Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Canvas Concepts, looking for new ideas for your home decor? Are you a scrapbooker?

WOW I can hardly wait to get started on my first canvas layout. What great gifts these will make too. I have these canvas in the preorder section on the store in several sizes. If you are looking for a size not listed send me an email and I will see about finding the perfect size you are looking for. Take a look at some of the wonderful designs others have come up with to show off their work.

Have no fear Scrapbook Decor Canvas is more forgiving than paper album pages. You can repaper or re-paint the canvas and it looks good as new!
There’s no place like home Coordinate color and textures with home decor. Find your color and pattern ideas in a pillow, bedspread, curtains or tablecloth. Scrapbooking papers, frames and embellishments offer endless matches contrasts and compliments.
More is better Use multiple canvases to create a real scrapbook on the wall. Consider using a 12"x24" as a top piece (one hole in the wall). Add multiple smaller sizes under your "2-page spread" using Canvas Concepts Clips or Screw Eyes. How about a Family Tree?
Less is best Simple designs with larger photos can be elegant Scrapbooking on the Wall™ pieces. Consider surrounding a busy "page" with simpler pieces. Use what you have and what you can get more of. Scapbooking on the Wall is addictive and chances are you'll want to repeat some patterns, colors and textures.
Expand your borders Use Scrapbook Decor Canvas™ that is larger than your format. 14" x 14" gives 12"x12" scrapbook formats a great 1" border that you can paint or paper. Don't forget the sides for a finished look!
Explore new dimensions Remember, that you don't have to close the book! Use larger embellishments and memorabilia that are too big for scrapbooks. We love wooden letters and silk flowers.
When things get heavy, hang in there Hang heavy objects from screw eyes that you can screw right into the frame!
Try off the wall perspectives Use smaller canvases for darling table top designs from peek-a-boo books to accordion presentations.
Don't be stingy Use plenty of adhesive. Remember there is more gravity pull on a vertical wall than a book that usually lies flat.
Connect your world Paint your clips so they match the wall or create color contrast. Wrap jute or tie ribbon bows around screw eyes.

The canvas packs in the All Moments Remembered store are 2 to a pack. Make one for your wall and the wall of a friend!! Birthday or Holiday gifts? Get started now!!
Would love to hear what you think of this fun idea.


Dale said...

They are really awesome.

I love how they did the dimensional ones using more than one size canvas.

Will have to go check these out in the store...

Good find Stacey

Elizabeth said...

Those are really cute!! :)

Sandy/tx-nana-scraps said...

Very pretty and would be a great gift.

Harley Dee said...

That is too cool!!!

Debbie said...

Love these Stacey! I've made a few of these for gifts and they turn out great!!

Dee said...

hopefully you'll sell a bunch of these, stacey! i actually have something of a supply from last year - i made quite a few gifts & they make GREAT front & back covers for mini albums!!