Wednesday, July 2, 2008

All Moments Remembered July Kit Reveal... Monthly kit club

We have a couple of each kit left so be sure to order yours asap in the store. When they are gone they are gone.

Once Upon A Dream - Main Kit

Cardstock included in main kit..
Main Kit ContentsPatterned

American Crafts – Ferry

American Crafts Twist

SEI dill Blossom – Rosehip

SEI Dill Blossom – Saffron

Making Memories Passport

Dreamstreet - Happily Ever After

K & Co. Mums

Autumn Leaves – Foliage

Narratives bloom –Floral Sunshine1

Narratives Teal Diecut1

Hambly -Woodgrain


Maya Road chipboard - trees & Birds & Butterflies (various)

Maya Road Rubons - Nature (White or Black)

K& Co Blue Awning rub ons

Jenni bowlin chalkboard alpha stickers - vintage

SEI Dill Blossom Ribbon

7Gypsies epoxy clip

K & Company Journaling cards

Cardstock (Included in main kit)

Bazzill Basics: Chocolate, Cheddar, Mist, Natural & Salsa

Woodland Meadow - Add On Kit...

Addon Kit Contents -
7Gypsies Nottinghill – Abbey

7 Gypsies NottingHill - Portabello –

7 gypsies NottingHill - Kensal1 -

Dream Street - Wish Upon A Star -

Dream Street - Story Time

Dream Street - Once Upon A Time


KI Softies Bloom

Cosmo Cricket black book - Abbey

Maya Road Chipboard branches & Birds (various)

Jenni Bowlin 1900's Black Alpha rubons

Basic Grey Sultry Rubons (1 sheet)

American Crafts Remarks rubons (1 sheet)

Scenic Route Summer Label Cardstock Stickers

This month's write up has a special place in Heather's heart. You see 7 years ago she lost her best friend. She was 32 years old and she died of Colon Cancer. She was a beautiful, wonderful person and the world just isn't the same without her. Since her death I have had the same dream many times (not so much now) and I believe she came back to me this way until I was ok. I have felt her around me so many times but these dreams are so amazingly real, I can hardly even describe them to you in the detail that I feel them... a breeze across my face when the window is closed, the warmth of her hand in mine, the cool grass beneath me - I feel it all and it makes me smile, because those lost loved ones really are only a breath away from us.

Heather's inspiration for the kit..
The path is dark, a little frightening. I feel the soft cushion of pine needles beneath my feet, muffling the sound of my steps. I can smell the heady scent of the forest, the moss on the trees is soft to my touch. There is a light up ahead! I am drawn to it. I feel myself skipping towards it, then running and then...I see it- the most breathtaking sight I have ever seen!! The birds, the butterflies, the scent of a million flowers all dancing in the gentle breeze of this perfect woodland meadow. I squint my eyes against the sun, looking for something, but I am not sure what. And then, there you are! Beautiful, as always, and smiling. As I reach out for you I see a little hand, mine, but much smaller, and it is then that I notice the little white dress and my tiny barefeet. When I look up, I see that you are you, but younger too! I run to hug you and we laugh and giggle like the children we are. Holding hands we dance through the flowers. I see the breeze lift your hair and watch as the silken strands dance in the wind. We spend the day together in this vibrant, natural place but the day goes by too fast and we collapse near the waterfall, to gaze up at the stars that are just beginning to come out. I feel the tears stream down my face when I think about not seeing you again. To have this day again, to laugh with you, hug you and just be near you is a true treasure. I feel my breath quicken as I realize I only have moments with you now, I squeeze your hand tighter and vow never to let you go, please don't go! You smile at me and all at once my sadness disappears and I am filled with the most incredible feeling of love. You are not gone from me, you live here, in my heart, only a breath away. In a blink you are gone and as I sit on the cool grass I can still hear the song of your laughter echoing through the valley and as I get up to leave, the prettiest little dragonfly rests upon my arm, as if guiding me home.Blinking I sit up...where are you? was it just a dream? It felt so real but the hand clasped in mine is my own. The breath I had been holding rushes out in a laughing sigh, as I let go and rest my hands beside me on the bed. The meadow is gone, replaced by the shadowy stillness of my room. I climb out of bed, shaking the last vestiges of sleep from my head, still caught somewhere between our dream time and the reality of my world, without you. It is then that I notice the iridescent wings of the creature poised delicately on my window, shining, flickering in the early morning light. And I smile as the dragonfly takes flight. "Au revoir, my friend, come and visit me again"

Don't forget to come join us over on the MB on Saturday July 12th fro 4-12am EST for our online crop. I will reveal all the DT work then as well as the amazing designs from our guest designer this month - Danielle Flanders!!!


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