Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Is it Spring yet?

Is it spring where you live yet? Sure the calender tells us it is Spring but what about the weather. We woke up to rain and the local hills had snow today. Just a week ago we had pulled out the Capri's and were wearing our flip flops. Allergies had kicked into high speed. This rain has helped to mellow those out. So what is it like where you live? Are you ready for Spring?
Remember to get out your camera's and get the pictures Spring brings to us. I was driving yesterday and saw a new born calf out in a field. I thought I wish I had my camera with me. Note to self to start packing my camera with me.
Lots of new things coming into the All Moments Remembered Etsy shop soon. If you have been looking for Nestibilities we will have them in many shapes. I have to admit these are my new favorite tool. How I survived without them is beyond me. Be sure to check out my Etsy shop and the list I have here on my side bar. Many of the AMR girls are working hard to get things handmade for their shops so check back often.
I hope whatever your weather is doing this week you have a beautiful time in it!

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CJandErik said...

Awesome photos. Love the lady bugs and the lizard like thingy.

Our weather in NE Ohio? It's been in the eighties for the last 4 days but that is ending tonight. Rain showers and a return to the 50s and 60 is the forecast.