Sunday, October 28, 2007

Gorgeous Layouts and new "Day Of Glory" information

These gorgeous layouts were designed and created by Heather Prins. Her work is beautiful and always filled with heart. She also has a wonderful blog
site to read more about her and also see more layouts for ideas. She welcomes everyone to scraplift her work and have fun while doing it.
I am wanting to start something new on my blog. I have gained so many readers that I want to include all of you in on my blog. So I am going to start a blog day called " DAY OF GLORY". I want all of scrapbookers to email me pictures of your layouts, info on what products you used and a small bio. Once a week I will pick and feature one of the talented scrapbookers and their work. PLUS then I will mail you products to make another project you get to keep but I want pictures of to show off on the blog. So say you were chosen this week, I would then mail you say a Bo Bunny Word book, Bo Bunny papers, and Bo Bunny stickers to work with. All I would want is a pic of your finished project. You then keep what you made and enjoy however you would like to. SOOOOO let me know what you think!!!! Is there an interest in this? Leave a comment and I will get you all the info you need to get going on your DAY OF GLORY.
I have worked hard all weekend packaging Bo Bunny Word books and papers. I started a PARTY book last night and hope to get to work on it today again. I will be having the post office stop at my house for a huge pick up tomorrow and Books will be in the mail. Custom books are in the mail to me now so I will have those off this week also. If you have not thought about a custom NAME book you need to. These have been a hot item. They are just darling and will make such a nice Christmas gift decorated up or naked. I have have done first names, last names, and lots of grammies, soccer, Mommy, and PaPa's!
Please remember the charity I am working on from my site. Scrapbookers with Heart, making mini albums for kids with cancer. I have had many of you send me FANTASTIC mini albums and I have them in a box waiting for more. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your sweet donations! We still need more though so keep them coming.
I will be loading tons of new Bo Bunny papers, stickers, and ribbons to the website today. Be sure to take a look at them. I also have many other designers to choose from. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend.
Thanks for being a faithful reader here,
Stacey :)


Anonymous said...

this is going to be so fun. i hope some of my blog friends play along!!

KATE said...

Right on!, I'll have to see if I have any good layouts!!

Cute stuff, I love them!

Linda said...

this will be absolutely awesome and fun. So when do we post the pics and stuff? How do you want them as a link?

Rachel said...

Yes, I think we need some info on this "Day of Glory". Email to the store site? Or do you want us to post links in a comment? Does it have to be a LO? Or can it be something else crafty? You so perked my ears up.
For me it would have to be the crafts I have done / am doing for the craft show. Unfortunately all scrapbooking has been put on hold for now. Let me know!!! I would love to be featured on your blog! How exciting would that be? A BUNCH!!!

Thanks Stacey!!

All moments remembered said...

Please email Layouts or projects to just send the layouts you want to enter this week. All entries need to be in by Friday the 5th and winner will be posted on the weekend!! I will put all this info on the blog tonight!! Have a super day.

Latrice said...

This sounds like a great idea!! I never win anything but I'm in. Do they have to be LO's or can they be cards and other projects too?

Latrice said...

Can we submit more than one item or no? Sorry about all the questions!!

All moments remembered said...

Ask all the question you want!!! This way I can give all the answers tonight in my blog!! Check back tonight on my blog!!! Latrice NOPE does not have to be a layout!! Can be any paper craft to do with the scrapbook world!!