Monday, January 5, 2009

Message Board One Year Anniversary Party Crop

********** 1st Anniversary Crop! *************

Online crop on Friday Night and all day Saturday,
January 9-10, 2009
Online classes, Scrapbooking/cardmaking, challenges, Prizes!!

To provide more detail, I’ve copied information posted at AMR by ANNE MARIE, the Crop Hostess. For brevity sake, I’ve posted the times for Pacific Standard Time since that’s where I am, but if you click this LINK, you can see that AM, as we love to call her, has thoughtfully broken everything down for you by time zone. I’m also going to post just a tease of each class…you have to click the link {above} to see the rest of the details and a supply list so you can get ready.

Look for your time zone below, and make note of the crop hours and class times!

Pacific Time:
6pm -12am

CLASS: “Inchie Card” by kellieannie (Kelli) – 7pm

Saturday CROP HOURS:

CLASS: “Mini Book” by tigardlilly (Laura) – 11am
CLASS: “Soot Stamping” by scrappysam (Samantha) – 4pm
CLASS: “2009 Goals Layout” by Anne Marie — 7pm

CLASSES & CLASS CHALLENGE DETAILS* Each Class will be posted separately at the scheduled time. I will make each of the Class threads a “stickey” to make them easier to find.* Each Class will include a challenge, and you will have until Thursday, Jan. 15 to submit your entry. Entries should be posted either directly or via a link in the Class thread.* The Class leader will choose a name at random from the entries and post the winner in the Class thread on Friday, Jan. 16. The winner will be sent a special prize from All Moments Remembered.
MEMBER CHALLENGE DETAILS* You can submit a challenge during the Crop Hours whenever you wish! Simply start a new thread with “CHALLENGE:” as the first word in the Subject.* You do NOT have to offer a prize/RAK unless you want to. These challenges are about trying new things and simply having fun!* Members should submit entries the same way, either posting the layout/project in the thread or a link by Thursday, Jan. 15* If you start a Challenge thread, please make sure that you draw a winner at random from all the entries and announce that on Friday, Jan. 16

Important Crop Supply Note —
If you DON’T have the supplies and can’t get them…. PLEASE DON’T SWEAT IT! Life is too short. Just jump right in and I’m sure between you, me, the class leader, and the other 500 women on this board we can think of all sorts of substitutions, LOL!

And here is a helpful TO DO list posted by Crop Hostess, Anne Marie:
Check Crop Supply List in January Crop Post Check Crop Schedule for your time zone and figure out what hours you’re going to crop Make a list of any supplies you need to buy or figure out substitutions for Sort, edit & print pictures (Be sure to check your printer ink supply!)Clean your scissors and make sure your cutter blades are sharp Look through your personal stash and pull out some products (either new or old) that you’d like to use up If you’ve never posted pictures in the AMR Gallery before, check the instructions post and practice uploading and posting a link or photo in the forum Remind hubby/kids that Mommy is OFF DUTY during the crop! Plan easy meal/snack foods and maybe a couple movies or games that you can leave out for hubby & the kiddos so they will leave you alone!
So, now you’re going to come crop with us, right?? If you’re not already an AMR member, you need to sign up beforehand for the message board in time for Stacey to approve you. Do it now!
HERE is where you register. I really hope you can join us for the AMR One Year Anniversary Crop, and beyond. You will have a wonderful time over there, I promise. Cross my Cricut, hope to die!


Anne Marie Gross said...

This is going to be such a fun online crop, ladies, you won't want to miss it!

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