Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Some days you realize how lucky you really are

Today I spent the day with my life long best friend. We have been friends since 6th grade. We both have children, our girls are one year apart and are boys are also one year apart in age. We had wondered when they were all very young if they would get along? I mean just because her and I are the perfect match for friends did not mean automatically the kids would be too. How perfect is this? Our kids adore each other and play so well. We have not gotten them together as much as we should have since I moved to another town 40 miles away. But we have been working on it. I was thinking on my 40 minute drive home how lucky I really am to have Heidi still in my life and still as my best friend. I am the mushy one and she so isn't so when she reads this I can see her eyes roll. LOL!! She knows more about me then my parents or even my husband, because she has known me for so long. I hope all of you have a best friend you can share your life with. Heidi in case I haven't said it lately I love you and am so thankful for your friendship!! Life would not have been the same growing up without you!! Oh here I go with tears welling up!! I can hear her now saying "you geek!!" But I mean it!!!

Heidi had tried to talk me into scrapbooking years ago. She was into it when I lived only minutes away from her. I had no interest. Well maybe some interest but I knew ME, I would go over board and have to have ALL the stuff!! She is the one who can control herself and only get the few things she needs and do without all the extras. Me on the other hand can kinda sorta go over board. Well when I moved to our small town I found scrapbooking. WOW how did I go so long without scrapbooking? Heidi was right it is so much fun. I am a mother of four beautiful kids and I was not scrapbooking? Not so any more. I live and breath scrapbooking. As for going over board on supplies, well lets say I now opened my own scrapbook supply store. How cool is that to have all the supplies at my finger tips when ever I want them? This is pure heaven for me. I really think everyone should be a scrapbooker and preserve their memories. I hope with my store and the scrapbook classes I am teaching I can help others appreciate the art of scrapbooking and making sure their stories are saved for many generations to come.

So lets see do I have a favorite product today? Well I got some new clear stamps from Rusty Pickle today to try out. I love them!! I am hoping I will be able to sell them in my online store soon too. The clear are so much fun because you can see through the block you stick them to and know exactly where you are placing them. You can stick letters on your block in a curve and line them up perfectly. I am hoping to add many letter sets and scrolls to my newest scrapbook addiction. How about the rest of you have your tried the clear stamps? Do you love em or hate em? What brand have you used? Give me some input before I order a bunch up for my store.

Well today's blog was a little more personal then normal but today was really one of those days I realized how lucky and blessed I am in so many ways. One being having my best friend from childhood still in my life! I hope you all have a super rest of the week and have time to call or see your best friend!! Stamp a card with your clear stamps and send it off to that friend...



Nancy said...

Heidi scrapbooks?!!!!

You are lucky to have a friend like that. When we looked for a house to move into, I couldn't be more than 5 miles away from my friend from 1st grade. My husband actually thought that was completely reasonable.

Hmmm. Maybe I need to look into this scrapbooking thing, too.

Erika/CKMB journeyfan said...

Wow, what a wonderful friendship. I have a dear friend, Carrie, since 5th grade. We live 400 miles apart but talk whenever we can. Acrylic stamps: Yes, love them! So fun, esp. the alphas. And've been tagged! See my blog for details :)

Heid said...

Yes, you're a mushy geek, but I love you too : )
Those acrylic stamps are VERY cool!! A perfectionist's dream.