Thursday, August 16, 2007

Paper bag mini album class...

Hi everyone, Look at me three days in a row keeping up on my new blog. I think all day about what I will blog and stop and think hmmmm how could I make this better so I have something to blog about. Cleaning house never seems to exciting and sure would not make for fun writing. Unless of course someone out there has found a self cleaning toilet I don't know about.... Those of you who know my hubby know all about how much he loves a clean house. Me I like it clean but wish someone else would do it! Some day SOON when my online store is super busy I am so going to hire a cleaning person!! So besides house keeping here is a little about my day...

Had my first class tonight. I have to say it was so much fun I almost told everyone I would pay them instead for the fun and laughs. Of course I didn't! No way to run a business. LOL!! We made paper bag albums and had a lot of fun doing it. I have made so many of these books for all occasions. I found a great site today with instructions so I did not have to type mine out. I think you all should see this site. She has some great instructions to make all kinds of fun scrapbook stuff. I have not seen that she sells anything on her site but that she has all these cool instructions with pictures. WOW how sweet of her to keep it up and do that for the rest of us. Please be sure to check out her site.

Then while I was taking a breather, very short breather, (in case hubby reads this), I looked online at other scrapbook places. I found yet another way neat site. These two sisters do scrapbook retreats!! How fun is that? I have never been to a retreat for scrapbooking but have always wanted to. I find them on-line but they are always in far away places that would cost me my first born to go to. WELL low and behold there are these two wonderful sisters who have put together retreats as a business. They live in Oregon and emailed me today that they are having one over my way in April of 2008!! I am sooo there! They sell ya with the whole story of NO KIDS, NO HUBBYS, NO COOKING, NO CLEANING (sold me with that one), and the whole idea of little sleep lots of scrapbooking!! OHHHH how much fun could this be? So any of my friends in central Oregon lets plan this and put it down for April. I will get all the information to you soon. Those of you who live anywhere else in Oregon go see their web site and see whats close to you.
Tell them Stacey at all moments sent you when you sign up or send them an email... :)

My hubby is working late tonight so I think I will go get some scrapbooking in. Since the house is clean and I have nothing else to do.... Oh wait maybe a load or two of laundry! I think he already turned his undies inside out once! LOL!!! Happy scrapping everyone! Post and let me know what project you are working on. Oh and anyone that knows about that self cleaning toilet be sure to email.

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flowerchild said...

This is my very first blog, ever! I am a lifelong crafter. I've been involved in so many different types of crafts and projects that there's never a time when I have nothing to do. That's pretty much why I have been staying away from the scrapbooking thing. I'm afraid that, with my obsessive nature, I will become addicted! On the other hand, I am a new grandmother and need some novel ways to save and display Cameron's and Chloe's photos. (They are too cute to keep in a pile on my desk!) So, after browsing and coming across All Moments Remembered, I thought I'd take the plunge. I wish I lived in Oregon so I could take one of their courses, but, I guess I can start small......One more project may just lead me to divorce court, but, at least I'll a colorful way to display my final papers!