Saturday, June 28, 2008

WHAT on earth do you wear to meet Tim Holtz???

CHA is just weeks away... There is NO way I can go to this one and miss out on meeting my Timmy. BUT then there is the what do I wear? I mean of course comfort would be nice since we all will be on our feet for days and days. BUT then we will be getting a picture and I want to look nice as that picture will then be pasted everywhere. LOL!!

Ever have a friend who you are so close to and admire so much but never met in person? Heather Prins is that person to me. I could not do this whole All Moments Remembered like I do with out her. She is the other half of my heart. On July 17th I finally get to meet Heather and see her face to face. We talk every couple days and email daily but to finally see her with my own eyes and just sit and talk and laugh out loud will be so much fun. Heather and I will be meeting Jenn in person from our design team too. We are going to be like a bunch of giggly girls I am sure. Karla Dudley will be our lunch date one day too. Julie from Clear Scraps and our message board is going to be another one I can't wait to hug!! HEY what are the chances you think of me flying on the plane again with Ali Edwards, Donna Downey and Stacy Julian like back in Feb???? Would that be wild? I am so excited about this cha show as I have done it before and now know what to expect. I am there more for seeing what is coming, visiting with vendors and just having some fun. I plan to even create some of the make and takes they do. I am excited.

Any advice on where we MUST see or shop at when we are there in Chicago? Heather and I are going to have one full day to just go shopping and hang out before the show opens.

If you have not looking inside the All Moments Remembered store lately I have added tons more scrapbook supplies....

Gotta check out the house mouse stamps!! Inque Boutique paper packs are in stock now and lots of other beautiful new items.

OH and you must see this.... Over on the talented Karla Dudley's blog I found one day her cool new project. All about doodling!! She grab items off her desk to scrap with that she had doodled on. WOW WOW WOW I see one of my business cards doodled on and on her scrap page. I am like in one of her albums now! Little ole me!! Talk about make a girl smile huge!! Thanks Karla!!

Hope you are all staying cool and having a beautiful weekend,


Anonymous said...

I am counting down the days, we are going to have the best time ever!!!!!!

Jenn said...

It is so close girls! Get ready for some fun! I can't wait to meet you both!

Stacy said...

I'm so excited for all of you. Just take lots of pictures so we can see. You will love Chicago. You must walk up and down Michigan Ave; it is a shopper's paradise.

Chrispea said...

Sounds like fun!!!!