Monday, November 19, 2007

Letter and pictures from a happy customer

Dear Stacey,Thought you'd like to see what I did with the "Madison" book. It was the perfect size for this project! Thanks for offering them on your great site! Judy

This is the book closed. It's a little busy, but captures Madison's personality!

The backside of the "M and front of the A" The little envelope has a note tucked into it.

This is the backside of the "A" and the front of the "D." There's a better picture of the "D" showing what I did with the cutout at the end of this e-mail.

This is the backside of the "D" and front of the "I."

The backside of the "I"

And the front side of the "S"

Backside of the "S"

And inside of the "O"

Backside of the "O"

And inside of the "N" which is the last page

This is the back of the book which could be decorated, but that makes it hard
to lay down, so I chose to leave it blank.

This is a close up of how I cut the picture itself so I could maintain the shape of the letter "D."
I used 12 pictures in the book, but could have accommodated more, if I had chosen. Some are even 4x6 photos and only a few had to be cropped. When the book is closed, it looks like Maddy is looking out from behind the letter "A" (see 2nd picture above). You could really be creative with peek-a-boo kinds of pictures -- my mind is racing about the next one!

This is a letter along with photos of a finished custom name book. Judy is a happy customer with tons of creativity. If you have completed a custom name book please send me pictures that I can post here.

Due to only 2 entries this week for Day Of Glory I am going to postpone until Dec. I think I will now make this a once a month contest. One for scrapbook layouts and the other for paper crafts.

I hope every one's weekend is going wonderful. I know I have tons of house cleaning and grocery shopping to do before everyone shows up at my house for Thanksgiving.


Tracy said...

I really love those books! I think that with even my ameteur scrapbooking expertise I could make those look good. Where do I find them on your store?

All moments remembered said...

Tracy here is the link to my store where you can find them.

I have made two of them and thought they were fun to make and came out cute.

Happy Holidays,

KATE said...

Those books are so adorable! I love them!!

Samantha said...

Very pretty book! I can't wait to start crafting for myself again once my craft fair is over in a couple of weeks! I miss scrapping my photos!!

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Stacey :)

Linda said...

Love what you did with the books. Hey, I haven't been able to get my stuff to you via email for the Day of Glory, but now that you can link to the blog, I should be able to participate, thanks for doing that. L

Anonymous said...

Stacey - Just love your blog. Just ordered some custom books with numbers for my Senior in High School. Will definately send you pictures when I get them finished.

To all - Stacey can cut numbers too, so get creative. I look forward to the books I ordered:
SR2008, PROM08, TRACK08....I think I am going to be a very good customer!!!!