Saturday, December 8, 2007

How Debbie used her Grungeboard she bought from All Moments Remembered

I love feedback! When a customer/new friend buys a product from me I often wonder what they created with it. Did they like or love it? Did they use it yet? I could go on and on with my thoughts. I love when someone sends me in pictures of what they created. Thank you Debbie for sharing with us. Your layouts are beautiful and fun.

This is for the 12x12 lo ~ light blue and pink:Journaling: She knew how to LIVE. She was loving, giving, and demure. She was kind to everyone. She laughed easily and often. I heard once a theory that God takes us once we've learned all we can from being here...once we're perfect. In her case, that would be apt. Kathleen

The journaling for the 6x12 lo (green bg):

My goals for 2008

*Train for next marathon

*Be more funky, more fun

*Spend less $ on scrapbooking.

Hahahaha lol! Bet you love that last goal! Seriously. I gotta. I go way overboard. Thanks, Stacey. It's an honor that you want to use this. I didn't know which one you wanted, so I included the journaling for both.
Debbie Finnern

Scrapbooking isn't about memory preservation for some people, it is art a release, it is a lot of things to a lot of people. When you are placing an order and have questions please feel free to email me at
No matter why you personally scrapbook I can help you along on that journey.

I am planning an unveiling of a whole new look for All Moments Remembered Dec 27th 2007. I hope you will plan to join us then and meet our new design team then also. I am working on the idea of a message board. I would love to chat with more of you. We can bounce ideas off each other. Change is exciting when you know it is going to make things even better.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,


Anonymous said...

Great job Debbie!!!

erika/CKMB journeyfan said...

I love that customers share their work with you, and you share it with us. Enjoyed both the layouts, esp. the Mom journaling. TFS Debbie & Heather!

All moments remembered said...

It's kind of wild but I really do think about those who have bought from me well after they have paid and I have shipped to them. My desire all along with my store is to help others find the scrapbook supplies they need and want. Give them fun ideas and be inspiring. I thought it might also be a source of extra income but HECK I turn around and put it all back in the store. I love what I am doing. I love that those who buy from me have become friends too even if only in the world of emails.

KATE said...

I just love all your "follow up" pictures. I love seeing what you & your customers do with your products!!
How fun & thanks for all the great ideas!

Aleta1314 said...

Stacey, you are too cool! Thinking about what the customers created with their products!! Can't wait for your new unveiling and I would LOVE a message board to chat with you all (what's another message board to belong too! LOL!)

Debbie Finnern said...

You've been wonderful, Stacey! Made a new friend with my purchase!

Flattered that you put my stuff up on your blog.

Thank you!

Anne Marie said...

I can't wait for the chat board, Stacey. It will be so much fun to get to know you better! I'm going to send off an email to you for some "wish list" ideas for products.

I love Debbie's idea for doing a 2008 goals page. That's a great idea to work on over the next few weeks! I think I'll turn the idea into a mini album.

Linda said...

I cannot wait to try grungeboard. I love grungy stuff...hehehe...