Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Do you have your subscription for the AMR Monthly kit????

I just finished packing Sept's kits up! It is hard to believe after falling in love with the months before kit how I could fall for another one all over again. I love this one. Fantastic colors! Embellishments to just drool over. Products from several different manufactures all mixed together and they are wow together. We have a few more of the main and a couple more add on kits left if you are looking for a subscription. Single month subs will not be available until Sept 1st if any are still available at that time. Hurry now to reserve your All Moments Remembered kit.

Hope your week is beautiful so far!!


laverneboese said...

Good morning Stacey. Apparently my brain is not awake yet, but where do have the kits pictured?

Kay said...

A sub to this kit is so on my wish list!