Sunday, May 10, 2009

Coloring with Prisma Pencils

Using PrismaColor Pencils from Kelli Caslow on Vimeo.

If you have not used the Prisma pencils it is a must try. I always looked for stamps that required very little coloring as I never felt I could do a good job. After learning from Kelli. Buying the right products. Practicing and and falling in love with Prisma. I am not HOOKED and having so much fun coloring in stamped images. You can come into the store at 779 N Main for the pencils, blender stubs and gamasol or go to my etsy store and buy a set online. You wont believe how easy it is. You will be so thrilled with the results you get too. Have fun and happy coloring. Thanks Kelli for sharing your talent with us and making this fantastic Video. If you would like to see more of Kelli's amazing talent or video's you can visit her blog here.

Have an amazing week,

Stacey :)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Online Blog Auction.... When a friend needs us....

**** It has been figured out! PLEASE join us on June 13 and 14 for a wonderful auction of homemade/handmade items! ALL proceeds will go to our dear friend and her family. You must be registered on the All Moments Remembered message board to join in the fun.

I have been the proud owner of All Moments Remembered store for two years and the message board for over a year now. I have made some amazing friends here who are very dear to me. Right now we have a very sick hubby of one of our girls. He was diagnosed with lung cancer. Recently he was told if the treatment works he will have about a year maybe two years. This gal who's hubby this is is one of the sweetest kindest people you can ever wish to meet. She has always been there when I needed her. They also have a little girl. My heart is breaking for them. I am also just trying to keep the faith and pray all the time for them. I once saw somewhere on a blog an auction to raise money for a good cause. People donated items they made and such for the auction. I need help figuring out where this was so I can see how they did it again. I would like to hold such an auction to help raise money for our sweet girlfriend. When he starts treatment he will most likely be very sick. He was also the bread winner in the family. I would like to help make things a little easier for them during this time. So please help me find out how to hold this blog auction I have heard about before. If you could please say some prayers for this family too it would be appreciated.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A note from Roy....

Roy and Stacey when we first met.

A note from Roy....
Hi Fella's,
" It's a note from Scrapbook Roy"
Some one let it out that there are many fella's doing scrapbooks. So lets get it going by giving our self a title. If you can come up with a great name put it in the comment box here. Please keep it 15 letters or less. Stacey and I will choose a winning name soon when I get back from vacation. The winner will receive a small goodie of scrapbooking items.
In the meantime gather up the pictures of old girlfriends, friends, even the ones from school or you brought home from the war. Match book covered, all that stuff you have saved in a shoebox's out in the garage. You kept them because of the memories and they will bring back more when you get them out. It is time to get out the adhesive and get them in a scrapbook. Well that is all for now. We will move on to the scrapbooking part next time. But please be sure to go dig out all those memories.
Keep scrapping,

Well Roy is busy with speeches this week and then off to his sons for a nice visit. We all sure miss him around the store already. Roy adds such a sparkle when he is here.
Next week we will have nestibilities in stock!! A must have for any card maker. Be sure to check out the Etsy shops I have listed on my blog.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Is it Spring yet?

Is it spring where you live yet? Sure the calender tells us it is Spring but what about the weather. We woke up to rain and the local hills had snow today. Just a week ago we had pulled out the Capri's and were wearing our flip flops. Allergies had kicked into high speed. This rain has helped to mellow those out. So what is it like where you live? Are you ready for Spring?
Remember to get out your camera's and get the pictures Spring brings to us. I was driving yesterday and saw a new born calf out in a field. I thought I wish I had my camera with me. Note to self to start packing my camera with me.
Lots of new things coming into the All Moments Remembered Etsy shop soon. If you have been looking for Nestibilities we will have them in many shapes. I have to admit these are my new favorite tool. How I survived without them is beyond me. Be sure to check out my Etsy shop and the list I have here on my side bar. Many of the AMR girls are working hard to get things handmade for their shops so check back often.
I hope whatever your weather is doing this week you have a beautiful time in it!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Journey and exploring the incredible community of Etsy

I have had the most incredible two years with All Moments Remembered. I have loved the whole journey. Since opening my brick and mortar store I have had a hard time keeping up on a full line online store. My heart was wanting something different. With the brick and mortar store going well and being something I love to pieces I decided to try something new. I am doing a small Etsy shop. I will carry supplies and some handmade items. I have now closed my online store. There is no saying that I wont ever open it up again. At this time I want to give back to friends who have helped me along the way. I want to introduce to you all many other Etsy shops and promote them here. I have so many sweet friends on my message board and thought how can I help these girls in this tough time. Many of them have Etsy shops and those who don't I hope will feel a little push to get one. The talent on my mb is amazing and I think all these girls can sell their gorgeous items. I will be listing all the Etsy shops here on the blog and also on my MB. So be sure to check them all out.
If you own an Etsy store and want to join our group sign up for the
message board and we can add your Etsy shop to the list. Together a group of incredible ladies can do wonderful things.
If there is something you are really wanting and don't have a LSS email me. I will be thrilled to sell you anything you need that I have in my brick and mortar store.
Thank you to all of you who have supported the AMR store. I hope now you will still support me by shopping in my Etsy shop or store front in Prineville. I hope you will also help me support some other talented ladies I call dear friends and shop at their Etsy shops too!!

Right now I have several Justrite stamp sets in stock in the Etsy shop. I will be adding nestibilites next week.

Here are a couple wonderful Etsy shops to check out soon as they are filling them soon with wonderful items.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Kelliannie visits, teaches a class and meets Roy

Kelliannie from the All Moments Remembered Message board and our Card Challenge Queen visited me!! What a pleasure it was to meet this very sweet lady! Not only is she amazingly talented she is wonderful, funny, adorable, sweet and just a fantastic person to hang out with. I so enjoyed her visit.

Roy came by and hung out with all the girls on Sat. I am so glad two of my favorite people got to meet each other. Be watching as Roy has informed me he has his column written up for the blog this week. You don't want to miss his writings. I am sure we will all be entertained and enjoy each time he post here on the blog.

Have a beautiful week. All Moments Remembered is getting Just rite stamps in this week and then lots of nestibilities next week! These both are a must have!!!


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter! Decorated easter eggs and Roy.....

Can you imagine putting all these eggs on this tree? No this is not Roy but made me think of him when I saw it. I am betting it is not windy where this tree is at.
I want to wish you all a Happy Easter. I hope you are spending it with family and friends. I have things in the oven already early this morning. Made the strawberry jello that I grew up on last night. Did you ever have that one with the strawberry's, mashed bananas, pineapple and sour cream? OHHHH this brings me right back to being a little girl. I love things, taste, songs and such that can do that to me.

Roy my dear sweet friend will be writing a column every week for this blog. They will be tips from him on scrapbooking and maybe a few of his amazing stories. I am so excited about this venture with him. I think Roy is one of the dearest people I know and I just want to share him with everyone. So you will get to be part of this by reading the blog here. Many have wanted to know how to write Roy a letter or send a card. He visits my shop every week so that would be the best place. ROY c/0 AMR 779 N Main st Prineville Oregon 97754 So keep an eye out this coming week. Plus I will be sure to get new pictures of him often.

So happy Easter!! Here are a few pictures I found of decorated eggs I thought were fun. Enjoy.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Just a few things I have made lately. Check out our Message board...

Lil cowboy layout. I had fun punching all those holes, NOT! lol But I did enjoy making this one. I still think I might add a few more embellishments. This is one of the layouts we are doing later in the month for a class. We have four layouts we will be creating that day.

Grunge board album. Atlantic city 1928. My hubbys grandma and friends. I finally got smart with these old photos. I copy the writing off the back on my printer and use it for my journaling. His grandma told the story on all the pictures and also we get to enjoy her handwriting.

This is the cover of my grunge board album. I had so much fun making this.

Loving this house mouse stamp! I have made so many cards with this stamp alone.

Got this cute card pattern from my friend Kelli Caslow. She is the queen of card making. So excited she will be in the store April 18th teaching a class.

Now I am a huge fan of the ATG gun! You could not pry it from my hands. BUT I have found a new friend to keep in my tote bag for emergencies. I have several customers who also love this new adhesive gun. It is super lightweight, small in size and darn if the colors are not the cutest. I have these online and in the store along with refills. Check out the the Glue glider today.

Remember our message board is filled with talent and fun!! All Moments Remember is home for so many why not make it yours too?
Happy Scrapping,

Monday, April 6, 2009

So lets be honest.... How has the economy affected your scrappy life and every day life?

I started All Moments Remembered online store in 2007. The first six months were okay. But then it took off full speed. Looking back I can say it grew a bit to fast for one person to handle. I added a kit club with a friend helping me design it. That club went hog wild too. The problem was it was only me over here putting together the kits, packing and shipping them. All the reasons I had opened my online store from home were down the drain. Work from home so I can do more with my family but also contribute to the family income. I was working harder and more hours then I had ever been before. I was loving every single second of it. I started a message board for the site and what a blast that soon became. The friends I have made there are true treasures to me. These girls are so dear to me and like family in so many ways. But there again having a message board takes a lot of time. You need to keep up on the back ground maintenance. You need to keep it fun and full of new ideas. You need to make sure all post are nice. I can admit I really have not had any mean spirited horrible post. But really it takes a lot more work then anyone can imagine. But again I love it and could skip sleep to do it. But with that comes the moments that you know you need to have more balance. My mother's day card last year from my 8 yr old son said " My mom is the best even though she is always on her computer" ACCKKKK!!! It was true. I had started an online business to be able to spend more time with my family and that was not happening. Online crops? OHHHH my do they keep ya from our family! I have to admit they are sooo much fun and you just can't help yourself. So how many of you out there find yourself on the computer way to much even if you love being on it? Tell me I am not the only guilty mom.

This economy has changed my online business. I gave up the kit club. It was just to much and it gave me back a lot of time for my family. All good stuff! But then the economy really hit me hard. Online sales slowed down once the gas prices went back down. My intense love of owning my own business. Then my love for scrapbooking brought me to the idea of opening a brick and mortar store. WHY NOT!! Oh I wish you could have been here when I ran it past my hubby... Yikes! In this economy you want to open a store front???? He was not for it one bit. My thought was well so many are going out of business I could get displays and such for a great price. I should be able to get a super deal on rent of a building. I mean who would not want to come to my scrapbook store and have fun? I mean we all still have funds for scrapbooking right? Well lets say I got my way, got my cheap displays, great landlords and a fair rent in a darling building and I opened All Moments Remembered brick and mortar store. I am in heaven. As the online has slowed down the in store has picked up. Now I can tell you this is no get rich plan. Okay for the sake of my hubby I can say it is not a bring a paycheck home yet plan either. But hey it carries itself. The classes are the heart of my store. As one lady said who was taking a class " I find it to be cheaper then therapy and way more fun" We laugh during classes. We meet new friends. We catch up with old friends. We get to create and get to make something we might not have made time for at home. I can say I have made some very dear friends through my store.

I am sure hoping some day soon the economy will turn around and my store will flourish with business. Do you have a small business you are just waiting to bloom once the economy turns? Are you enjoying what you are doing now even if you are not on the get rich trail yet? I so love what I am doing and would not trade for anything. I look forward to my days at work. I just wish I knew when things were going to get better in our economy. I have spent many nights tossing and turning and wishing I could sleep. I have spent lots of time trying to figure out how to get all the coolest new items in the store while still paying all the bills. Every day seems to be better and it always seems to work out. But I still often worry about what the store will become. I hope to prove hubby wrong and show him I WAS SMART starting it in this economy. :) So what has this economy done to your dreams? I could go on and on if I added in my woes about home life and such with this economy but I will stick to the business part for now. So if you have you own business online or store front lets chat. Lets find out what is working for others. Like I said my classes and having a haven for women to come and just laugh while creating has been my key! What are you doing? What is working for you? Do you have suggestions for me? Do you make sure to budget in your scrappy spending money each month? I have found many have done this and might give up that yummy coffee but are still doing their hobbies. This economy has to get better, RIGHT????

I would love to hear from others trying to make it through these tough economic times.

Cheaper then Therapy,

Stacey :)

PS. Be sure to check out my online message board. I can honestly say I have the sweetest group of ladies there ever!

We R Memory Keepers - White Out Collection - Nonsense paper line

Here's our sweet Roy showing off his gorgeous painting he painted for Hospice. They auctioned if off to help raise money for hospice. Here we all thought Roy (90 yr) was just a scrapbooker. He is multi talented. As many of you know I think of Roy as my angel sent to me from my father inlaw who passed away this summer. My father inlaw was always so encouraging of my scrapbook store and now that he is gone I have Roy encouraging me and cheering me on. I am a very lucky girl.
I love these papers! We are memory keepers White Out Collection - Nonsense Line. Double sided 12x12 papers. This one is called Jingle jangle You can find it in the All Moments Remembered online store and inside the store front in Prineville

Is this not the cutest darn thing??? I love the birds on this paper. This one is called Sing Song.

This is Silly Sally.

Remember if you are looking for a super nice group of ladies who love the same crafts you do check out All Moments Remembered message board. We have daily and weekly challenges. We have monthly crops. Every Tuesday night we have scrap chat hour (SCH). Just come chat and enjoy the friendships!

Hope the weather where you are is as gorgeous as it is here in Prineville. I love the sunshine and warm air.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Crazy for Cupcakes and the All Moments Remembered Message board...

I love this one made with the maya road chipboard pieces. These will be in stock this week at AMR. Please be sure to check in the store.

Who would not just love this? What a great idea for a grandma gift. You fill in all the birthdays and then she has them down. You could even make up cards for her to have on hand to mail. I bet friends would love this too. Why not ask them to email you a list of birthdays for each month of the year? This is a gift I bet NO ONE else will give them. For those of you who do not scrap or have the time come see me in the AMR store front for details on having one of these custom made for you.


Love this album and have been waiting for them to be in stock again at Maya Road. I can hardly wait to have a class with these and stock them in the online store. Are you crazy for cupcakes?

Cute cute cute!!!

I see some cuttlebug goodness on this one. I love my cuttlebug and always like to find more fun ways to use it.

Another great cupcake card!!!
I have not made any of the projects here. I went blog surfing and grabbed pictures. I failed to keep track of where I got them all from. But most of them have a water mark with their blog name. Be sure to visit them and let them know how much you like their work. Lately I can not get enough of cupcakes. It must be true for many others as I keep trying to order some to find out they are back ordered everywhere.
I would love to show off more great cupcake projects. If you would like to have yours featured here please email me a picture and your blog addy to and I will include it next time I post a cupcake post.
Have a beautiful week. Remember to be thankful for all the good things in your life. The times right now make it easy for us to forget about the good and dwell on all the bad. So be sure to look for the goodness!!!
If you would like some scrappy friends please check out our ALL Moments Remembered Message board. We have daily challenges and monthly crops. If I do say so myself I can tell you we have some of the sweetest ladies ever on there. You will feel at home the minute you join there. I look forward to getting to know you on the message board. Please put something about scrapbooking in the profile area when you sign up so I know right away you are not spam.
Okay one more adorable cupcake to leave ya with!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

MEN Scrapbook too!! 90 yr old Roy shares his scrapbook with me...

Being a scrapbook store owner I meet some pretty interesting people. My online message board has brought me a community of friends who I simply cherish. But today while at work in my scrapbook store, I got the pleasure of sitting with Roy. We spent 2 hours looking through his scrapbook he has been keeping most all of his life. Filled my heart with more passion then I have ever had for this industry/hobby before.

This is the cover of his album he made himself. He did masking and painting. His line, "been there done that", is so well explained in all the amazing pages inside his book. This man is not like any 90 year old I have ever met. I would guess him to be late 70's. He can remember names and stories like you would not believe. He had a page on the first Olympic skiier Woman who won a gold medal. Gretchen Frazer. He skiied with her and had a beautiful story to share about her. I could go on and on about the amazing people Roy has had the pleasure of meeting in his lifetime.

Here is shows me how he had a plain page and wanted to spruce it up. He so proudly said I took several colors of paint and just splashed them on there with a paint brush. No rhyme or reason. Just did what I thought looked good. He then matted his pictures and adhered them to his beautiful art work. I smiled huge and said WOW so many of us are doing this technique now. He said " so many people keep from creating because they worry about being nice and neat. They worry about what color, what size pictures. Does this picture go with that picture. He smiled with his huge bright smile and said my concern was getting the story down not what colors and such I used. Isn't this page simply gorgeous! These are all pictures of him as a child! Different stages. The page beside is had all his journaling.

Here is a page one of the pictures was a tin photo. You can see he has journaled here and there. It is a mix and match of old photos he had.

Look at that face! Can you see how I instantly fell in love with him? What a beautiful person he is.

He scrapped all the awards he and his wife ever won. Letters from the war you name it he has it in there. He told me last year he auctioned off a painting he did in the navy that was kept on his ship. His wife was in a home with Alzheimer's and he needed the extra money for her care. He put this painting on ebay and got an amazing amount of money. The Navy bought the painting for their museum. He had a page scrapped with pictures of the painting when he painted it as a young man. Pictures of him with it when he gave it up. The newspaper stories written about it all tucked inside this incredible scrapbook.

I was so blessed to have a customer/friend in the store with her camera on hand since mine was at home. My friends all know I never get my picture taken but today you could not have stopped me. What a moment and photo I will always cherish.

Roy comes to my town 20 miles from where he lives every other week as a Hospice Volunteer. Yes he still drives and I can say I would let him drive me around. He is just that with it. I asked him if he would make a point to stop in and visit me on the days he was in town. He has so many stories to tell. He says he figures he has another 3 or 4 years to live and wants to finish his album up. So we decided we would scrapbook together every other week. What a gift this is to me! I have never been so excited about scrapbooking! I love this hobby but seeing his scrapbook brought such new joy to me. He said " it's a mix match of stuff but if I took the time to organize it this would not be this far along. He is so right we need to get our stories on pages and not spend so much time organizing and planning it out. He also made a point how his favorite photos are the ones not cropped. I could not agree more with this. Seeing the stores and dirt streets in the back ground brought the photos to life. There is so much to learn from this amazing man. He is planning to come speak to a store full of customers who want to hear his stories and also he said he has so much to share about the art of scrapbooking. He said he wants to get tell people what the heart of their albums should be. I am excited about my new friendship with Roy.
I look forward to my time scrapbooking and talking with Roy. I hope to share more here with you then too.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

FUN FUN FUN is on it's way..... All Moments Remembered Challenge Blog

Starts Monday Jan. 19th. Be sure to add this to your daily blog readings. Would you like to be crowned Princess? How about working your way up to Queen? Well you can do it here.
We are so excited to present to everyone the AMR Royal Challenge Blog.

Card CT members:
cpmemories aka cindy
scrappyjackie aka jackie
craftyscrapr aka angie
kelliannie aka kelli {Card Team Coordinator}

Weekly CT members:

Our team members are :

Harley aka Hayatiggs

Kelly aka born2scrap

Gloria aka GLOANN

Patti Martin aka Patti Martin

jessica aka jessicamae3 (CT coordinator)

Our message board is hopping with fun these days. Challenges from our Card Challenge team have already started. You need to get registered at the All Moments Remembered Message board to join in on these challenges. Come meet all the sweet ladies that call AMR their Internet HOME!!

NicoleP from our message board has worked hard to line up some fun and creative classes. Be sure you don't miss any!!! Sign up today to join us on the message board.

2009 is going to be filled with creative fun.

Monday, January 12, 2009

WOW what a weekend we had at All Moments Rememberd...

Our one year anniversary crop was fantastic! We broke all kinds of online records for us. If you love a good challenge and are not signed up on the message board you need to get that done. There are enough challenges to last you for a very long time. We also had some fun games going on. Everyone is still working on challenges now and I am excited to see who the grand prize winner is going to be. Thank you so everyone who joined in on the fun.

This is one of the prizes being given out. These exclusive AMR books come in 6x6, 4x4 and 3x3.... We had lots of different items made with the logo. Plus tons of scrap goodness is being given away too.
Have a fantastic week,

Friday, January 9, 2009

2009 brings lots of fun new things to All Moments Remembered

A year ago I started a message board for my store site. I have been so blessed with the most amazing ladies there. I have found some of the dearest friends. With a year under my belt now I have come up with new ideas to make the message board even more fun. I have been working on all these ideas and having to keep them under tight lip until now. It has been driving me crazy but I have had a little bit of fun teasing the girls from the MB with it.

So what is new in 2009 for the message board???

1st We have a Challenge team!!

Our leader of the Challenge Team is

Jessica (jessicamae3)

Her Team members are
Harley (hayatiggs)

Kelly (born2scrap)

Gloria (GLOANN)

Patti M (Patti Martin)

Need inspiration? Look no further! We will have daily challenges where you can reign

"Queen Supreme"!!!

Monday-Color Challenge

Tuesday-Font/Title Challenge

Wednesday-Product Challenge

Thursday-Scraplift Challenge

Friday-Individual Challenge Team Challenges

Monday-Thursday challenges will begin January 19th to give you a chance to finish up the crop challenges!Winners, aka princesses, will be chosen each week for the M-Th challenges by the Challenge team. The layout will be judged based on how you nail the challenge. You will be crowned princess for that week. The person crowned princess most weeks in the year for each of the four challenges will be crowned QUEEN of that challenge at next year’s anniversary crop! We will end up with 4 queens!

Princess honors:

Your layout will be placed in the flickr royal gallery, you will receive kudos in the winner's thread, and you will be able to attend the weekly happy hour at headquarters with the "staff" wink wink wink.

Queen honors:

You will be crowned during opening ceremonies at next year’s anniversary crop, you will receive a prize and a crown from AMR, you will receive a Queen blinky and carry the title of queen through the next year where you will attempt to reign supreme!

Friday’s challenges will be posted by the Challenge team on a rotating basis. The winners will be randomly drawn at and will receive prizes from AMR weekly! Each winner will be announced on the following Friday. These challenges will sometimes include little mini tutorials that will make participating in the challenge a little easier.

2nd We have a Card and Stamp team. Our leader for this is Kelliannie. Her team members are cp memories (Cindy) ,

scrappyJackie (Jackie)

craftyscrapper (Angie)

Those of you who know Kelli’s work know she is simply amazing with stamps and making cards. Her team members are as talented too. She will be working with her team of girls to challenge us. They will teach us new tricks. They will introduce us to wonderful new stamps. Kelli will have online video classes. Kelli will be posting more information soon on what they have planned for us.

See I told you the mb would be filled with fun.

3rd We have someone putting together online classes for us.

Nicole (crop-a-holic) has been so busy at work lining up some wonderful talent from our very own mb to teach you some fun classes. She has also been working with ladies from industry and from some incredible blogs to come teach us some fun things too. If you know of someone with incredible talent you would like to see teach a class here let Nicole know.

4th Scrap Chat Hour (SCH) has been a favorite of many on the mb. Well I have found I am so busy with the business, regular message board, family and life I just can’t keep it up. So I not have Scrapbookfrenzy (Abby) handling it weekly for us. She is even working on bring some fun people from outside of AMR to come chat with us once in a while. We will be posting and day and time for these soon. These are always a whole lot of fun so don’t miss them.

5th AMR Promoter…. Who else would be better for this job then Journeyfan (Erika) herself? She is an amazing blogger and always writes about such interesting scrapbook subjects. She will be getting the word out on about our online Crops and Challenges. Keep your eyes out and expect to see the AMR name get out there more this year.

6th Moderators…. With a growing message board comes the need to have moderators. Just to make sure things always stay sweet and safe. Denisewalks and Craftyscrapper will be keeping things running smoooth here. Remember Deinse and Angie (craftyscrapper) are following MY rules and might not always like what the have to do but have to follow MY rules. So please no getting upset with them ever. If you have issues here always email me at

7th Now you all know about this but I wanted to add this again. CROPS are now organized by Anne Marie. We all know and love her and know she will make sure fun is had by all. She will be looking for help to make our crops the best ever. Feel free to email her and volunteer too.

8th Heather will still be doing caught my eye... Where she will pick a layout or project from our gallery and post it on the message board daily. Keep your eye out for that.

9th Because sooooo many asked for this we are going to open a new forum. We will call this forum "Prayers & Spiritual Inspiration" This is a forum for only those who desire to go there to be there. I know we have many different beliefs amoung us. So this is not to offend anyone at all. If you do not wish to read things here please do not. If you are one who does not pray or believe like the others on this forum you are still welcome there. You can always send your positive thoughts our way for those who are in need or prayer. Misty (snowlady) is going to be in charge of posting a daily scripture there.

I want to also extend a special thank you to Elizabeth (cutepumpkin) for all the hard work she has done for the website and message board. She is the creator of all our blinkies. We sure appreciate her!

OKAY now coming to the All Moments Remembered Brick and Mortar store…
With a live feed online…..
Mark your calendars….

Donna Salazar will be here to teach some incredible fun classes March 21st. Donna is one of my favorite designers out there. She is sooo amazingly talented. Her smile can light up a room. Wanna here the coolest part???? She is staying at my house! YEAH my house!! Like a girls slumber party and scrapbooking all in one. I think I died and went to heaven. I wont be able to sleep from here on out. I will be letting you know what classes she will be teaching and times in the next couple of weeks.
Donna and I are working on a Ranch retreat for this summer in Oregon. If all goes well Leah, Johanna and Donna will all be there to teach classes. Who knows who else might be too! We will update this as we know more!!
Again thank you for being a part of All Moments Remembered. We hope you can find somethings here to keep you inspirted in our hobby of scrapbooking.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Message Board One Year Anniversary Party Crop

********** 1st Anniversary Crop! *************

Online crop on Friday Night and all day Saturday,
January 9-10, 2009
Online classes, Scrapbooking/cardmaking, challenges, Prizes!!

To provide more detail, I’ve copied information posted at AMR by ANNE MARIE, the Crop Hostess. For brevity sake, I’ve posted the times for Pacific Standard Time since that’s where I am, but if you click this LINK, you can see that AM, as we love to call her, has thoughtfully broken everything down for you by time zone. I’m also going to post just a tease of each class…you have to click the link {above} to see the rest of the details and a supply list so you can get ready.

Look for your time zone below, and make note of the crop hours and class times!

Pacific Time:
6pm -12am

CLASS: “Inchie Card” by kellieannie (Kelli) – 7pm

Saturday CROP HOURS:

CLASS: “Mini Book” by tigardlilly (Laura) – 11am
CLASS: “Soot Stamping” by scrappysam (Samantha) – 4pm
CLASS: “2009 Goals Layout” by Anne Marie — 7pm

CLASSES & CLASS CHALLENGE DETAILS* Each Class will be posted separately at the scheduled time. I will make each of the Class threads a “stickey” to make them easier to find.* Each Class will include a challenge, and you will have until Thursday, Jan. 15 to submit your entry. Entries should be posted either directly or via a link in the Class thread.* The Class leader will choose a name at random from the entries and post the winner in the Class thread on Friday, Jan. 16. The winner will be sent a special prize from All Moments Remembered.
MEMBER CHALLENGE DETAILS* You can submit a challenge during the Crop Hours whenever you wish! Simply start a new thread with “CHALLENGE:” as the first word in the Subject.* You do NOT have to offer a prize/RAK unless you want to. These challenges are about trying new things and simply having fun!* Members should submit entries the same way, either posting the layout/project in the thread or a link by Thursday, Jan. 15* If you start a Challenge thread, please make sure that you draw a winner at random from all the entries and announce that on Friday, Jan. 16

Important Crop Supply Note —
If you DON’T have the supplies and can’t get them…. PLEASE DON’T SWEAT IT! Life is too short. Just jump right in and I’m sure between you, me, the class leader, and the other 500 women on this board we can think of all sorts of substitutions, LOL!

And here is a helpful TO DO list posted by Crop Hostess, Anne Marie:
Check Crop Supply List in January Crop Post Check Crop Schedule for your time zone and figure out what hours you’re going to crop Make a list of any supplies you need to buy or figure out substitutions for Sort, edit & print pictures (Be sure to check your printer ink supply!)Clean your scissors and make sure your cutter blades are sharp Look through your personal stash and pull out some products (either new or old) that you’d like to use up If you’ve never posted pictures in the AMR Gallery before, check the instructions post and practice uploading and posting a link or photo in the forum Remind hubby/kids that Mommy is OFF DUTY during the crop! Plan easy meal/snack foods and maybe a couple movies or games that you can leave out for hubby & the kiddos so they will leave you alone!
So, now you’re going to come crop with us, right?? If you’re not already an AMR member, you need to sign up beforehand for the message board in time for Stacey to approve you. Do it now!
HERE is where you register. I really hope you can join us for the AMR One Year Anniversary Crop, and beyond. You will have a wonderful time over there, I promise. Cross my Cricut, hope to die!

Friday, January 2, 2009

STAMPSCAPES RUBBER STAMPS Coming soon!! House Mouse stamps coming in all the time...

This is January's House Mouse stamp set for the club. If you are interested in joining the house mouse monthly stamp class please email me at and ask about the House Mouse monthly club, $14.00 a month.
Stampscapes stamps are simply amazing! The company has lots of online classes to teach you how to use their stamps too. We will be soon stocking these at All Moments Remembered.

These are all made with stamps.... I can look like an artist with these stamps.
If you need information on any in store classes please feel free to email me for a list or availability at
Hope your new year has started out to be wonderful! I am very excited about 2009.
If you like to have fun online with other scrapbookers and stampers come join the message board here at All Moments Remembered. We have a weekend long crop coming up Jan 9th with lots of prizes to give away.
Happy New Year,