Friday, August 24, 2007 have you shared that with someone you love today?

About the time you think something is going to be easy you find out differently. Learning how to build a web page, store front and blog has been a lot more work then I ever figured. Gosh chatting online and emails were so easy, who knew? I often wonder what it would be like if I could turn it all over to a web designer? Adding a product can take a lifetime for someone still learning the system. I had to laugh at myself today many times. As I was adding products I smiled and thought see it's not that hard, it's so easy even a caveman can.... Then I hit the wrong button and lose all the work I did! My dogs chewy bone is now tied up in my hair! Once I added all the products I have already ordered on the store site I wonder to myself, hmmmmm will others like these products? Is this what the next scrapbooker looking at my site is in need of? I live in a small town with no scrapbook stores. Hard for me to know what is the new hottest items since when I do get to a store it all looks new and hot to me. Being on message boards has sure helped.

Basic grey products, I love them. I love the quality and color blends of their paper. Oh and matching buttons and fibers, Ohhhh! Being on a budget I wonder what is the best buy for my money to add to the site? What are others looking for? Of course if my husband would just be more laid back and let me at it with the credit card I could have the whole line. I would be sure something would sell and most visiting the site would find something they love. How easy that would make my life!! OH no I have to be on this budget thingy, ick! So now my brain has to kick in and make sure I order just the right items and the right amounts of each. Do you love Basic grey products? What are some of your favorite collections and items? Come on help me out here. :)

You know they say location location location is soooo important. Well heck I am on the internet isn't that a super location? What when someone turns their computer on I don't pop up on their main screen? One more thing to learn about!! Search engines? Ohhhh those people who also want some money from me to put my name out there. Many message boards you are not allowed to advertise. So how is a girl to get her name out there? If I use my small budget to advertise then I wont have things in the store to sell. But if I don't advertise I wont need items to sell in my store NO ONE will even know about. Back to wondering why my hubby wont just turn that credit card over to me. So here I am to ask everyone who reads my blog (hi mom and dad), or visits my store site, or knows me to please help me get my name out there. Email it to everyone you know! Tell your neighbors and friends. Have me get some business cards to you to give out. Walk up and down your most busy street in town with a sandwich board on with my website address in huge letters on it. Have you told everyone you know at work? There are so many ways to help me get All Moments Remembered's website address out there. So please help a deprived of the credit card wife get her business name out! This way maybe some day I can laugh all the way to the bank while hubby does the housework and watches the kids.

I am learning a lot with this new business and enjoying it very much. I have met some new friends through my blog, how cool is that? I hope you all (mom and dad) come back often to read my blog and add comments. Some day when I get on to check my blog maybe there will be hits from all over the world and I will finally know I have reached more then (mom and dad) with my blog! That will be a wonderful day.

Take care and please feel free to let me know what your favorite products are.


flowerchild said...

Were you this crazy before you began scrapbooking? I'm kind of thinking that it's not the scrapbooking that makes you crazy. In fact, I think you'd be a lot crazier if you didn't scrapbook! I think that scrapbooking has saved you thousands in therapy costs....Am I right?
Oh, and, by the way, my favorite products are bacon, butter and donuts.

All moments remembered said...

Flowerchild I love you!

Sherri said...

Hi Stacey - I wandered over here from the message boards. I have a couple of marketing type suggestions for you:

- If the blog is meant to supplement your business site, you need a link to your storefront from your blog in an obvious location. Maybe above the picture of you with hubby. I know the address is in your title area, but not everyone reads the descriptive part of blog titles, plus it's not a clickable link. Make it as easy as possible for people to find it and get there.

- Large blocks of centred text are difficult to read (ie the first paragraph of your main site as well as main storefront). Better to set it left, easier to read and looks better too.

- What is your mailing list for? It is hard to get people to give up their email address if they don't know what they'll get in return. Is it a regular newsletter with scrapbooking tips? In that case say something like, "Get awesome weekly tips to improve your scrapbooking skills," or something to that effect that describes what you're sending out. Plus add a privacy policy statement so people know you won't sell their address to spammers.

Hope this was helpful. I like your stuff.

All moments remembered said...

Thank you so much for you input! DAH on the link to my store front! See my mind is in a million places. I will go work on those ideas you sent me! I appreciate your time!!

Sherri said...

No problem Stacey - I am procrastinating about getting my own site up and running, giving out unsolicited advice is a nice diversion ;)

Denise said...

Hey Stacey,
Just got your website from Jim. I've just started scrapping again, after several years. WoW! So much out there I don't know where to start. I hate budgets too!!! Oh well, I'll slowly get more. Love the family pictures! Hi to all.
Love ya Denise