Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ali Edwards is pregnant! Be sure to go give her some love....

How exciting for her whole family!! Be sure to give her some AMR love and congrats!!

Ali's blog


Debbie F. said...

Stacey....long time! I just saw your comment on Nitty Gritty Jody's blog and realized it's been too long!

I saw that you've had some "stuff" going on by your comment on her blog. Hope that it all works out.

Thinking of you. Glad to see your website doing so well. I am on a money-diet since doing a ton of remodeling on the house. =( One of these days my budget will allow me to buy scrapbooking things again!

All moments remembered said...

Debbie you need to email me your email addy!!! I would love to get in touch with ya again and say HI! Life is going good. Hanging in there and making the best of each day!!
Hugs to ya,