Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A note from Roy....

Roy and Stacey when we first met.

A note from Roy....
Hi Fella's,
" It's a note from Scrapbook Roy"
Some one let it out that there are many fella's doing scrapbooks. So lets get it going by giving our self a title. If you can come up with a great name put it in the comment box here. Please keep it 15 letters or less. Stacey and I will choose a winning name soon when I get back from vacation. The winner will receive a small goodie of scrapbooking items.
In the meantime gather up the pictures of old girlfriends, friends, even the ones from school or you brought home from the war. Match book covered, all that stuff you have saved in a shoebox's out in the garage. You kept them because of the memories and they will bring back more when you get them out. It is time to get out the adhesive and get them in a scrapbook. Well that is all for now. We will move on to the scrapbooking part next time. But please be sure to go dig out all those memories.
Keep scrapping,

Well Roy is busy with speeches this week and then off to his sons for a nice visit. We all sure miss him around the store already. Roy adds such a sparkle when he is here.
Next week we will have nestibilities in stock!! A must have for any card maker. Be sure to check out the Etsy shops I have listed on my blog.


angie worthington said...

hey roy!..have a nice is so refreshing that you & stacey have bonded the way you have!..i think the 2 of you came into each others lives at just the right time!!!..

men who scrap should be called: scrapMANiacs!

jessicamae3 said...

My son, Jacob really enjoys scrapbooking...he is 12.
He has a sign on his door that says, "Scrapbooking King of the World...Even the Pittsburgh Steeler's Coach Scrapbooks!"
I am so glad that he has a role model like this to look up to!
I showed him this and he was happy to see it!

CJandErik said...

Us girls in my group call ourselves Crafty Girlz" so I have to suggest Crafty Boi and plural Crafy Boiz

Mylee said...

Roy, you are such a doll! Can't wait to see you at the B & M sometime soon!


"Scrappy Men"

"Manly Scrapper"

These are so lame, why can't I come up with something good! Must be the 22 parent/teacher conferences I just squeezed in in the last 8 hours!

Karen M. G. said...

I love that you are encouraging others!

Scrap Dudes
Men at Play
Scrapper Man(like Super man-I am sure we can embellish you a nice cape!) Karen

scrapinmary said...

Roy,I'm soooooooo glad that you came into stacey's life you are sooooooooooo wonderful and i know she loves you alot.....
I think that men should scrapbook there memories of there familys and such so that they can tell there story of life. Your book is soooooooooo neat and it's all about you that is soooooooooooo neat

Whitney said...

How about "It's Guy Stuff!" Something general but still fitting as you are putting all your "guy stuff" memories together. Have you seen the movie that was filmed about a guy trying to understand the scrapbook industry and he gets into scrapbooking too and loves it. He is a biker dude and alters his scrapbook bag with metal spikes and biker stuff on it. Very manly!

Michelle said...

Loved seeing the pictures of Roy with his scrapbook! I knew he was talented but had no idea he was into scrapbooking. I know his son Tom through my mom and boyfriend who work with him.