that fog we discussed scrapbooking (hopefully, I was nice).

This was, as I said, Christmas Eve, and Stacey had 3 of her own 4 children at home, yet took the time to stay at the side of a person she hardly new! She also brought us Christmas dinner, the next day and later commented she wasn't sure if I would eat it!! That health nut rumor was still flying....I still haven't figured out who the culprit is/was.

WHO BUT STACEY SHOULD RECEIVE A "NICE REWARD" - I can't think of anyone more deserving!! Congratulations!!

The rest of the story is still playing out....we became fast and furious friends - through wheel chair, walkers and canes to happily scrapping once again.

Love yah Stacey!!

All moments remembered said...

WOW M Rose!!! Thank you so much!! If I had to I would do it all again for you and would have brought you pumpkin bread after all!! Love ya too!!!

KATE said...

Congrats! That is too cute! -Kate