Thursday, September 13, 2007

Another one of my crazy stories....

Many moons ago my husband and I decided to take on a house project. We bought the shell of a home and then decided to build the insides our self. We went ahead and put our house we were living in at the moment on the market and low and behold it sold in a matter of weeks. Here we were with two kids and no home. We went to full time working on our new house to see how ready we could get it. Well to make a long story short, we moved in before it was ready. We had NO running water. An outhouse was dropped off out front and we hauled buckets of water in. Thank goodness for family living near for our showers. So this gives you a little bit of an idea how we were living for a while which felt like years.

Well one day when dropping my two kids off at preschool I found out that the pet goat on the farm had babies. Momma Goat decided she only wanted to mother one goat and kicked the other two newborns to the side. Why does it always seem I come across these situations? These two babies needed to be bottle fed every 2 hours and kept warm. WELL why not bring them home and take this adventure on? Yes you guessed it I brought them home to the house with no water, no toilets, no carpeting, just about no nothing. OH and the landscape was still all sage brush. I remember being so proud of my new babies and running in with them in hand to show my husband. They were tiny like kittens but only on long legs with high heels. SO cute!! My hubby is a wonderful man. He is very understanding and loving. He was none of these qualities when he saw the two goat babies. I think he said something like " Are you nuts? We have NO running water and you want to take care of baby goats?" NO NO NO NO!!! A little later I ran to the feed store to get bottles and milk for the new babies living at our unfinished home. I had put up some chicken wire for a fence to keep them in one area while outside. But of course these two were newborns so I kept them mostly in a big box in the house. You wont believe this but while at the feed store to get their stuff I found a baby bunny. Just this tiny sweet honey colored bunny. I had to have her. So with bottles, milk for goats and food for bunny, this sweet bunny and I headed home. Not wanting to raise my sweet dear hubby's blood pressure again I tossed this sweet bunny in with the goats. Heck if you have two goat babies what's the big deal of adding one bunny baby? Seemed totally logical to me. The picture above is of Emmet the goat and hunny the bunny. The three of them ended up loving each other and living happily ever after together. They did eventually move out of the house into a large penned area outside. I have to say these were some of the best pets I had ever had. My dog Joy the rotty, use to play with the three of them too. Even with Lucy( the bald chicken) when I tossed her in with my miniature farm animals. I want you to know my husband survived and still to this day adores me. :) (right honey?) I hope you enjoy my short stories about my life. It seems like I keep a lot more readers when I don't just talk about my scrapbooking. So I will try to add some fun stories here and there on ME and my crazy times.

Be sure though to check the store daily for new products! I am having so much fun unpacking new items and ordering beautiful new things. The store is going to continue to expand and I hope I see many of you come back again and again for all your scrapbook needs. Remember to pass the website address on to everyone you know.
Thank you and Take care,


Michelle said...

I wanted to thank you so much for your comment the other day!

Nicole P. said...

You should get your own show on Animal Planet and reinact all of your farm animal adventures.

KATE said...

Hey girl, you are so funny! Only you!! ha ha Like I said with the chicken, you're a lot nicer than me!!
I love your stories!!
- Kate

Heidi D said...

How is it that I have heard the stories, but never seen these cute pics?! Maybe you need to create a misc. scrapbook with all your animals (journal the stories). Do you have any pics of Batman? Please say you have one with him in a cape! : )

All moments remembered said...

WOW Heidi,
I am not sure if I do have one of batman!! Our stray kitty that came to live at our house!! The word got out about me with the animals so they kept showing up on the door step!!