Sunday, November 4, 2007



For my favorite scrapbook layout sent in this past week the winner is


You can find Kelli and lots more of her incredible work on her blog at

Supplies used: Bazzill (Black and ungodly bright, Junkitz Salsa Celebration patterned paper, MME patterned paper, yarn, Miss Elizabeths chipboard, Studio G stamps, Rubber stampede Ink and I'm sure a few odds and ends I have forgotten.
I remember one day on ckmb we all said what on earth will we do with the bright pink bazzill paper we had all bought. Well as you can see Kelli found a great way to use it and sure showed off her cutie pie. Thank you Kelli for sharing this with all of us. You are a talented lady. I look forward to seeing more of you work.

Okay so I know I said there would be one winner a week. Well I quickly found out that I really needed two categories. A scrapbook layout and then a scrapbook crafting which would also include cards and such. How fun it is to see that scrapbook supplies are not just for layouts any more. Wow girls did you all send in some fun stuff. I wanted to show it all off but had to pick one winner. So for the scrapbook craft section of DAY OF GLORY I have chosen the winner and she is ...

Rachel ,

you can find more of her fun stuff on her blog at

I love these ornaments! I can hardly wait to try making some. I have a link you can all learn to make them two.
WOW our Christmas trees this year can look really amazing and full of fun scrapbook supplies made into gorgeous ornaments. Have fun with these and make some extra for your teachers, mail lady/man, newspaper person, school bus driver all those important people in our lives who we should say THANK YOU to once in a while and tell them we appreciate them.

THANK YOU to all who entered!!! They were all winners but I had to choose only two, one from each category. I saw lots of beautiful Christmas cards. Everyone is welcome to enter again for this week. I hope you all do and please tell your friends to enter too. Lets have some fun and get some great ideas.

Kelli and Rachel you both need to email me your mailing addresses so I can send you your prizes. Sorry due to illness at my home this past week I did not get Bio's and photos of the winners on here. I will try super hard to get that on week #2. I am also going to work on putting links to all the entries I receive.

Have a wonderful week! May you all stay healthy and happy. One day this week I plan to show off my custom name books that I put together for my two kids. These books are a lot of fun and going to make incredible gifts. Be sure to order yours to beat the holiday rush.


Kelli said...

How funny that you remembered that discussion over the Bazzill packs! LOL! It was my mission that day to use a "neon"

And what a fun contest! Thank you so much for hosting it!

Rachel said...

Kelli, your layout is gorgeous!!! Love that pink Bazzill~ Used it perfectly. Congrats on the when!!!

Stacey, thanks for the heads up! I am atonished that you all picked the ornaments.

I agree with Kelli, fun contest!!!! Thanks for hosting it.

Have a great day!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, congrats ladies!! Enjoy your goodies, can't wait to see what else you make!

Erika/CKMB journeyfan said...

You girls rock! Awesome entries by both of you. I think Rachel has started an artichoke ornament frenzy, and Kelli's talent belongs in a magazine (hint, hint, CK!). And thanks Stacey for holding the contest. That was very nice. Can't wait to see your name books, and hope everyone is all better at your house.

Denise said...

Beautiful work ladies!!
So glad to see those ornaments. A neighbor made one for me years ago, out of ribbon. So now I can make my own. Great instructions!!

Denise said...
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Liz said...

good job ladies! how fun!!!! Rach, what a cute idea, and of course kellie your lo is beautiful!!!

Sandy said...

Way to go Kelli and Rachel. Both beautiful winning entries. Enjoy your goodies.

KATE said...

I LOVE that Layout! Holy cow, good job Kelli!!

Samantha said...

Great job, Kelli and Rachel!! Have fun with your goodies :)