Sunday, October 21, 2007

I have been Tagged! 7 random facts about me

I have been tagged by . So I thought about it last night and here are 7 facts about me.

#1. I am a mother to four incredible kids! A DD 18, DS 15, DS 7 and DD 5. ( dd = dear daughter and ds = dear son)

#2 I am married to the man of my dreams! He is the knight I dreamed of as a little girl. Now of course he can make me a little nuts here and there since he is sooooo type A personality. But let me say NO one takes better care of his children and wife. He loves us to pieces and we all know it all the way deep to our core.

#3 I love my new day job. I am a title one reading aide. I work with kids from grades K-5th.

I knew I would enjoy it but had no idea how much I would really love it. You leave work each day knowing you made a difference in someones life. The kids may not know it now but later in life the skills we are teaching them in reading are going to take them to wonderful places in life. Many of these kids just need someone who really is proud of their accomplishments and shows it. The smiles I get each day when I compliment one of these students is worth the world to me.

#4 I love to scrapbook. I love memories! I cherish all my old blk and wht photos. I wish so much that the photos could talk. History is something we all need to preserve for all the generations to come. My father in-law gave me boxes of his families blk and wht photos. Of course I said thank you but I don't think he really knows how dear those photos really are to me. Not only are they my husbands history but it is my children's history. I could spend hours looking at the photos wondering about them. I guess because of my love for photos is why I love scrapbooking.

#5 What did I want to be when I grew up? A police lady! As long as I can remember I wanted to work in criminal justice. I always wanted the world to be a better place. I always thought how can a person just want something but not do something about it? I have not accomplished this desire as of yet but I still have time. I can still feel it running in my blood. But when you are a mommy it kinda makes you pull back from things that can cause you harm.

#6 I am a huge animal lover. If you read back in my blog I have a story about a bald chicken I had to sun block for a whole summer. I have had goats which I think are some of the best pets ever. We had an adorable bunny. Many dogs, now only one named Dolly. As a teenage I loved birds and had many. Oh and back in my blog I have the cutest picture of one of my baby goats sleeping with his head on my bunny. You have to see that picture it will melt your heart.

#7 I hate doing laundry! I mean I hate doing laundry. It is one of those never ending jobs. I wash, I dry, I fold, I hang up, and then there's pile again waiting for me. I am so waiting for the dryer that folds and puts away laundry. I am always behind on it. It is one of the things about me that drives my husband nuts! We always have clean clothes to wear but we might have to pull them out of the dryer or clothes basket. So there I admitted my biggest fault. Oh and thank goodness for laundry room doors!

7 people I am tagging.....

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Stacey :)

These two so make me smile! I love this picture.


M. Rose said...

Okay, Im wise to you missy. The explanation of ds, dd was for my benefit!!

Awhile back i was on a health site to which I subscribe, I kept hearing members referring to their DH, DD, DS, etc....Now, while I started using computers when Stacey was around 10, email and blogs didn't exist!!. Well, I thought these very health conscious women were calling their family members DUMB -Dumb Husband, DUMB daughter, etc....and thought how "unkind" of them!! -

Guess she's making sure there are no others out there who might misunderstanding email lingo - teehee...Oh and I got really mad when our grandson kept putting in his emails LOL - Thought he was calling me a "little ol lady" - heh that's what it used to mean!!

Cecily R said...

I have to confess something to you. The last two slide shows (one of my kids and one of my sister's) on Picturtes of Chaos are done by my neat friend Melissa. You can check out more of her stuff at Isn't she amazing?

The other, less exciting ones are done by me. I'm getting better, but in order to really do that I need more than the cheesy camera I have!

I was a reading tutor when my five year old was brand new and I loved it so much that I decided to volunteer at my kids' school this year doing the same thing. I love it. It is wildly rewarding, don't you think?

It was fun reading your post and getting to know you better!

KATE said...

Hey girl, I know I'm slow, I'll get on it!
A police lady huh, you're better than me!

Nerdful Things said...

My wife likes to scrapbook too but doesn't have the time these days so I made her a site to do it online, (upload a photo, create digital scrapbook pages online).