Monday, December 17, 2007

Cosmo Cricket anyone? Tell me you are in the HURRY mode of life right now!

I know it is the time of year to feel hurried. I just seem to feel extra hurried lately. I am enjoying life though and trying to take deep breaths. Anyone out there who feels insane busy right now? I have a way to make you feel better. I have only done shopping for one of my 4 children. I have 3 more to go and one hubby and then our parents. Let me say DARN that they don't all live down the street and have to live states away so shipping is a must. Well except for the two youngest kids. Yep I will be the woman out there this weekend in a total frenzy trying to find the things on my kids wish list. OHHH so glad there is SANTA to blame with the little ones still. Hmmmm wonder why he didn't get them much? Hmmmm!! Oh well it is not about the gifts sweet 5 yr daughter and angelic 7 son, it is all about being with family and sharing special moments together during this holiday. SO do I sound convincing to any of you? Do you think my kids are going to go for my story? NOPE I didn't think so. I guess I will be out Sat and Sun finding, begging for, whatever it takes to get the things they have put on their list. Oh and did I mention I am building a website? LOL!!! I wish you could see the huge smile on my face right now. I have always worked better on a tight schedule.
So that all being said I wanted to tell you there might be a couple nights of re-runs on here.
Many of you missed out on a few stories I wrote about my life. A couple funny ones. So tomorrow night I plan to do the re-run of the Bald Chicken and Sunblock story. I know I said this blog was going to be all about scrapping but I need something to post until I can breath again. Trust me you will enjoy the story. Plus it will give you some insight to who I am.

Here are a couple projects I thought were just darling. They are all made with Cosmo Cricket papers. I just love that line. Email me pictures of your holiday projects. I love to see what everyone is making. Plus I will stick it in my folder for things to make next year when I have more free time. :)

Snowman Shaker By Shari Morris
Santa Stop Here By Jen Backler
Barn Star By Tami Comstock
Christmas Book By Donna Jones

Oh Christmas Tree By Tami Comstock
Happy Holidays and tons of appreciation to all of my faithful friends, customers and readers!!
PS. here is a blog I stumbled across in my spare time and thought she had some cute ideas on there. Scroll down a bit, I love the star ornament she made.


KATE said...

I am SO in the Hurry Mode right now! I had about 75 things that HAD to get done yesterday while I had kids at school. (I only have 2 hours to get things done) it wasn't quite long enough! I'm having a hard time getting into the Christmas Spirit! My husband HATES crowds & I couldn't understand it, but now with each kid I have I get more & more freaky with all the crowds! I hate it! I can't even stand the parking lots!
Urghh!!! I need to make sure I have ALL my shopping done early next year, so I can just enjoy the season!

Preemie Mom said...

I know exactly how you feel!! I did the same thing this past weekend--I ran all over town looking for my DD's toys--of course they would be the ones that were on the "hot list" so you know how that goes--call everywhere, then drive almost 200 miles round trip to find the elusive toy. (true story for me, I drove almost 200 miles yesterday to get my DD a Smart Cycle)I'm so ready for things to slow down and we can enjoy it together!I'm so excited to see the new website too! And very cool projects for Christmas!