Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Scrappy Resolutions

According to About.com the top 10 resolutions for the New Year are…
And All Moments Remembered suggestions to them are...

#1 Spend More Time with Family & Friends – We suggest while spending time with your family and friends, take the opportunity to capture those moments in a photo!

#2 Fit in Fitness – Why not decorate a composition book and turn it into a Fitness Journal, tracking workouts and eating habits.

#3 Tame the Bulge – It’s time to swap out the old recipes with NEW LIGHT recipes, so why not create a RECIPE Book or Recipe Holder?

#4 Quit Smoking – Keep your hands busy…try SCRAPBOOKING!

#5 Quit Drinking – Unless you're filling your glass with H2O! LOL!

#6 Get Out of Debt – Join the message board at All Moments Remembered. Do some posting and find out about our special on shipping for those who are chatty on the boards, this is sure to save you some money.

#7 Learn something new, Again join the message board on my store site and check out the online classes or do a online crop with all the girls.

#8 Help Others –Share with someone NEW the web addy for ALL MOMENTS REMEMBERED online store so that they too can know what a joy scrapbooking, cardmaking and papercrafting can be! Plus they will be able to find all the supplies they need.

#9 Get Organized – We will be adding more and more items to help you get organized. Plus there is always a post or two on the message board talking about what others do to get organized.

#10 Enjoy Life More – Grab a few FRIENDS or meet some new ones on my message board and go chat and have fun! Meet others with the same interests as you. What could be more enjoyable?!!

Happy New Year everyone!! I am looking forward to a wonderful year! I believe ALL GREAT THINGS can happen and will!!!!


scrapbookobsession said...

Great suggestions, Stacey! Very creative, and good advice :)
~ Erika

Samantha said...

You crack me up, Stacey!! If only the world leaders could understand that scrapping will fix their problems!! They'd be more relaxed and we'd be happier! LOL :)

I hope you had a great New Years!! I'm LOVING the AMR MB!! I'm addicted now :)

Jingle said...

What a cute twist! Love it, Stacey! Keep up the great work!

Tracy said...

Happy New Year to you too!
And those were really great suggestions. And I agree with Samantha, maybe you could get Congress scrapping once a week?