Sunday, December 23, 2007

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Message board party coming soon

I am going to steal this wording from a dear friend now sisters blog Heather. She is my New design team coordinator and lets says she does a whole whole whole lot more. I would be lost without her!! After you read this you should go to her blog and see her video. She is the sweetest most darling woman and you will fall in love with her just like I did!!

Hi there! Guess what? AMR is having a Message Board Party!! On December 27th
we are revealing a brand new website, a design team, new product, a message
board, monthly kits (February 1st) and giving away lots of RAKs to MB
participants. So mark it down, and click on over and register on the MB.
There will be contests, random drawings and lots of chatter!!

Have a wonderful Christmas!!!!


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Stacey, I love you!

Anne Marie said...

Merry Christmas Eve, Stacey!! Isn't that video a great idea? Another one of my blogging "regulars" did a video, and i thought it was so cool. It adds a great personal touch. And Heather is just so darned adorable! I'm really looking forward to 12/27!

joscelyne cutchens said...

Merry Christmas! Hurry Up Dec 27th! I can't wait for the party to start!

inara said...

Merry Christmas!

All moments remembered said...

You girls are all so GREAT!!!! Have a very Merry Christmas!!

Aleta1314 said...

Merry Christmas! Okay, where do I go to register for the MB? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas ladies! Stacey, did you see that the AMR message board party was mentioned on Scrapscene? Here is the link: Congrats & I will be here!

~Erika/CKMB journeyfan

Debbie said...

Can't wait!!! Should be so much fun!