Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My favorite stop at CHA.... Rubber Stamp Tapestry

Walking through CHA my first day with my mouth wide open and I am sure my eyes like saucers. Summer 2008 was my first CHA experience. AMAZING is all I can say. Well I can say more and here I go. My sense of direction has not always been the best. So you put me inside a building filled with booths that are filled with items I am so passionate about. Scrapbook supplies everywhere, like you died and went to scrapbookers heaven. My first day I went in with my notebook in hand and my map all marked out. LOL LOL LOL after about the first 20 minutes I put all of that inside my rolling tote bag and decided to just walk all the isles. Let me just say I forgot to eat lunch this day and never had a sip of water all day. You simply forget!! Well after hours of wandering and taking cataglogs and NOT placing any orders yet, going on advice from fellow business owners. I glanced over at yet another stamp booth. Almost walked past as I did not see many clear acrylic stamps. Plus I had not heard of this brand so I walked almost passed and could not keep going. I wish now I had a picture of this booth. Beautiful does not say enough about it. The cards and scrapbook layouts they had on display were some of the most beautiful I had ever seen. I had to know more about what was in this booth. There were the two owners husband and wife, Susan and Don. She was showing how she quickly can whip out the most gorgeous card in like minutes. I was captured then even more then I had been seconds before. Let me just say as wonderful as these stamps are the owners are even better! Susan and I hit it off right away. I knew this would be my first order placed and I might even spend my whole budget right here. Now remember I am a scrapbook supply store. Rubber stamps? Yes some are good but did I really need to fill my store with them? The more I visited with Susan and looked at her stamps the more I knew my scrapbook customers MUST HAVE these stamps. The papers you can make with them, ohhhh my. The cards of course you will make but the layouts she did for scrapbooking stole my heart. I bought lots of her pegs stamps and also her clear stamps. I tell you I could have sat in this booth all day just visiting with these two lovely people. I felt like I was home with them. This is a family run business and as you all know that melts me right there as mine is also run that way. I am so excited to introduce these stamps to all of you. I am looking forward to them getting here and me being able to offer them to you. Susan is also putting together inks for me to match her designs. Each kit comes with instructions to make exactly what you see and what colors to use. Of course you are not limited to the picture you can let your imagination soar. Be sure to keep checking in with me as these will be here soon. Help me support yet another family owned and operated business by supporting AMR and ordering your stamps here. Sorry if i have rambled on but I just gush with excitement over this stamps and doing business with Susan and Don. Take a look at some of the examples. I am going to ask her to send me pictures of layouts she has made with the stamps so all of you who just scrapbook can see these are still a must have. Plus I bet you end up making a card or two.

I hope your week is going wonderful and everyone is healthy. Let someone in your daily life know how much you appreciate them by offering a sweet compliment or even a hug. I know for me it makes my days that much fuller with happiness.


Kelli said...

I cant wait to see these in person! I will be first in line when they hit the store!!

Elizabeth said...

Wow sooo pretty! I can't wait to see them in the store! :)

Samantha said...

All of these stamps are really lovely and so versatile! I also can't wait to see them IRL. I want to play with them!!

Mary said...

Beautiful! If the stamps came help me make something even half as gorgeous as the samples, I'm sold!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! All I can say is I am blown away by these stamps! I cannot wait to order them Stacey! You really have an eye (and a heart) for finding the best products out there!!!

It's been awhile since a stamp has knocked my socks off, but these have definately got my attention!

~Cemetery Artist~

Debbie said...

Loving these stamps fersure!

Karla Dudley said...

WWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! Girl I almost felt like I was there!!! Thanks SO MUCH for sharing your CHA experience with us!!!!

Those stamps are out of this WORLD!!! So much inspiration form every project! And the people who made them are mad talented! I can totally see why you had to have some of those stamps!!!!!

I took a stroll around your store too and it's awesome! Congratulations!!!!

I will chat with you soon honey :),

Linda said...

drool......these are so beautiful

PattiM said...

Very well done, Stacey.... I can see you've had all of us in mind when you were at CHA... I can't wait to see everything you've ordered....I just hope there will be some left for me when I order...........And watch out everyone, Kelli the stamp queen will steal all our stamps.... Better order some before there all gone..............


Rachel said...

These sound so so so.... I can't think of the word. I need to check these out. Have you thought of doing a video to demonstrate them?

Love the pictures you posted.

Keep us updated on them. Think they will be HOT sellers.


scrapbookobsession said...

Those are beautiful. Thanks for asking them for SB layouts; would love to see as I'm not a huge card maker, just sometimes :)
~Erika / journeyfan