Sunday, March 30, 2008

Inspirations from the AMR design team!!!

Do you know the style of each of the famous AMR DESIGN TEAM GIRLS? They all have a unique style which makes their work so much fun to share with you. I know each of them inspires me to create wonderful pages for my family. Can you guess who did what layout here?

Remember this Sat the 5th we have an online crop. Karla Dudley will be chatting with us while she plays with our April kit. Be sure to check back this week to see more about Karla Dudley here.

A Friend of mine, Tiffany, is really trying to get moved with her hubby. We all know the market has not been good anywhere. Well she decided to have a contest to give away her house. Check out her blog to see how you can enter the contest. When you are there leave her some AMR love so she knows I sent ya!! HOUSE BLOG

Have a beautiful week filled with lots of smiles!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

12 week old scrapbook message board blows all the circuts! Get the full story here....

12 weeks ago when I started up my All Moments Remembered message board for members who knew it would grow so fast. Amazing! My host company let me know that I was exceeding the max of what they could offer me. The board started crashing daily. The speed was getting slower every single day. The members were growing in numbers. We needed to upgrade fast!
So we did! Our Message board is smokin fast now, unlimited amount of users can be on at one time loading pages and the fun list of goodies goes on and on. Of course we are still working on some of the little bugs that come with a new program. If you are not a member yet come register and try it out. I can not take responsibility for the addiction the message board causes though, so enter at your own risk.

I found out yesterday some of the fun stats on the board.
Every 2 to 3 seconds we get 5 hits. Every 2 minutes on average in a 24 hr period we get two post. The man telling me all of this said " so you all talk about paper?" MEN!! Well lets exclude Timmy Holtz on that one.

We have weekly scrapchat hour on Tuesdays. We are adding lots of new topics to this and have even been working on more guest celebs for it. A once a month crop with a guest designer. We have lots of fun challenges. Come check out our survivor challenge. Grab a cup of coffee and just make new friends and have some fun chit chat. They told me with the first Message board I would not use up all they had to offer for a yr or more. LOL!!! Come help me show them this wont be the last upgrade either!! Scrapbookers unite!!

Be sure to check out all the scrapbooking supplies in the All Moments Remembered store.

Pink Paislee is on it's way! Many of you preordered it and those will be shipped out right away. So keep a look out on your mail person.

Do you love Stazon inks? I having those coming in next week in several of their brand new colors. I will have the cleaner in stock too.

American crafts? Who does not love a wonderful pack of thickers? They will be in stock soon too!

Basic Grey will be filling up the store next week too!! Come get yours while we have them in stock.

We are working hard to add more and more wonderful product to the All Moments Remembered scrapbooking supply store. We have upped the kit amounts since we sell out monthly. You can still get a subscription to start in May at this time. Did I mention that the April kit is my favorite? Okay so I say that every month but each month they just get better and better.

Come join us for some friendly scrapbooking chat and inspiration!

Pink Paislee collections in the store next week. Also be sure to see what Pink Paislee clear stamps we are going to have in stock. They are wicked cute!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pink Paislee is on it's way!!! Yahooooo!!

Well I heard from Pink Paislee today and papers have started shipping!! Mine will be here soon. Stamps have not been sent to anyone as they are still waiting on them themsevles. But we will have papers SOOOOON!!!! Plus I doubled my order. Sorry for the wait but sometimes the hottest product out there is hardest to get!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Rubber Stamp Tapestry with Kelli Caslow....

Here is a quote from Kelli in a message she sent me...

"that card seriously was only supposed to be a practice I was just trying to get an idea for what I wanted to do and it sorta happened, and it was QUICK too, there's really no fuss needed with these stamps! I always avoided tiny stamps I didn't know how to fill a design with only the tiny things so I never bought them, but man, when you see the Rubber Tapestry stuff it all sorta makes sense all the"
These stamps are so versatile! Each kit has their own stamps and there is never a duplicated stamp when you buy other kits. If you want the color inks that go with each kit let me know and I can hand pick it and add it to your order. Each box has directions for the design shown. But I am willing to bet in no time flat you are off making your own designs.
For step by step directions please visit Kelli's blog. ENJOY!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Not your plain Jane scrapbooking supplies... or layout for that matter...

Created by Debbie....

I am always amazed when I see others scrapbook creations. I have not had time in a very long while to create any of my own stuff so I have had to live through everyone else's. On my message board the talent just pours out of every single post. Those ladies are not only some of the nicest chatters but the talent there is stunning. Then you have the AMR Design team! Not only do these women breath and love scrapbooking their talent is just beyond awesome!!! I started out with Heather who heads up my DT and helps me with every other part of AMR. I still say I could not be where I am today with my site and store with out all the hard work Heather has poured into it. We then added the incredible Linda and Tracy, you could not ask to work with two sweeter ladies ever. As AMR has grown we have added two more ladies with insane talent too! Debbie and Jenn fit right in with the AMR family we have already formed. I am so proud to call them "MY" DT!!!
I want to highlight each of them and I picked names out of a hat. So tonight we start with Debbie. They layout above is soooo Debbie. Her work has this romantic flare with many flourishes and beautiful embellishments. She layers things and brings life to her work. I love the flower and butterfly on this layout. I can hardly wait to see what she does with her first kit in April. This is something you don't want to miss. Each of our girls has such a different style of scrapbooking. I think everyone can get ideas and be inspired by one if not all of the girls.

Be sure to visit Debbie's blog to see more of her work.
Here is a little write up she wrote about herself...

I live in Wyoming and love everything about it...especially the changing seasons! I'm a wife to Jeff who is a great guy and completely understands and supports my scrappy habits! I have one son and a wonderful daughter-in-law, who has made me very proud. And what can I say about my sweet grandkids. I love how they love me! It's a feeling that is so embedded in my heart and's undescribable! I'm a graphic designer for a road design team and have been at my job for 25 years! I'm mother, daughter, aunt and sister....I have a great family and love them all for their talents and successes.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

EVER have a day that is just amazing?

What a day!! I am down to 3 days left of my day job at the school. I will soon be able to work AMR ( All Moments Remembered) full time.

On my lunch break I came home to my phone ringing off the hook. Heather my other half of AMR called me to say " OMG TIM HOLTZ posted a comment on your blog" WOW!!! I ran for the computer and was amazed that Tim Holtz took a moment of his time to come leave a beautiful comment on my blog....

Here is his comment...

hey stacey - if i only knew how much you wanted to meet me it would have been ME searching for YOU at CHA! thanks for the cool words - i am completely humbled and looking forward to meeting you in person. i'm amazed at all that you are doing with your site, blog, and design team - here's to your creative journey ahead...-tim holtz

If you all only knew how that made my day! I don't often talk about my private life but lately I have been down. My father in law is dieing from ALS ( Lou Gehrigs disease) and it has been such a sad time for all of us. I wont go into details but what a nice brightening to my day to see THE TIM HOLTZ left a message to me!! I am still smiling!!

When I started my message board 11 weeks ago the tech support said I had more then enough space on there. They said in a year to let them know if I needed a little more. 11 weeks later my MB was crashing all evening from overload of members! AMAZING!! We had Julie an incredible Designer from Clear Sraps on for our scrap chat hour tonight. She gave incredible advice to getting started on an acrylic album. She was sooo sweet to answer so many questions for one hour. Clear Scraps should be proud of her as she sure knows how to promote their product!! Thank you Julie for a fun evening on the message board. Julie is also a regular member now on the MB so she is around often to answer acrylic questions!!!

Okay so one more amazing thing.... My April kit is not even in the office yet and it is SOLD OUT!!! We do have a couple of the add on kits for April but that is it. We had added a whole lot more to April and still sold out. I appreciate all of you who have bought the monthly kit subscription!! THANK YOU for your support. If you are thinking you want a May kit order soon before they are sold out too. You need to get at least a 3 month subscription to sign up now. KEEP your EYES On this blog as I will be soon telling you of AMAZING new guest designers coming out way. We are now booked with amazing talent through August. This month we have the amazing Karla Dudley. I will be featuring her on my blog this next week. Be sure to check back. I am keeping the designers as big surprises for all of you each month!!

Have an amazing rest of the week! I love amazing days like today and look forward to the rest of the week.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Just Jenn is not Just Jenn any more....

As most of you know I just simply go gaa gaa over Tim Holtz! Besides he is just hot hot hot, he is also so talented. I love his product too. So when when I went to CHA my main goal was to meet him and get a picture with him. Never happened. Nope never even saw him there. Well one of our new design team members went to CK in Chicago to be one of Ali Edwards assistants. She came back with lots of fun stories but THIS IS THE PRIZE!! She had her picture taken with Timmy!!! Just for me!!! I love this picture. Jenn has this wonderful blog called Just Jenn. I would say after this incredible weekend among all the scrapbook world celebs she is no longer Just Jenn but the NEW JENN!!! The Jenn who had her picture with my crush man TIM HOLTZ!! Not to worry my hubby knows all about this! LOL!! He is very supportive of this little crush!
LOL She also gets to call Ali her friend. How cool is that? Jenn mentioned me to Ali because I met Ali on a plane ride to Ca in Feb. Jenn tells me that Ali and Stacy Julian remember me from that. You see when we all got off our plane my friend Rita from the AMR Message board was there holding a sign saying WELCOME STACEY!!! Ali and Stacy Julian were wondering if that was for Stacy Julian. LOL!!! Nope it was for the other Stacey, ME!!! I had them both sign their auto graphs for me and got a picture too. It was really neat to be among others who love this industry so much!! SO here is another picture of Jenn and her new friends. Be sure to go to Jenn's blog to read all about her time in Chicago.
Happy Saint Patricks day to everyone!!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Amazing talent from the AMR Design Team.......

On our message board one of our wonderful design team gals Linda Rodgers, posted a fun challenge for everyone to try out. A photo swap challenge. She had the members switch out photos by drawing names and switching photos. We can always come up with good stuff for our own photos. What about a photo you know little about? Well the challenge has been amazing. You can see members work in the Gallery and also on the message board. Everyone has done such a beautiful job.

I want to share with you two of our design team girls swap layouts.
These first few were created by Linda Rodgers using another design team member Tracy Polachecks photos. How cute did these turn out? Linda has such a talent for making photos pop! She draws your eye right to the pictures but includes so much more fun stuff to see too. This is Tracy's sons 7th birthday. Love all the detail Linda put into everything. Some paint, stickles, Hambly overlay and so much more. What a fun layout.

Now this one is the switched around one. Tracy Polacheck from our design team created this beauty with photos of Linda Rodgers (DT) daughter. Now first off Linda's daughter can't take a bad picture. She always looks awesome. But when you add Tracy's talent to the mix you get WOW!!! The colors and all the embellies make this one so gorgeous.

If you have not browsed the Gallery at All Moments Remembered you are really missing out. Our Message board girls are full of talent and post layouts and project often. As you can see our design team is nothing but amazing talent. I am so proud to have the design team I have. We have added two more ladies to the team in the last week so be sure to read about Debbie and Jenn on the site under Design Team. Let them inspire you to create beautiful works of art.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

What do you get when you mix Teresa Collins and Heather Prins

This gorgeous fun little book! This is made with the Teresa Collins Journal It collection. You can find it in the All Moments Remembered store now. Heather, our lead design team member and creative director at AMR whipped this up to show something fun you can make with this line. What a great gift this would make for anyone special to you.

Clearscraps Clear acrylic 3 inch letters are now in stock. Decorate and add to your layout. Use jump links and join them together to spell out a word or name. The ideas are endless for these and you can get your letters for $.80 cents a piece.
Have you checked out the Bo Bunny section of AMR? We have the new paper lines in and the new word books. These are all in stock now.
If you need a "bind it all" to create and bind your mini journals and albums we have them here for pre-order. We have lots of the metal bindings in different colors too. After using a BIA at CHA I have no idea how I lived without one before. I love this tool and so will you.
Looking to meet other scrappers online? Just want to get ideas? The All Moments Remembered message board is one of the friendliest message board out there. We have lots of sweet, fun and talented ladies there. Come register and join us. We have online crops with challenges, contest, guest designers chatting with us and just a whole lot of fun!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Teresa Collins is finally in stock at AMR!! Hurry before it's gone

I simply love all the Teresa Collins collections! Be sure to hop into the All Moments Remembered store and get your collections of her line. You can create so much with these beautiful papers. They are all double sided yummy! Enjoy the layouts created by Teresa Collins herself.

Have you seen our amazing kits? Are you one of the lucky ones to receive one? They sold out again this month. We have a couple subscriptions left for Aprils main kit and add on kit. They don't hang around long. Aprils kit is amazing and the AMR design team is going to WOW you with their creativity. We have a the Incredible Karla Dudley going to be our guest designer for April. She is even planning to come chat on the message board with all the girls during our April 5th online crop releasing the kit. You don't want to miss out on all of the fun. If you want to make sure you get your hands on the April kit be sure to subscribe now. Our monthly kits are stocked full of fun products. One of the cool extras is an embellishment bag from Rebeca at Scraps of Time. These little bags are made just for our kits and are always wonderful. Rebeca also sells other bags of goodies.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fiskars Scallop Border punch and Heather Prins amazing work...

All Moments Remembered has an incredible design team. Heather Prins coordinates our kits for us monthly. She handles our dt and getting everyone organized to have our monthly kit club ready to display each month.
The beautiful layouts and works of art you see here today are all Heather's personal work. Isn't she amazing? I am so blessed with an entire group of talented ladies on my design team. If you would like to see more check out our gallery. Along with talented DT girls, I have a fun and friendly message board with so much talent there too. Come chat and get to know some other scrappy ladies. Come browse our gallery or add your projects. Order a monthly subscription to our monthly kit club.
The scallop board punch is finally coming it will be here tomorrow and those who already ordered it will go out in the mail on Friday. I have a few extras if you are wanting one now too. I do have more coming at a later date. These are going to be so much fun to have on hand. Now make any of your papers or cardstock beautiful with scalloped edges.
Be sure to check the store often as I add new items weekly if not daily.
Hope your day is a wonderful one,

Saturday, March 8, 2008

This is my favorite part of the Monthly scrapbook kit club...

Seeing what my creative design team will come up with. I send them a box full of goodies and in turn they send me amazing pictures. They inspire me to keep pushing forward with All Moments Remembered. I hope that they inspire you to create fun and new layouts to keep your memories alive. My dream with AMR is that I will make sure I have the products and inspiration here to get everyone preserving their memories for generations to come. What more could I ask for? How nice it is to close my eyes at night and know I helped in some way preserve a precious memory. A memory that maybe 80 yrs from now will touch someones heart. This is what I want for you as my customer. If ever there is a scrapbook product you would like to see in the store, an idea you need, a technique you are wondering about, let me know. I might not know the answer but I have so many wonderful people in this industry that I can get help from so I can help you.
So lets look at what the AMR's Design Team has created with the March kit 2008. You can see all of my creative director HEATHER PRINS layouts and projects directly on her blog. The projects you see here are created by two wonderful design team members. Linda and Tracy, you can learn more about them here and on their blogs. ENJOY
Wishing you enough,

These are Tracy's creations...

These are Linda's creations....