Monday, December 10, 2007

Logo, new scrapbook supply companies, and so much more...

I can hardly wait to unveil the new look of the website. I had a logo designed and it came back even more gorgeous then I had hoped for. Wait until you see it! I am working hard on the new design of the website look. Trying hard to figure out how to add a message board for friendly, fun, inspirational chit chat. I hope to have a gallery up quick too so you all can have a place to show off photos of your work. With all these changes I am also working with others in the industry to help update my inventory. I have lots of new lines coming. My hope is to one day soon make this your one stop scrapbook supply store. Remember the unveiling is Dec 27th.

HAMBLY OVERLAYS! Yes they are going to be in my store soon. They have designed some of the most beautiful overlays one has ever seen. I am excited to have Hambly in my store.

You all have been asking for Scenic Route. Well it is coming too. Isn't this exciting to know that someone has listened to your desires and is working hard to bring them all to you? The heart of All Moments Remembered is all about customer service. The old fashioned kind of service that made you always return to the same store because you knew you would be taken care of. If there is a line you love let me know. I am here to supply you with the scrapbook supplies you want to use to preserve your memories.

Autumn Leaves has some really fun new items out. I will be filling up on some great products from them. Isn't it also all about having fun when you are scrapbooking? Some of us simply scrapbook to preserve our memories for generations to come. Then some of us scrapbook to let the artist out in us. What ever kind of scrapbooker you choose to be I hope to be the store for you.
Basic grey, who does not love everything from their line? I look forward to filling my shelves with their supplies.

Wow the girls that have applied for the design team are ALL amazing. I am going to have to pick a couple and let me say it is not an easy job. I want to make sure that I have many of you also be guest designers for new fun ideas. As the store site grows the more girls I can add to the design team. We are not going to only be a design team I want it to have the feeling of family and friendship. I am super excited to get working with the new design team soon. Now to pick who will be on it. Not an easy task.

Be sure to keep your eyes on All Moments Remembered who is revamping their look and feel here soon. Meet all the girls on the design team and let them become your friends for all the help and inspiration you need.

I hope you are all having a great start to your week.

Smiles and appreciation,



Anonymous said...

Holy Mack Stacey i am super excited with all that new stuff!!!! WOW!! WoW!!

TiteC said...

WOW I need your new stuff !! lol
"Dear Santa... please give me illimited credit on this store for Christmas !"

I'm really glad I applied for your DT... because when I read this post, I see that we both have the same point of view on working on a team.

Good luck on picking your team (fingers crossed !)
and... can't wait to see the new design !!


Aleta1314 said...

Okay... so many new yummies... I will be stalking until Dec 27th as I want - no, NEED - ALL the new stuff you've posted the last week. DH is gonna kill me! LOL!

Erika/CKMB journeyfan said...

Wow, can't wait to see the new look, meet the design girls, and shop the new products! You listed three of my faves: Autumn Leaves, Hambly and Basic Grey. Thanks for being so responsive to your customers!

Linda said...

Stacey, I cannot believe all the awesome yummy goodies you are getting. I love Hambly, Love BG, Love French Twist, hmmmm I must love scrapbooking, but really, you are adding such wonderful things and you know you will be getting tons of my business. Hey...those los, amazing, that first one just jumped off the page. Love it. Can't wait to shop!!!!!

Anne Marie said...

Hey Stacie Marie, this is SO exciting! I love your style of business ownership -- "you got your head screwed on straight, girl" as my father-in-law would say! Isn't it amazing how the internet can bring so many kindred spirits together and create that kind of family/friends environment? And isn't it ironic and absolutely hilarious that if our kids did something like this (sharing names, locations, calling each other, sending gifts, etc.) we would KILL THEM and hunt down the people they met online? Lol.

BTW, thanks so much for your kind words yesterday. I'm feeling better today, as is my Dad. A good night's sleep makes the world of difference.

jadadog said...

WOW! Inspiration all around! Great site! Will bookmark you!!!

Samantha said...

Oh my gosh!! Look at all that fun stuff you'll be getting in. I can't wait to see it all!!