Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Pictures of my kids always makes me smile

Here are a few pictures of my kiddos. Katie with the mask on playing in the pool a few days ago. Andrew has learned to swim like a fish and loves the water. Then there is CJ my oldest son playing his guitar. He has an amazing talent for playing any musical instrument.

I need to work on my kids scrapbooks. I have not been keeping up to date on their scrapbook layouts. So I vow to get back to work on their albums and get a few pages at month done for all four kids. What are your scrapbook wishes for the week or month? How often do you make time for creating keepsake memory albums? We need to all make time for this as we can quickly forget the moments. Remember the journaling! Years from now they will want to see the pictures but will love reading the stories behind the pictures. Pull out your scrapbook supplies and work on a new layout or idea for a layout. Email me pics of what you have been up to lately with your scrapbooks!! Lets keep each other on track!! If you need scrapbook ideas I have some on my site and lots in my head so email me. Don't forget those small chipboard mini albums are quick and a lot of fun to make.
Lets start a group to check in with once a week and see if we got our scrapbook goals met or not. How we can help each other meet them!! We will be a GET your scrapbooking done support group!! We need a cute name!! Send in your favorite name and we can vote. SO who wants to be in my scrapbook support group??? Sign up in this post!! We can do it all online together!!
Stacey :)


Denise said...

Wow! "CJ" has grown!! Love for you to send me more pics. of the family. Hugs, D

Katirocks said...

Okay, sounds great to me!! I have checked out your website, I just haven't had time to check it out as much as I'd like. I love it tho!
-My goals are to do 2 layouts a month. (I know lame goal, but it's something I guess)
Your kids are adorable! - Kate

All moments remembered said...

Katie, 2 layouts a month would be wonderful!!! Hey us moms are busy and 2 layouts is a great goal!!!