Sunday, September 2, 2007

Subscribe to my blog

Since someone asked I found a way that you can subscribe to my blog. Every time I update you can get it emailed to you. If you are like so many who have large list of blogs to keep track of make it easy on yourself and subscribe to mine. The box is on the right top side of blog to sign up. Thanks and please remember to leave comments, it makes it so much more fun here!!

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Katirocks said...

Hey, that is a great idea! I'm going to post that on mine too. I post so much for out of town family & that is a fabulous idea! Thanks!!
Oh, nothing too crazy here. Just life. We blessed our baby at Church. (similar to other religions who baptize babies) So, I had over 50 people coming (& didn't know how many until Saturday) So, I had a slight nervous breakdown getting ready on Saturday. My husband was of course out of town & leaves again tomorrow. But, I had some fabulous help from a sister & two sister in laws. So, it turned out fine & I pulled it off & now it's almost 10 so I'm going to actually try to go to sleep at a reasonable hour. I've had WAY too many all nighters this week.
Speaking of is your dad doing?