Wednesday, August 29, 2007

You are all so awesome!!!

Thank you everyone for your well wishes for my daddy!! I can't wait for him to see them. I plan to print them all and scrapbook with them. :)

Now here it is 12:34 am and I can't sleep once again. So I make myself crazy wondering do I call my daddy and wake him up just to hear all is okay? Or do I suck it up and sit back and wait until tomorrow so I don't wake him up? Here I sit!! I have never been one to have sleep problems! 10:00 rolls around and I am out cold until the alarm so rudely wakes me up. I feel a bit nervous not being able to sleep tonight but I think that it has just been a draining day filled with emotions. I hope the drain hits me soon and I can sleep.

Really wild to read all the post.... amazing how many different stories are out there. Denise, I love you and so sorry I made you cry today. You of all people know what a daddy's girl I am and how much I adore my daddy. I am so sorry for your lose and I am sending you huge hugs!!!
Mrose, is that the name you used here? Well I am sorry you never got to experience the life with an incredible daddy!! My heart really does go out to you. I can share my daddy with ya. Katie, is there any chance to make up with your dad? Or at least have some friendship there? I know it is not always possible. But if there is a glimmer of hope before you CAN'T mend things you might try. Of course I do not know your story at all!! I will share my daddy with you too!! To all of you who understand that connection thing, I am glad you have it too!! It's that special bond with family. Just know I appreciate all of you who took the time to come post today! Not really how I wanted to get all my hits up!! Geez dad I asked you to help me get more hits but you did not have to go this far!! Just give my website addy out to everyone you know!! Much easier!!

When I was talking to my daddy today I tried to make a joke. Ended up he laughed but I felt like a jerk!! He said to me, " I figured it would be cheaper to go to the hospital and see what was going on with me then what it would cost for my funeral. I said " DAD don't worry I just heard on ckmb board that Costco carrys caskets! We can go in on them since I am sure you must by more then you can ever use, we can store them here and we all will save money! He laughed and I cried! I am still wondering though do they sell caskets for one person or do you have to buy a large supply like most things they carry? I sure hope they never have them on display!! ICK!! I was never a fan of Anna Nicole, But I say I want to go out in a casket like hers!! All done up in pink princess stuff!!! Ohhhh ohhhh I want to wear a tiara too!! Of course that will be worn on my super grey wrinkle up head!! Long long time from now.

So I started this blog for the sake of my website and thought it would be about scrapbooking. It has turned more into my life story. It sure feels good to have a place to come write my feelings and thoughts. It feels like a huge hug when others post such sweet things!! I am glad I found blogging!!!

Thank you again for all the post!!
Hugs and love to all,


Katirocks said...

I think it's good that you can both joke. It eases things, at least for me. It sounds like he's doing much better, I'm sure things will be okay! Hang in there!
I feel your pain, it's 2:26 am & I'm up obsessing over stupid family drama. I have a brand new baby that is going to be up in a couple hours, I'm a bit of a moron!!
Thanks for worrying about me; but no things can't be mended. We actually talked again after 12 years of not & he just recently told me to go to hell. So, no I won't be fixing things this time. It's okay though, I'm fine. As long as my kids have a great daddy that is all that matters!
Take Care! Thanks for your sweet comments!! - Kate

Nancy said...

I have the darkest sense of humor ever. It helps sometimes, although a lot of people look at me as if I just fell out of the sky.

I just lit that candle for your Daddy.

Denise said...

You should of called your daddy early, you know they don't let you sleep in the hospital!!! Sounds like he's still a clown. Love ya Jim! Get better soon! Love ya too, sis. I feel bad for those who don't know a Daddy's love like we do. For those who don't,stay strong and love your children, so they won't know what you feel.
By the way, my Costco does have caskets. They are little, itty bitty models. You only have to buy one! But since neither of you will need one for a while, I would wait. They take up too much space!
Hugs to all.

Sleepless in San Diego said...

Okay, Stacey....

Now you know one of my quirks, namely, I relax by surfing the net a bit myself when I'm sooo NOT sleepy when EVERY normal person in the world is...

Here's a hint re. my identity, by the way... The day your dad recently landed in the hospital, I called him and ribbed him for upstaging me by getting out of his workplace for good, sooner than me AFTER all!! (I was moving from my group practice office that very day, preparing to move into a solo private practice office I had just leased)....

Okay, here's the timer music to see if you can guess who I am before the theme timer music ends. Music, Maestro!: neener neener, neener nee, neener neener, LAH, lee lah lee lah la. Neener neener, neener nee, LAH La lala La, la la la....

Sooo, okay the theme song I just typed out for you from my and my sister's mom's one time favorite evening show just signaled that you've run out of time!!

Who am I?