Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter! Decorated easter eggs and Roy.....

Can you imagine putting all these eggs on this tree? No this is not Roy but made me think of him when I saw it. I am betting it is not windy where this tree is at.
I want to wish you all a Happy Easter. I hope you are spending it with family and friends. I have things in the oven already early this morning. Made the strawberry jello that I grew up on last night. Did you ever have that one with the strawberry's, mashed bananas, pineapple and sour cream? OHHHH this brings me right back to being a little girl. I love things, taste, songs and such that can do that to me.

Roy my dear sweet friend will be writing a column every week for this blog. They will be tips from him on scrapbooking and maybe a few of his amazing stories. I am so excited about this venture with him. I think Roy is one of the dearest people I know and I just want to share him with everyone. So you will get to be part of this by reading the blog here. Many have wanted to know how to write Roy a letter or send a card. He visits my shop every week so that would be the best place. ROY c/0 AMR 779 N Main st Prineville Oregon 97754 So keep an eye out this coming week. Plus I will be sure to get new pictures of him often.

So happy Easter!! Here are a few pictures I found of decorated eggs I thought were fun. Enjoy.

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