Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Picture of my now famous DADDY!!

This is a picture of him from his 65th Birthday party! He was 65 on August 4th of this year. Doesn't he look like a sweet teddy bear? I love you daddy!!
Just talked with my daddy and he might be getting out of the hospital today. His heart did very good last night and his blood pressure is looking better. He said he can't wait to get out so he can get on his computer and see my blog and see how famous he is now!! He is sooo funny!! I am still crossing fingers we get to see him next week!! :)


Denise said...

He's still lookin sexy!

Cemetery Artist said... that I see his pic, he is a true teddybear Daddy! I can see why you love him...he looks like the best Daddy! :)

I'm sooooooooooooo happy he's getting better!!! Tell him many people are praying for him!

And spend your money on SB supplies at Costco, not a casket. Silly can't use a casket for paper storage, so what good is it? LOL

BTW, my name is Cemetery Artist because I take photographs in cemeteries...not because I'm morbid, lol.

Anonymous said...

Get well soon scraphappy's daddy!!! You are in my prayers!

Katirocks said...

I'm so glad he's doing well! He is definitely a very cute dad!! Hope he continues to recover quickly!
Take Care -

Katirocks said...

Okay, I just looked at your scrapbook quotes on your page. I have totally done the "stage pics to match paper!" How funny, or specifically take pics to do a page. Wow, that's scary to admit. With all that you wouldn't believe how behind I am!!
That was funny!
- Kate

Erika/ckMB journeyfan said...

Glad he is doing well, Stacey :) You must be so relieved.

All moments remembered said...

Hi Girls!!! Thanks! I have always thought my daddy was super cute and knew he was extra special!! I am one lucky girl!!

Katie as for taking pics to match papers and such I am the queen of that!!! I am going to make a layout using all of the post of well wishes to my daddy. You all just think you were being nice, well you all don't probably know how much it really meant to me!!!!

Okay off to blog a new blog for the night!