Friday, January 9, 2009

2009 brings lots of fun new things to All Moments Remembered

A year ago I started a message board for my store site. I have been so blessed with the most amazing ladies there. I have found some of the dearest friends. With a year under my belt now I have come up with new ideas to make the message board even more fun. I have been working on all these ideas and having to keep them under tight lip until now. It has been driving me crazy but I have had a little bit of fun teasing the girls from the MB with it.

So what is new in 2009 for the message board???

1st We have a Challenge team!!

Our leader of the Challenge Team is

Jessica (jessicamae3)

Her Team members are
Harley (hayatiggs)

Kelly (born2scrap)

Gloria (GLOANN)

Patti M (Patti Martin)

Need inspiration? Look no further! We will have daily challenges where you can reign

"Queen Supreme"!!!

Monday-Color Challenge

Tuesday-Font/Title Challenge

Wednesday-Product Challenge

Thursday-Scraplift Challenge

Friday-Individual Challenge Team Challenges

Monday-Thursday challenges will begin January 19th to give you a chance to finish up the crop challenges!Winners, aka princesses, will be chosen each week for the M-Th challenges by the Challenge team. The layout will be judged based on how you nail the challenge. You will be crowned princess for that week. The person crowned princess most weeks in the year for each of the four challenges will be crowned QUEEN of that challenge at next year’s anniversary crop! We will end up with 4 queens!

Princess honors:

Your layout will be placed in the flickr royal gallery, you will receive kudos in the winner's thread, and you will be able to attend the weekly happy hour at headquarters with the "staff" wink wink wink.

Queen honors:

You will be crowned during opening ceremonies at next year’s anniversary crop, you will receive a prize and a crown from AMR, you will receive a Queen blinky and carry the title of queen through the next year where you will attempt to reign supreme!

Friday’s challenges will be posted by the Challenge team on a rotating basis. The winners will be randomly drawn at and will receive prizes from AMR weekly! Each winner will be announced on the following Friday. These challenges will sometimes include little mini tutorials that will make participating in the challenge a little easier.

2nd We have a Card and Stamp team. Our leader for this is Kelliannie. Her team members are cp memories (Cindy) ,

scrappyJackie (Jackie)

craftyscrapper (Angie)

Those of you who know Kelli’s work know she is simply amazing with stamps and making cards. Her team members are as talented too. She will be working with her team of girls to challenge us. They will teach us new tricks. They will introduce us to wonderful new stamps. Kelli will have online video classes. Kelli will be posting more information soon on what they have planned for us.

See I told you the mb would be filled with fun.

3rd We have someone putting together online classes for us.

Nicole (crop-a-holic) has been so busy at work lining up some wonderful talent from our very own mb to teach you some fun classes. She has also been working with ladies from industry and from some incredible blogs to come teach us some fun things too. If you know of someone with incredible talent you would like to see teach a class here let Nicole know.

4th Scrap Chat Hour (SCH) has been a favorite of many on the mb. Well I have found I am so busy with the business, regular message board, family and life I just can’t keep it up. So I not have Scrapbookfrenzy (Abby) handling it weekly for us. She is even working on bring some fun people from outside of AMR to come chat with us once in a while. We will be posting and day and time for these soon. These are always a whole lot of fun so don’t miss them.

5th AMR Promoter…. Who else would be better for this job then Journeyfan (Erika) herself? She is an amazing blogger and always writes about such interesting scrapbook subjects. She will be getting the word out on about our online Crops and Challenges. Keep your eyes out and expect to see the AMR name get out there more this year.

6th Moderators…. With a growing message board comes the need to have moderators. Just to make sure things always stay sweet and safe. Denisewalks and Craftyscrapper will be keeping things running smoooth here. Remember Deinse and Angie (craftyscrapper) are following MY rules and might not always like what the have to do but have to follow MY rules. So please no getting upset with them ever. If you have issues here always email me at

7th Now you all know about this but I wanted to add this again. CROPS are now organized by Anne Marie. We all know and love her and know she will make sure fun is had by all. She will be looking for help to make our crops the best ever. Feel free to email her and volunteer too.

8th Heather will still be doing caught my eye... Where she will pick a layout or project from our gallery and post it on the message board daily. Keep your eye out for that.

9th Because sooooo many asked for this we are going to open a new forum. We will call this forum "Prayers & Spiritual Inspiration" This is a forum for only those who desire to go there to be there. I know we have many different beliefs amoung us. So this is not to offend anyone at all. If you do not wish to read things here please do not. If you are one who does not pray or believe like the others on this forum you are still welcome there. You can always send your positive thoughts our way for those who are in need or prayer. Misty (snowlady) is going to be in charge of posting a daily scripture there.

I want to also extend a special thank you to Elizabeth (cutepumpkin) for all the hard work she has done for the website and message board. She is the creator of all our blinkies. We sure appreciate her!

OKAY now coming to the All Moments Remembered Brick and Mortar store…
With a live feed online…..
Mark your calendars….

Donna Salazar will be here to teach some incredible fun classes March 21st. Donna is one of my favorite designers out there. She is sooo amazingly talented. Her smile can light up a room. Wanna here the coolest part???? She is staying at my house! YEAH my house!! Like a girls slumber party and scrapbooking all in one. I think I died and went to heaven. I wont be able to sleep from here on out. I will be letting you know what classes she will be teaching and times in the next couple of weeks.
Donna and I are working on a Ranch retreat for this summer in Oregon. If all goes well Leah, Johanna and Donna will all be there to teach classes. Who knows who else might be too! We will update this as we know more!!
Again thank you for being a part of All Moments Remembered. We hope you can find somethings here to keep you inspirted in our hobby of scrapbooking.


Jingle said...

Oh, I LOVE Donna's stuff!!!! She is such a blast and so talented! You are going to have a blast with her! I am excited about the changes coming!

Elizabeth said...


Whitney said...

wow!!! This is going to be such a fun fun year. You have so many great things going on and awesome people heading everything up!!! This is going to be so much fun! Can't wait.

Anne Marie Gross said...

OMGOSH! WOOHOO! Stacey you have been such a busy QUIET little bee. You did great keeping all this a surprise! The teams you have pulled together are going to bring such refreshing new fun to the board. Great job -- and here's to an even more fantastic year in 2009!!

chrispea said...

Awesome stuff Stacey!! Can't wait!!