Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Lessons from Grandpa

OK trying to lighten things up a bit. This is not a new scrapbook item but something I will scrapbook about so I can have this for a life time.

My sweet five year old daughter was enjoying our visit with grandma and grandpa this past weekend. The two grandparents decided to go out walking in our new crisp autumn air. Katie my 5 yr old went along. They were gone for a while and seemed to have had a nice walk. The next morning Grandpa and Grandma were leaving to head back to their home a state away. The kids enjoyed having them here so much. I enjoyed watching my children interact with them and it warmed me on the inside to see the pleasure the kids brought to my parents. So back to the story, that night when putting the kids to bed Katie had a story for me. With the sweetest look on her face she said " I know how to scare off snakes mommy" Okay I thought, we have never talked about needing to worry about snakes but okay lets see where this goes. Katie then said " on her walk with grandpa he BOOFED (passed gas) and she looked and him and said why did you do that? Grandpa looked at Katie was his sparkly eyes and said matter of fact, it scares away the snakes. Katie then said to me with huge excitement in her voice " and mommy we did not see ONE snake the whole walk so it worked!!" Of course I was on the floor by now. My dad!! Big goof! I am waiting for her show and tell story at school to be all about how to scare off snakes. LOL! I am thinking now HOW COOL is that they she will have this memory for life. When she is a little old lady and accidentally boofs in front of her grand kids she can tell them the snake story. Of course I had to give my dad a hard time but I found the whole thing to be very special and something I will always hold dear. What funny moments in your life do you have like that? Trust me if you don't write them down you will forget them. Journaling in our scrapbooks is the heart of the layout. Be sure to journal and make it super special with using your own handwriting and not always the computer. Put your mind to work and remember one of those special moments! Pick some pictures that will go with it. I of course have none from that moment but I have cute ones of them together. I will use them and then journal the story on the layout. Make it a goal to get a special memory layout made in the next couple of weeks. I would love to see the pictures of them! I will work on mine and post it soon. If you need any scrapbook supplies to help you with the page be sure to visit my store at feel free to post here if you need help with ideas.
Enjoy the week and be sure to notice all the special moments that happen around you.
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Nancy said...

That is a cute story.

Boof? LOL We always said "poot." We should do a regional survey on what we all called passing gas growing up.

Then again...maybe not.

Denise said...

Did you ever tell your kids about not eating chocolate befor noon?

M. Rose said...

Okay - I want to know - why can't you eat chocolate before noon?

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Nancy - a survey would be fun!! - I grew up with the 4 letter "f" word (no not that one) Butt (excuse the pun) my sister who was a kindgergarten teacher learned many descriptive terms from her young students - my personal favorite being "fluff". I lived in a foster home for awhile, and "it" was referred to as ( and you must hold your nose and say it very arrogantly to be effective) "breaking wind" - so there - I've said my peace and anonymously - teehee...

Rachel said...

Love this story!!! Need to stop by everyday just to keep up with you!! And I agree with the survey. I don't know if I am spelling it right but we called it putzering when we were kids.

Stop by having my own survey! Add some new pictures. Want to see if you change your mind from your last post!!


Grandpa Richard said...

Cute. I have never heard that term for "gas". I am sure that my daughter (mother of my 5 yr old grand daughter Jasmine) would feel about me the same way you feel about your dad. Big goof!