Saturday, December 15, 2007

Stamping with Felt. New way to use your scrapbook supplies

Queen and Co.
Stamping and Scrapbooking seem to have been sharing the same arena over the last few years so it seems natural progression that we might see common techniques used in both hobbies. Anabelle O'Malley shares a tip for our pages that is sure to get those creative minds thinking! Thanks for sharing, Anabelle!
First, apply some temporary adhesive to an acrylic block. Be sure to cover the area thoroughly so the felt won't slip off the block when it comes time to stamp.

Next, cut a length of felt and adhere it to the block.

Using a foam brush, apply some acrylic paint to the felt. For a darker, more defined image, use plenty of paint. If you want a lighter image, use less paint.

Now you will use the painted felt as a stamp. I found that laying my cardstock directly on top of the felt and rubbing my hand all over it worked best. Carefully remove the cardstock to reveal the stamped image.

Once it is dry, cut out and use on a card or project. I added lots of brads to the center of the stamped flowers and adhered it to the front of my card. Then I added some chipboard and felt swirls, along with the sentiment, to finish the card.
There are so many things you could do with this technique. With the variety of Queen and Company felt designs, the possibilities are endless.

I have this felt ribbon in several colors and themes. I have more coming in.

I have been working hard on the new look of the website. I had these huge dreams of this beautiful website that I would design. Have you ever tried to build one? Much harder then I ever dreamed. So on the 27th there will be a new look, the new logo, and the announcement of who our new design team. Then at a later date I will have yet another look for the website after it is built by a professional. At this time you get Stacey's homemade built site. :) I thought since I am a queen at chatting online, message boards and email I could whip up a website no problem. LOL!! The one I am working on though is a turning out very nice for homemade. I am excited to show it off to all of you. There are so many wonderful changes coming to the site to make it a comfortable place to land every day. I keep getting shipments in of amazing new products. Wait until you see the ones we have for our kits that will start in Feb. I just love to look at all the pretty items for it. I am thinking of doing a sneak peak and a pre-order for them since I know they are going to be sold out quick. You will get a chance to work with so many different lines and products. We will also have add on kits for those who just love to add and add and add to their layouts/albums. It is so much fun to watch your dream come true. I sure appreciate all of you who have helped make it happen.

Sweet dreams tonight,



Erica Hettwer said...

Hi Stacey,
Love that idea about stamping with Queen & Co felt!! So cool!
Yep, I'm in Canby. But, my folks have a vacation home in SunRiver. Next time I head over, we should get together and scrap!! I don't get to scrap with people very often and I love it!

PS-so looking forward to the 27th! Checking out the new site will be like opening one more Christmas present! LOL! :D

Debbie F. said...

This felt stamping is a great idea for a technique. I'll have to try it!! Love the new ideas constantly on your blog.

I can't wait for the 27th! Eagerly awaiting.....25th? What's going on then? It's the 27th that has me dreaming of sugar!

And I sooooooo want in on your kit purchases. Save one for me! As soon as that baby goes for sale, I'm getting a monthly subscription. I am certain any kit you put together will be incredible!

Marcie said...

The felt idea is fantastic! I am one of the many waiting for the dt announcement! I have sent in my application, and have my fingers crossed!

Samantha said...

That's a great technique!! I can't wait to see your new site :)

Preemie Mom said...

cool technique--Thanks for sharing with us!!

Aleta1314 said...

so awesome... but that would mean I would have to *use* the felt, instead of just hoarding it! lol!

Sandra @ The Memory Workshop said...

Thanks for sharing. That's a technique I've never seen before. My initial thought was, "why not just stick the felt on the card and skip the messy part???"...but it is a cool effect!

All moments remembered said...

LOL Sandra I said the same thing!! Why bother with the mess!! I am not a mess maker. But for some out there who want more hands on I guess it works!! :)

Anonymous said...

Cool technique, thanks for sharing. Don't know if you saw the comment on my blog, but please remind me next week about your 27th unveiling and I'll do a post about it!

(PS: I'm so glad to see Blogger added a Sign In option of Wordpress. Sweet!)