Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thank you to all my message board girls, blog friends and DT's

The plants, flowers and cards have poured in. How do I ever say enough for you all to understand just how much it has meant to be and my family? You have filled our hearts with smiles and made us shed a few sweet tears. I just want you all to know how much I so appreciate all the kind words and heartfelt love you have sent to us. I tried to post a picture of the flowers, plants and cards but Blogger is not letting me, sorry.
Just know how blessed I feel to have friends like all of you.

Today has been a roller coaster of emotions. Caught myself wanting to tell him something about CHA, but that will happen no more. Makes my heart so sad. Every time I feel overcome with the grief I try to picture him and my MIL walking hand and hand again. I have tried to keep myself busy today with store stuff and birthday shopping for my DD. It's the moments I slow down that it all hits hard. I think I will keep myself busy for a very long time.

Be sure to remember to appreciate what you have in life! Appreciate and love the dear family and friends you have. While I was driving today I had to call my DH and just say " THANK YOU for the wonderful life we live and all the love he shows the kids and I" how blessed am I to have that. Don't waste any moments! This is so why we girls scrapbook too... We want to preserve the memories for those we will some day leave behind. Keep scrapping and writing the stories!

Thank you again for making me feel very special!


PattiM said...

Muwah, right back at you u too..

(Pattie's passion)

I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that message :) Glad to know you're feeling the love and care we have for you and your family.

Sandy/tx-nana-scraps said...

Thinking of you often and sending virtual HUGS your way. Sometimes we need to do busy things to help get us through the day, so don't feel guilty if you do. Thanks for the kind words, you take care. Love to you and your family.

angie worthington said...

(((hugs)))....and, ditto...
;) angie/craftyscrapr

jfrank said...

We really do love you and we care about you, and when you are sad, we feel it for you. You are always on my mind and I know you will make it through this time!

jessicamae3 said...

we love you stacey! Your family is in my thoughts and prayers!

Born2scrap said...

your family has been in my prayers all week hon, and will continue to be for time to come.