Friday, June 13, 2008

7gypsies ATC holder and ATC card swaps at All Moments Remembered come join us...

As life goes round, so goes 7gypsies®. Our ATC Holder has taken the scrapbooking world by storm, introducing a fresh new way to preserve and display your photos, memorabilia, trinkets -- anything you can think of!

These are some ATC's that were traded on the All Moments Remembered Message board. We have trades going on all the time. You can get in on one where we make 20 and get back 20 from everyone in on the trade. Or you can join us this Tuesday evening for our scrapchat hour where we will all exchange ONE card we make up with those who want to join in. The theme this Tuesday is BBQ. So if you are not a member on the message board be sure to register and come have fun with us. Email me for more information in you need it.

It's the rotating dessert cart of the scrapbooking world. Our Artist Trading Card Revolving Holder is the perfect way to display your photos and designs.

Tag Refill Pack - 50 cards; For ATC (Artist Trading Card) Holder:
Add more cards to your Revolving ATC (Artist Trading Card) Holder. The more the merrier! 50 cards. 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" $2.95

ATC Punch
The punch you've been waiting for! Our ATC Punch creates the perfect size notch so you can use any of your personal creations, momentos, etc., in our popular ATC Holder. Makes the perfect sized holes for our Photo Carousel, too! $8.95

Revolving ATC (Artist Trading Card) Holder: Tab Divider Pack - 20 tabs dividers
Divide and conquer! 20 black divider tabs for our Revolving ATC (Artist Trading Card) Holder so you can divide your cards any way you like. Or, if you like, you can just randomly seed these in just for looks. 2 1/2" x 4 " RED or Black $2.95

Come join us this Tuesday for a fun time chatting with some really wonderful scrapbookers. Get your name in for the ATC card trade and start your collection today. WARNING!!! ATC'S can become habit forming!
ATC addict,


Anonymous said...

i think i am hooked too!!!..they are scray the first time, but so much fun....
;) angie (craftyscrapr)

Anonymous said...

me again...i really know how to spell "scary".....
;) angie

Elizabeth said...

ATC are fun to create but very intimidating at first. Those you have posted are really cute. :)

Rachel said...

Those ATC's are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I see my ATC in the photo! And I got a sneak peek of the others cuz I haven't received mine yet. Yes, ATC swaps are addicting...come join us, everyone!

Marfa said...

Didn't we get a bunch of beautiful ATCs? Thanks for sharing a pic!

Totally addictive! I started making them for myself, adding thumbnails pics....for a mini-scrapbook page! So quick!!!